Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where Is The Post-Partisanship?

Obama Ran As The “Post Partisan” Candidate, But His Actions Show He is Anything But.

Here we are six miserable, recession-extending months into Obama’s first (and only) term as President, and I cannot name a single piece of bi-partisan  legislation that the failed Obama Presidency has enacted since seizing power. 5cygqb

The Economic Stimulus Plan?  Nope.  Not a single Republican voted for it, Obama owns this crap sandwich all by himself.  $787 billion dollars later, not a single “created or saved” job can this Administration point to. With each passing day the Republican party is further vindicated on this issue.

Cap & Trade (or Cap and TAX if you prefer) garnered eight turn-coat Republican Moderates, one can hardly call that “bi-partisan” and it looks like the wheels are coming off this monstrosity of a tax plan.  Blue-Dog Democrats are running from Cap & Tax as fast as possible, and it’s been declared “DOA” by Obama’s own party – who controls 60 votes in the Senate and can pass whatever they want without a single Republican vote.

Now comes “Health Care Reform” which has many Democrats trembling at the thought of passing yet another set of major tax increases.  These same Democrats are being subjected to ads paid for by the Democrat National Committee, running in their own districts, featuring Obama telling their constituents to apply pressure to them to sign-on to Obama’s seizure of health care. 

Blue Dog Democrats and Republican’s are right to steer clear of ObamaCare for several reasons.

First, Obama is refusing to release the budget deficit numbers for 2009 until the House and Senate vote on Health Care reform.  The reason for that is because the current Federal Deficit exceeds $1.85 TRILLION dollars so far this year, with 5 months to go.

Second, the Congressional Budget Office has stated that ObamaCare’s cost estimates far exceed those provided by the Obama Administration and House Democrats.  In fact, the CBO went out of its way to say that ObamaCare will actually cause Health Care costs to skyrocket faster once a “public option” became available.  (Remember that this is the same government that recently paid $1.59/lb for 200,000 pounds of ham – more than double the cost to the American Consumer. (Source: Recovery.Gov))

Now Obama wants a “Comprehensive Health Care Reform” bill on his desk before Congress goes on its summer break.

I couldn’t help but think to myself, “what’s the rush here?”  The rush is that Obama doesn’t want the American public to see the details. 

On p. 16 for example, once the bill is passed and signed into law, those of us with Health Insurance are “stuck” in our current plans.  We cannot shop around or opt into the “public option” that’s supposedly cheaper.  Additionally, Health Insurance Companies are mandated by law to not accept any new members.  This has the effect of forcing all un-insured into the “Government Option.”

Further into the bill, Health Insurance Companies are subjected to government rate controls and competitive clauses that will eventually force them out of business – and all their insured members into the “Govenment Option”

As these details become more and more apparent with each passing day, the American public turns decidedly against Obama’s Socialized Health Care.

That’s why the Administration is rushing to get this bill passed.  Theimage longer time this takes, the less likelihood Obama’s seizure of Health Care has a chance of passing.  Face facts, Obama spent more time and was more transparent in deciding what type of dog to buy Malia and Sasha once the election was over – and that took nearly 3 months!

In closing, about the “post-partisan” candidate: there is no “bi-partisanship” in Obama’s agenda.  No matter how Obama, Press Secretary Gibbs, Chief of Staff Axelrod, or the lamestream media tries to spin it, Obama is NOT the ‘post partisan’ President he claimed he’d be during the campaign.  With each piece of legislation, Republican’s are locked out of the legislative process, only to have the Democrats cry foul when Republican’s don’t vote with them.

Obama can’t have it both ways, and come November 2010 he’ll have no choice as to how things are done.

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