Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama’s Approval Rating Continues To Fall

Ranks 10th of 12 most recent Presidents

How the mighty “One” has fallen. 

Obama blew his response to the Iranian Elections being stolen.

Blew it again, siding with a Communist wanna-be in Honduras, refusing to recognize that Hondurans actually followed their Constitution by deporting Zelaya.

North Korea demonstrates nuclear capabilities, firing missiles over our allies countries, without issuing a response.

4rde04Spends $787 BILLION Taxpayer dollars with no jobs to show for it.

Advocates for the largest tax hike in history, “Cap & Trade” which is a TRILLION dollar tax burden on every day Americans.

Seeks to seize control of the Nation’s health care system.

Wants to dictate how much CIO’s, CEO’s can make.

Takes control of GM and Chrysler, forcing them into bankruptcy, screws the shareholders and bondholders in favor of preferential Union treatment.

Seeks to expand the Federal Government’s role in American’s daily lives through taxation and regulation.

Nominates a judge to the US Supreme Court (Sotomayor) who is overturned by the US Supreme court.

The annual budget deficit is $1.85 TRILLION dollars, four times higher than Bush’s last deficit.

It’s amazing that Obummer isn’t ranked dead last!  Surely Jimmy Carter is the happiest man on the planet right now, as Obama will no doubt pass him as the most unpopular President ever.

There is a widening disconnect between his personal popularity and support for the policies he advocates.

On the Economy, 50% of American’s now disagree with Obama’s “economic stimulus” and taxation plans.  There's limited faith in his economic stimulus package, especially when asked for its likely impact on their own finances. A third predict it will make things better for their families in the long term; a third say it will make things worse.  61% now expect the economy to take 4 years or more to recover.  (Hmmm, 2012 is about 4 years away..)

59% describe Obama as “too liberal” and that his proposals call for too much government intervention and spending.  61% say Obama spent too much money, and created too large of a deficit, now $1.85 TRILLION for 2009, with 5 months left to go.

52% say Obama wants too much power.

Obama’s overall approval is just 55%, which puts him 10th among the 12 post WW2 Presidents.  When he first took office, Obama was 7th out of 12.

To put it in perspective for the Bush Haters, President George W. Bush was more popular at this same point during his first term than Obama is now.

It’s gonna be a long three and a half years before we get to throw this asshole out of office. 

Source: USA Today/Gallup Poll

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