Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can You Hear Us Now?

Republican Tsunami Hi-Lites Democrat Epic Failure

There's much to take away from yesterday's historic election in addition to my absolute joy that Nancy Pelosi has been fired as Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Republican Mark Kirk won Obama's old Senate seat here in Illinois.

I've compiled my Top 14 reasons why the Democrats epic failure caused them to lose the House, and effective control of the Senate.

Democrats Believe:
1. Socialism works.
2. Big Government is good Government.
3. We should insure 30,000,000 illegal aliens and it won't cost anything.
4. It is racist to secure our borders.
5. Laws only apply to the other side, those whom they politically disagree with.

6. Federal Law trumps state law, even when state law merely seeks to enforce federal law such as in Arizona, but not for "Sanctuary Cities" like Chicago or San Francisco.
7. Government needs to control every facet of our daily lives, telling us what to drive and eat.
8. America is fundamentally bad, and must apologize for past "wrongs."
9. Our Founding Fathers were bad.
10. Christian Holidays are bad, but pagan and muslim holidays must be celebrated.
11. We need to "give" our standard of living to the whole planet, even if it drives us broke.
12. We can solve all our problems by just printing more money.
13. We can spend our way out of Debt.
14. We can consume our way to prosperity.

Those are my "Top 14" reasons why Democrats lost big last night, did I miss any? What are yours?

How many union thugs maintaining voting machines does it take to throw an election?

Ask Harry Reid.  Sharron Angle was up by 4 points in all major polls before election day.  Look at the results of the election.  Title speaks for itself doesn't it?

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