Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Many TSA Agents Does It Take To Strip Search A Little Boy?

Three, All Of Which No Doubt Enjoyed It

No doubt you’ve already heard about the woman who was a breast cancer survivor that was forced to remove her prosthetic breast in full public view during a TSA “screening” before she was permitted to board her flight. 

You’ve likely already heard about the man who survived bladder cancer and has to wear a urostomy bag to collect his urine being searched by the TSA as well.  Those TSA agents caused his urostomy bag to lose its seal spilling urine all over him before boarding his plane.

“If we all slugged the TSA after they sexually molested us, could they really arrest us all?”

Now comes the TSA strip-searching a little boy in front of his father.

Let me set this up for you: This young boy who’s face cannot be seen in this video, went through a metal detector and did not set it off but was selected by three TSA Agents for a pat down anyway.

This video begins as the TSA agents searching this young boy aren’t satisfied with the father holding the boy’s arms out for the TSA Agents to ‘pat him down’ and then instruct the father to remove the young boy’s shirt.

Three TSA agents are clearly seen staring at this little boy, naked from the waistline up – in public.


It’s been well documented that the TSA to this day has convicted child molesters and other criminal elements working within its ranks.  I think we see three of them right here in this picture.  Just look how they seemingly gawk at this poor young boy for several seconds before “permitting” him to get dressed again.

As we’ve seen incidents like this come to the public fore, a number of questions have come up in my mind, perhaps they have in yours as well, so allow me to verbalize them here.

If we all slugged the TSA after they sexually molested us, could they really arrest us all?

Why don’t we all demand to be patted down and bring the system to a halt?

Why don’t people start boo’ing, yelling, throwing things whenever a TSA thug starts patting someone down?  Is there something wrong with voicing one’s displeasure and exercising our first amendment rights when the Government completely over-reaches its authority?

Why in the blue hell do we never see video’s of muslims, who are the real terrorists in this country being searched in this way?

Why is the TSA now talking about “religious exemptions” for muslims but not for anyone else?

What kind of “father” would put his young son (or daughter …) in this type of position to be publicly humiliated by a bunch of TSA child-molesting thugs and stand idly by while it happened?  Or worse yet, aid the TSA in humiliating his son?  What kind of man is this father anyway and what lesson did he just teach his son in submitting to the Government, when the Government is supposed to submit to us?

God help this country, we are lost.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Antics Gone Too Far

When Will Obama Submit To Naked Scanners,  “Pat Down?”

So Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano wants to double-down on the naked body scans and frisky pat-downs of American Citizens at the nation’s airports huh?

I challenge someone in the White House to answer a simple, basic question:

Just how in the blue hell is sexually molesting the American Public before getting on the plane making flying any safer?

Better yet, just how in the hell is sexually molesting the American Public at an airport before boarding a plane “Preserving, Protecting and Defending” the United States of America?

If Al-Qaeda terrorists decide to shove bombs up their asses (which the “naked scanners” cannot detect) does that then mean each and every one of us gets a full rectal exam before flying too?

How about this, TSA: When you’ve purged all the child molesters and rapists from the agency (and there are tons of reports that many have passed “background checks”) and the President of the United States of America and his family submit to "naked scans” and having their genitals fondled by you freaks to demonstrate the “effectiveness” of each and every one of us being sexually molested in order to prevent “terrorism” then maybe I’ll consider flying again.

Until then, here’s a big F*** YOU, you Nazi bastards.

I hope the next time Janet Napolitano steps on a plane it blows up.  Serve her right, it would.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Monetary Policy Explained

Obama’s, Bernanke’s Currency Strategy Simplified

Warning: Some adult language.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama Defends Jihad in Indonesia

Once Again Fails To Condemn Terrorism

While in Indonesia, an Islamic run country and stronghold, Obama was asked his opinion of “jihad.” 

Obama is still under the delusion that islam is a “religion” and that it’s intent is “peaceful.”

“Well, the phrase Jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam, and is subject to a lot of different interpretations... The overwhelming majority view their obligations to their religion as ones that reaffirm peace and justice and fairness and tolerance...”

When’s the last time anyone’s heard the term ‘jihad’ in the context of “peace, justice, fairness and tolerance?”

Every timeI hear it it’s in the context of wiping Israel from the face of the map.

Half of muslims in Indonesia support stoning women who commit adultery or are raped, to death.  Here in America a significant portion of muslims support suicide bombers – not just abroad, here in America! 

My own opinion here is that after the “shellacking” Obama got on Tuesday night, it’s just too damn’ bad we didn’t have a drone in the area to give the most incompetent President in this country’s history an up close and personal look at how to fight the war on terror.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Backlash Builds Against “QE2”

Feds To Pump Another $600 Billion Into Economy

Related Article, Financial Times November 5th, 2009

The Fed’s decision yesterday to pump another $600 Billion dollars into the US Economy has sparked concerns world-wide about a U.S. initiated trade and currency war.

Countries such as China, Brazil and Germany yesterday openly criticized the Fed’s actions and are now preparing to defend their currencies against a currency war, or a “race to the bottom” to devalue currencies to protect their economies.

Make no mistake about it, a currency and trade war is about the last thing our economy needs right now.  Bernanke must be nuts in his approach to appease the stock markets in an attempt to break the current deflationary cycle.

Bernanke is in uncharted waters here, doing something that’s never been done before. The risks here to our economy include hyper-inflation in commodity and food prices, which we’re already experiencing and a flight of capital out of the United States which means even slower job creation – something which we desperately need here in the United States.

If you’ve been paying attention to Oil and Food prices, you’d have noticed that Oil hit a six month high yesterday just above $86/barrel and core food prices have gone up 15% or more across the country.  This type of inflation doesn’t bode well for the future of our economy, and those most likely to be hurt the most are going to be the working poor (the very people Obama purports to “help”) and those already caught in a credit squeeze due to falling home prices and being underwater in their current mortgages.

The Fed has “doubled down” on an approach that’s already proven not to work in QE-1 (Quantative Easing) and there’s little doubt that this approach is going to lead to a longer term economic disaster for the U.S.

Sure, the stock markets may be happy now with their ‘quarter to quarter’ mindset, but the damage that’s being done here and the debt we’re incurring is going to take decades to fix.

Forget the “lost decade” we may be talking about the “lost century” and the collapse of the U.S. Economic system.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama's Arrogance On Display Again

Denies His Policies Were Responsible For Historic Democrat Losses

While the liberal lamestream media trips all over themselves in reporting Obama's "conciliatory" tone after the historic ass-whuppin' he and his party received Tuesday, what's gone largely un-reported is Obama's denial that his policies caused Democrats to lose their majority in the House by historic proportions, and enabled huge Republican gains in the Senate.

Demonstrating how out of touch he is with the American electorate, Obama declared that the American people do not want another two year fight about health care reform.

He's right.  We don't want another two year fight on health care reform, or the "reforms" that he and the Democrats rammed down we the people's throats.

We want, no we demand an outright repeal of it!

It doesn't take much analysis of Tuesday's elections to see that each and every Democrat that was tossed in the House voted for Obamacare.  Additionally, in response to the massive government spending that American's have been opposed to, each and every Democrat chair of a major house committee (and some in the Senate too!) lost their seats.

The message couldn't be more clear: American's want Obamacare repealed, massive government spending reigned in, and a focus on jobs, jobs, jobs.

Those Democrats that remain in our Congress and White House who continue to ignore the message that was so strongly sent at the ballot box on Tuesday do so at their own peril.  I'd expect that those Democrats who are up in 2012 for re-election are going to abandon Obama for the next two years, effectively giving control of the Senate to the Republicans.

The race for 2012 is on.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can You Hear Us Now?

Republican Tsunami Hi-Lites Democrat Epic Failure

There's much to take away from yesterday's historic election in addition to my absolute joy that Nancy Pelosi has been fired as Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Republican Mark Kirk won Obama's old Senate seat here in Illinois.

I've compiled my Top 14 reasons why the Democrats epic failure caused them to lose the House, and effective control of the Senate.

Democrats Believe:
1. Socialism works.
2. Big Government is good Government.
3. We should insure 30,000,000 illegal aliens and it won't cost anything.
4. It is racist to secure our borders.
5. Laws only apply to the other side, those whom they politically disagree with.

6. Federal Law trumps state law, even when state law merely seeks to enforce federal law such as in Arizona, but not for "Sanctuary Cities" like Chicago or San Francisco.
7. Government needs to control every facet of our daily lives, telling us what to drive and eat.
8. America is fundamentally bad, and must apologize for past "wrongs."
9. Our Founding Fathers were bad.
10. Christian Holidays are bad, but pagan and muslim holidays must be celebrated.
11. We need to "give" our standard of living to the whole planet, even if it drives us broke.
12. We can solve all our problems by just printing more money.
13. We can spend our way out of Debt.
14. We can consume our way to prosperity.

Those are my "Top 14" reasons why Democrats lost big last night, did I miss any? What are yours?

How many union thugs maintaining voting machines does it take to throw an election?

Ask Harry Reid.  Sharron Angle was up by 4 points in all major polls before election day.  Look at the results of the election.  Title speaks for itself doesn't it?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We’re Mad As Hell, And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

D-Day: Stop Obama’s March to Socialism

A word to the Republican Party: Don’t mistake my vote as being pro Republican agenda.  I reject big government spending from BOTH parties, and that includes the TARP spending started under the Bush Administration. 


Rather, my vote today for Republican Candidates is nothing more than a complete, total repudiation of the Obama Administration’s policies designed to move America to a Socialist state.

I’m under absolutely no delusions that the Republican Party will undo anything that Obama has done.  Face facts, the Republican’s won’t have a veto proof majority.  They won’t be able to undo a single thing Obama has done.

The best we can hope for is GRIDLOCK, where Government does absolutely nothing for the next two years.

And that may have to be good enough.

Either way, I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Victory must be secured today, Obama’s agenda must be stopped.  Only then can the real battle begin.

Onward to 2012.