Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Evening News Dump

Stupid Quotes of the Day

Boston Chamber Larry Summers, Obama’s Economic “Czar” today said something incredibly stupid:

“Just because unemployment continues to rise doesn’t mean our Economic plan isn’t working”

If you think that’s stupid, Summer’s also used Google statistics to make his point:

“The number of people searching (Google) for the term ‘economic depression’ is down to normal levels”

Somehow, one just has to give it to the Obama Administration for their display of bravado in trotting out stupid statements like this.  Surely the knee-pad wearing Obama-nuts eat this stuff up like candy.  Turn on any Internet Chat program and you’ll find the Obama-nuts repeating these same talking points.

Right, the economy’s recovering. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

But wait, there’s more!

Joe Biden said today “We have to go spend money to keep from  going bankrupt!”  Just when you think Biden’s said about the bidendumbest thing ever, he comes up with another one. Biden made this statement in front of an AARP town hall meeting, saying unless Obama’s plans to seize control of health-care and institute rationing didn’t go thorugh, the country would go broke.

Newsflash for the bubbling fountain of stupidity: his boss said back on May 23rd in a C-SPAN interview that the country is already broke.  Looks like the plan to spend our way into prosperity worked real good didn’t it?

Unemployment Tops 10% in 15 States

Associated Press is reporting that 15 states have unemployment rates of 10% or higher with more states likely to follow.

June Unemployment

From the United States Department of Labor:

Alabama (10.1%), California (11.6%), Florida (10.6%), Georgia (10.1%), Illinois (10.3%), Indiana (10.7%) , Kentucky (10.9% , Nevada (12%), North Carolina (11%), Ohio (11.1%), Oregon (12.2%), Rhode Island (12.4%), South Carolina (12.1%) and Tennessee (10.8%)

Michigan, which is considered “ground-zero” for the longest recession post WW2 reports an unemployment rate of 15.2%.  Counting the under-employed, those that have given up looking and those that have fallen off the unemployment rolls the jobless rate is actually 22.5% in Michigan.

Perhaps Larry Summer’s ought to look at the unemployment rates which have doubled from this same time last year, under the Obama Administration’s failed economic policies.

So America, betcha can’t wait for 2010 can ya?

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