Friday, July 31, 2009

Breaking News: Chris Dodd (D. CT) has Prostate Cancer

Thanks God  He Doesn’t Have Obama-Care

Not to make light of a serious cancer that affects one out of seven men over age 50, but I have to ask a serious question here:

Don’t you think that Chris Dodd is glad he’s not covered by the proposed Obama Health Care Reforms?

Let’s examine a few facts. 

First, Dodd is 72 years old.  He’s lived a full life.  Lord knows he helped screw up the housing industry with his pal Barney Frank (D. MA) and Dodd himself got a few sweetheart deals refinancing his multiple homes with Countrywide that the rest of us would never have gotten.

Then again, Dodd is a multi-millionaire, limousine riding liberal who thinks he can tell the rest of us how to live through his support for Obama-Care.  So what would happen to Dodd under Obama-Care?  I could only imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Dodd’s Doctor: Chris, I hate to break the bad news to you, but you have prostate cancer.  The good news is, we caught it in the early stages and it’s treatable.  We expect that with some conservative treatment, the effects will be minimal and you should expect to continue leading a full life.

Sen. Chris Dodd: Gee Doc, I’m really upset at hearing this but I’m glad this was caught early.  Will the cancer affect my continued screwing up the economy for the American people?  After all, they elected us on a mantra of “Change.”

Dodd’s Doctor: No Chris, we’re going to begin some treatment over the next few days, after which you’ll be fit enough to return to the Senate and pass these mind-numbingly horrendous bills that impede on people’s daily lives.  For your treatment, we’re going to use a course of drugs and radiation seeds implanted in your prostate to halt the cancer’s growth and prevent it from spreading.  The drugs we’ll give you are very costly, however they’ll shrink your prostate so you’re not pissing all over yourself at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Government Health-Care Coordinator enters room: Hello, I’m your government appointed health care coordinator.   I’m sorry Mr. Dodd, but you’ve lived a full life according to the Government’s charts, and the treatment your doctor is prescribing is awfully expensive.  Our recommended treatment for you is the blue pill, which is half the cost of the red pills and radiation seeds your doctor is prescribing.

Dodd’s Doctor: But the blue pills don’t work for this type of cancer, everyone knows this, what are you trying to do, kill Senator Dodd?

 Government Health-Care Coordinator: Senator Dodd is 72.  His life expectancy according to our government charts is 77, that’s only another 5 years or so. Additionally, he’s overweight, which will cut that down by a few years and he’ll likely have a stroke which is also expensive.  Therefore we recommend a course of palliative treatment and mandatory end of life counseling.

Senator Dodd: End of life counseling?

Government Health-Care Coordinator: Yes Senator Dodd, it was in the bill you voted in favor of.image

Senator Dodd: But I don’t WANT to die!

Government Health-Care Coordinator: I’m sorry Mr. Dodd, but the Government of which you yourself were a part of has decided that it’s just not cost effective to treat your prostate cancer to extend your life a paltry five years.  Therefore we’ll only approve your doctor prescribing the blue pill, and some end of life counseling for you.

Senator Dodd: But, But …..

Government Health-Care Coordinator: Mr. Dodd, allow me to introduce your end of life counselor ….


Obama, Democrat-Socialist-Marxists Seize Control of Food Supply

Gates/Crowley, Health Care Reform Distractions Provide Cover for Seizure of Food Supply

While American’s were consumed with the  Gates/Crowley and Health Care reform fiasco’s generated by the Obama administration, a new Government Seizure bill popped up on the radar seemingly overnight, which threatens America’s food supply and the cost of us, everyday American’s feeding our families.

H.R. 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 which was proposed by free market interventionist and socialist Henry Waxman of California would give the Food and Drug administration all the power it claims to need to regulate all food that American’s consume.

The act covers all food grown domestically and in foreign countries giving the FDA broad powers to inspect, fine, shut down, whatever it wants, to any food producer it deems unfit.

The burdens in this bill are so onerous, that small and family farmers and ranchers may be driven out of business by the increased regulatory and compliance burdens, and which ultimately will increase cost to the American consumer.

One has to pause and ask themselves just why is this bill needed?  America already has the safest food supply on the planet.  Illnesses borne by “bad food” are few and far between, are discovered rapidly and products pulled from the shelves.  Those that do get ill from food contaminants likely didn’t prepare (that is: CLEAN) their food properly before consuming or cooking it, or the food was contaminated during preparation.  Given the number of prepared foods American’s consume, the incidents of food contamination and poisoning are minute compared to that which happens in other countries.

So why is this bill necessary?

More Governmental Control Over Your Life.

This socialist government wants more control over your daily life, what you eat, and how much they can tax your behavior, that’s why.  There is no other logical reason that is presented in this bill given the food safety record in this country.

We urge you to call your Congressman immediately and tell them to vote NO on H.R.  1749.  This is just more big-nanny state government from the Socialist in the White House.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

“Three Strikes & You’re Out” Rule Applied To Economic Policies

Let’s review Obama’s record on the major issues as a method to gauge how right (or wrong) he may be on Health Care Reform.

Banking Industry Bailouts.  In January of 2009, the Wall Street Journal predicted that the banking industry bailouts could cost up to $1 TRILLION dollars.  The final bailout total was just over $700 BILLION dollars, primarily due to the reduced cost of common and preffered bank stocks, which were purchased by the Government as part of the bailout.  The problem with the banking industry bailouts is that few if any of the banks that received TARP money used the money to restore health to the credit markets through lending.  Many used the money to acquire other banks, paid down their debt obligations or used the money to write-off bad loans.

In stopping otherwise bad banks from going under (“too big to fail”) the Obama Administration literally pissed away hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

On banking bailouts, Obama = WRONG.  Strike one.

Economic “Stimulus” Package.  As Obama entered office, a package of $787 BILLION dollars of Government Spending was quickly rushed through Congress and signed by Mr. Obama with audacious claims that the legislation would keep unemployment below 8% and that the bill would provide jobs “immediately.”

Six months into the “Economic Stimulus” this Administration cannot point to a single job “created or saved”, has backed away from claims that the “stimulus package” was designed to keep unemployment below 8% and is now saying that the jobs creation portion of the bill won’t kick-in until late 2010, early 2011.

Which lie are we supposed to believe here?  Maybe this clip will help.

There really is only one rational conclusion after viewing the above clip.

On Economic Stimulus, Obama = WRONG.

Auto Industry Bailouts. After American Taxpayers were told that the Domestic Auto Industry was “too big to fail” and go through bankruptcy,  the Obama Administration pumped tens of billions of hard earned Taxpayer dollars into General Motors and Chrysler only to have them both enter bankruptcy anyway. More than $30 billion dollars were wasted trying to prop up GM and Chrysler to avoid bankruptcy, and another $50 billion has been spent or promised post-bankruptcy to “help” both companies restructure, re-organize and reduce their debt.

In this case, the Obama Administration directly interfered in contractual debt obligations of both companies, bullied investors and preferred debt holders, and negotiated a sweet deal for the Unions, who now with the Federal Government own majority stakes in both GM and Chrysler.

The fallout since the auto industry bailouts has been clear: hardly any American Consumer wants to buy a car from GM or Chrysler because both took taxpayer dollars, both companies investors got screwed, and the fix is apparently in for the unions.  The proof in this statement is the fact that GM’s second quarter sales plummeted another 15% while Chrysler’s second quarter sales plummeted  31%, selling only 391,000 cars. 

Ford, the only domestic U.S. autobuilder to not take Government bailout money reported a profit of $2.8 billion dollars, ending a string of four straight quarterly losses for the #2 domestic auto maker.

Again the proof is in the pudding (meaning: the results are what counts) showing just how ill-conceived the Auto Industry bailouts were. 

On Auto Industry bailouts, Obama = WRONG.  Strike three.

To measure the full failure of Obama’s Liberal economic policy mistakes, we need only to look at the unemployment rate and the net number of jobs lost since Obama won the election and began espousing his anti-business, Pro-Big-Government intervention into our daily lives.

In August of 2008 the national unemployment rate was hovering around 6%.  As we enter August 2009, the unemployment rate is over 9.5%, with many economists predicting 10% or higher by the end of the year.  While the unemployment rate was on an upward trajectory as Obama took office, the rate began skyrocketing after the November 2008 elections as small, medium and large companies began cutting jobs n anticipation of  Obama’s anti-business, pro-tax, pro-big government policies (which turned out to be correct.) 

To put this in perspective, a total of 6,500,000 jobs have been lost since the recession began in December 2007.  Nearly 4,000,000 American’s have lost their jobs since Obama won the election. 

This is not the “smartest President in our lifetimes” as the Obama-nuts would have you and I believe.

Keep in mind we haven’t even addressed Obama’s Cap & Tax plan, which would add another $1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars in taxes on you and I, and would kill another 2,500,000 jobs according to the Department of Labor.

Now since we’ve proven that Obama’s been wrong on all matters economic in this country, exactly why should he be believed that his “Health Care Proposal” would be good for the country or “save money” as he’s claimed?  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has already come out – twice – stating that Obama’s plan would cost more than the Obama administration is claiming and in fact drive health care costs UP instead of down.  The CBO’s estimates are that Obama’s “plan” would cost in excess of $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. 

Who’s going to pay that TRILLION dollars?  Why you and I, the American taxpayer of course!  All for the benefit of having socialized medicine like the rest of the world – who’s citizens  not so coincidentally come here for life-saving operations because they’ll die waiting for them in their own countries.  Do we really want Government run, socialized medicine?

The reality is this: Obama is a tax and spend extreme leftist liberal who if left un-checked much longer will destroy our economy and our way of life. 

Just say NOBAMA on Health-Care “Reform.”


More Bad News For Obama ….

Rasmussen released a new poll today showing Obama’s popularity continues to plummet.  As we’ve stated before, Obama’s track record on the banking industry bailouts, GM/Chrysler bailouts and the failed economic “stimulus” package have all been drivers behind the fall. 

Now American’s are turning away from Obama’s health care “reform” initiative and see it for what it truly is. According to the Rasmussen polling data

Just 23% believe health care costs will go down if health care reform is passed.  The majority (53%) expect prices would rise, and 50% expect that the quality of health care would decline.

Additionally, 51% now say that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Obama’s “strong approval” ratings have now dropped below President George W. Bush’s to an abysmal 28%, with just over 40% “strongly disapproving.”


In 7 short month’s, Obama has managed to squander the political capital he had post election and become more unpopular than Bush.  No wonder “independents” and “moderates” are flocking to the Conservative side of the spectrum. 

Read it and weep, Obamanuts.

Is it November 2010 yet?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Where Is Post-Racial America?

Right here, in this video clip, compliments of CNN.  Who’d have guessed it … CNN.

Comments are open.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama’s Friend Henry Gates Preaches Anti-White Bigotry

C-SPAN 1996 Book Series Features Gates Preaching At “All Souls Church”

If like us you wondered why or how Barack Hussein Obama could be friends with Henry Gates, look no further than the video clip below, compliments of HotAirPundit blog.

In this clip you’ll see Gates speaking at “All Souls Church” about racism.  Pay special attention to Gates’ remarks at 3:05 in the clip.

It is no coincidence that Gates attacked Sgt. Crowley’s mother (re: “I’ll speak with your momma outside”) as has been widely reported, and is in fact on the police report as we noted yesterday.  Gates is bragging in this clip that blacks are the masters of “your moma” and “your daddy” criticism against whites, and are jealous of that “fact.”

Gates also rails about “racism” for his failures in obtaining positions he desires, or once held, notably Duke University.

It’s no secret to people living in Massachusetts that Henry Gates is a race baiting poverty pimp in the same spirit as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and yes, Barack Hussein Obama’s 20 year long “spiritual mentor” Jeremiah Wright.

Obama is who he associates with, and that includes Henry Gates, Jeremiah Wright and terrorist William Ayers.

No wonder Barack Hussein Obama hates America. 

Support for Obama, Policies Erodes Quickly

Rasmussen daily Presidential Tracking Polls show that Obama’s popularity continues to decline quickly.

More than 50% now disapprove of Obama’s handling of just about everything from the economy, to North Korea, Honduras, Health Care and Iran.

As American’s learn more about Obama’s health care reform initiatives (or as we call it, part of an overall stealth reparations program) 54% now strongly oppose Obama’s proposals to reform healthcare, and just 25% believe the $787 billion “stimulus package” that Obama forced through Congress is working.

American’s are also concerned about the budget deficit.  Only 20% see health care reform as important while nearly double, 37% want the budget deficit fixed.

What’s worse is that now more than 76% of all American’s see Obama as politically LIBERAL.  It appears America is waking up!  That’s 11 points higher in just the last month alone.

Read it and weep, Obamanuts!


In related news, Liberal Democrat Senators are now seen as being in trouble in the 2010 mid-term elections.  Even though Republicans are defending more seats in 2010 than Democrats, such liberal stalwarts as Barbara Boxer are now in danger of losing their Senate seats.  Boxers polling numbers show she’s within the margin of error vs former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.  Just over a month ago, Boxer led Fiorina by more than 11 points.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Obama Exposes Himself As Anti-White Bigot

20 Years of Listening to Jeremiah Wright Definitely Influenced His “Thinking”

The polling data is bad. Very bad. Obama has dropped below 50% approval for the first time.  Surely his intervention in his friend Henry Gates’ arrest had an impact. 

As the FIRST blog to expose the Obama-Gates relationship, let’s now examine Obama’s statements yesterday regarding his foot-in-mouth disease and fomenting racial hatred in the wake of what we will now call “HenryGate.”  (Once again, we’ll also note that we’re the FIRST blog to label it as such.)'


“Higlights” of Obama’s remarks yesterday:

I actually just had a conversation with Sergeant Jim Crowley, the officer involved. And I have to tell you that, as I said yesterday, my impression of him was that he was a outstanding police officer and a good man, and that was confirmed in the phone conversation. And I told him that.

And I -- because this has been ratcheting up and I obviously helped to contribute ratcheting it up, I want to make clear that in my choice of words, I think, I unfortunately, I think, gave an impression that I was maligning the Cambridge police department or Sergeant Crowley specifically.

Let’s call a spade a spade here (pun intended) shall we?

First, Obama directly called Sgt. Crowley and in fact the entire Cambridge, Massachusetts  Police department stupid.  While there is no such word as “stupidly” everyone knew what Obama meant.  His good friend Henry Gates was arrested for being a belligerent jackass to the Cambridge Police, who responded to a call of a potential break-in at Gates’ home.  If anything, Gates should’ve been grateful that the police where there to protect his property and potentially have stopped a break in, if it weren’t Gates himself “breaking into” his own home.

Second, Obama jumped into the fray on behalf of his “good friend” of the race baiter Henry Gates without himself having all the facts.  This “speak before one knows the facts” is the modus-operandi with Obama.  Case in point: Iran’s elections in which he failed to speak out for free and fair elections, and again in Honduras in which Obama supported Zelaya despite his removal from office and deportation from the country being entirely Constitutional.  Obama has an innate tendency to speak before he has all the facts.  This is what an in-experienced community organizer President does though.  Let’s move on.

The fact that it has garnered so much attention, I think, is a testimony to the fact that these are issues that are still very sensitive here in America. ...

What I'd like to do then is make sure that everybody steps back for a moment, recognizes that these are two decent people, not extrapolate too much from the facts, but, as I said at the press conference, be mindful of the fact that because of our history, because of the difficulties of the past, you know, African-Americans are sensitive to these issues. And even when you've got a police officer who has a fine track record on racial sensitivity, interactions between police officers and the African-American community can sometimes be fraught with misunderstanding.

My hope is is that as a consequence of this event, this ends up being what's called a teachable moment, where all of us, instead of pumping up the volume, spend a little more time listening to each other and try to focus on how we can generally improve relations between police officers and minority communities, and that instead of flinging accusations, we can all be a little more reflective in terms of what we can do to contribute to more unity.

Obama demonstrably doesn’t have a clue that it was his words that pumped up racial tensions in this country, and that he deliberately drew a line – and continues to draw a line -  between black and white. 

Furthermore it was Obama himself that lead the flinging of accusations by directly calling Crowley and the Cambridge Police department “stupid” even though witnesses and other on-lookers have validated Sgt. Crowley’s actions.  Crowley’s own superior is black, and he stands by Crowley.

If this is to be a ‘teachable moment’ as Obama suggests, he should look at his own tendency to speak before he has all the facts firmly in hand, and get that under control.   He’s making a mess of the world (again, Iran, Honduras, North Korea …) because he speaks before he thinks.  Moving on …

But I just wanted to emphasize that -- one last point I've guess I'd make. There are some who say that as president I shouldn't have stepped into this at all, because it's a local issue.

I have to tell you that that thing -- that part of it, I disagree with. The fact that this has become such a big issue I think is indicative of the fact that, you know, race is still a troubling aspect of our society. Whether I were black or white, I think that me commenting on this and hopefully contributing to constructive, as opposed to negative, understandings about the issue is part of my portfolio.

Obama & Wright Let’s be clear as to who made this a big issue: Obama did.  By stepping into a local issue, he NATIONALIZED an incident that would’ve otherwise gone un-reported outside of Cambridge or Boston  because Obama himself decided the police were wrong, and that his good friend Henry Gates was right.  And again, this goes back to Obama’s penchant to speak before having full command of the FACTS of a situation.

When the President of the United States speaks, the entire world listens.  Listening to Obama lately is like listening to a bumbling idiot.

Twenty years of sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church certainly had it’s intended impact on Obama, Wright must surely be smiling today.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sgt. James Crowley Responds To Obama’s Stupidity

Didn’t Vote For Obama, Won’t Apologize To His Friend Henry Gates Jr.

In a nearly 4 minute interview, Sgt. James Crowley responds to accusations of racism, and Obama’s claim that he acted “stupidly”.

Crowley of course has nothing to apologize for.  He did his job honorably in the face of a race baiting jackass, Henry Gates Jr.

As we wrote yesterday, Crowley is a well regarded officer and is himself an expert on Racial Profiling, often teaching at Boston’s police academy.

We also exposed Gates as a personal friend of Barack Hussein Obama yesterday, something which the liberal “mainstream” media doesn’t mention in their reports accusing Crowley of racism.

In the video, Crowley reveals several important facts:

  1. It was Gates who continued to escalate the situation, initially using references to Crowley’s mother in an attempt to incite Crowley.
  2. Crowley was the police officer who tried to save the life of former Boston Celtics basketball player Reggie Lewis, a black man, who collapsed and died during an offseason workout at Brandeis University while Crowley was on duty there.  Crowley says he is still shaken by the event today.
  3. Crowley says he didn’t vote for Obama, and seems to be proud of that fact.
  4. Says he’d so the exact same thing again given the same circumstances.

Clearly Sgt. Crowley is a man of character, integrity and conviction and we applaud his response to Gates and Obama. 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Acts “Stupidly”

It’s high-time that Obama revealed his race-baiting self, he probably couldn’t help himself.

After 20+ years of hearing Jeremiah Wright’s race-baiting, kill the white man, God-Damn’ America rhetoric it was only a matter of time before Barack Hussein Obama revealed his own racist thoughts.

news-general-20090723-US.Obama.Harvard.Scholar.PoliceIs anyone surprised that Obama would side with his friend, Henry Louis Gates Jr. over the Boston Police?

You mean you didn’t know that Gates was a friend of Obama? Allow us to clue you in.

Gates befriended Obama while Obama attended Harvard and was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. 

Over the years, Gates would provide contacts within political activist and “community” organizations for Obama.  Gates was also a contributor to the Obama campaign both for the U.S. Senate and for Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

Obama’s remarks today saying “the police acted stupidly” was in fact Obama defending a friend.

A friend that happens to be a race baiter in the same cloth as Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

To demonstrate exactly where it is the stupidity lies in this situation,  here are the arrest reports which clearly show Gates being belligerent with the police from the get-go and escalating the situation beyond control in order to deliberately get himself arrested.

The fact is this: Sgt. James Crowley is an honorable policeman with a spotless record, who also happens to be the Boston Police Adademy’s expert on Racial profiling.  This is clearly a man who knows what to, and what not to do.

After reading it’s clear to see who was acting “stupidly.”

BTW, Obama you ignorant asshole, “stupidly” isn’t a word.  Moron. (And here you Obamanuts thought Bush was stupid.)

(Click on the images to see full-size version.)

(Upate: Link to Original Report)

Gates Arrest Report

Gates Arrest Report 2 Gates Arrest Report3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where Is The Post-Partisanship?

Obama Ran As The “Post Partisan” Candidate, But His Actions Show He is Anything But.

Here we are six miserable, recession-extending months into Obama’s first (and only) term as President, and I cannot name a single piece of bi-partisan  legislation that the failed Obama Presidency has enacted since seizing power. 5cygqb

The Economic Stimulus Plan?  Nope.  Not a single Republican voted for it, Obama owns this crap sandwich all by himself.  $787 billion dollars later, not a single “created or saved” job can this Administration point to. With each passing day the Republican party is further vindicated on this issue.

Cap & Trade (or Cap and TAX if you prefer) garnered eight turn-coat Republican Moderates, one can hardly call that “bi-partisan” and it looks like the wheels are coming off this monstrosity of a tax plan.  Blue-Dog Democrats are running from Cap & Tax as fast as possible, and it’s been declared “DOA” by Obama’s own party – who controls 60 votes in the Senate and can pass whatever they want without a single Republican vote.

Now comes “Health Care Reform” which has many Democrats trembling at the thought of passing yet another set of major tax increases.  These same Democrats are being subjected to ads paid for by the Democrat National Committee, running in their own districts, featuring Obama telling their constituents to apply pressure to them to sign-on to Obama’s seizure of health care. 

Blue Dog Democrats and Republican’s are right to steer clear of ObamaCare for several reasons.

First, Obama is refusing to release the budget deficit numbers for 2009 until the House and Senate vote on Health Care reform.  The reason for that is because the current Federal Deficit exceeds $1.85 TRILLION dollars so far this year, with 5 months to go.

Second, the Congressional Budget Office has stated that ObamaCare’s cost estimates far exceed those provided by the Obama Administration and House Democrats.  In fact, the CBO went out of its way to say that ObamaCare will actually cause Health Care costs to skyrocket faster once a “public option” became available.  (Remember that this is the same government that recently paid $1.59/lb for 200,000 pounds of ham – more than double the cost to the American Consumer. (Source: Recovery.Gov))

Now Obama wants a “Comprehensive Health Care Reform” bill on his desk before Congress goes on its summer break.

I couldn’t help but think to myself, “what’s the rush here?”  The rush is that Obama doesn’t want the American public to see the details. 

On p. 16 for example, once the bill is passed and signed into law, those of us with Health Insurance are “stuck” in our current plans.  We cannot shop around or opt into the “public option” that’s supposedly cheaper.  Additionally, Health Insurance Companies are mandated by law to not accept any new members.  This has the effect of forcing all un-insured into the “Government Option.”

Further into the bill, Health Insurance Companies are subjected to government rate controls and competitive clauses that will eventually force them out of business – and all their insured members into the “Govenment Option”

As these details become more and more apparent with each passing day, the American public turns decidedly against Obama’s Socialized Health Care.

That’s why the Administration is rushing to get this bill passed.  Theimage longer time this takes, the less likelihood Obama’s seizure of Health Care has a chance of passing.  Face facts, Obama spent more time and was more transparent in deciding what type of dog to buy Malia and Sasha once the election was over – and that took nearly 3 months!

In closing, about the “post-partisan” candidate: there is no “bi-partisanship” in Obama’s agenda.  No matter how Obama, Press Secretary Gibbs, Chief of Staff Axelrod, or the lamestream media tries to spin it, Obama is NOT the ‘post partisan’ President he claimed he’d be during the campaign.  With each piece of legislation, Republican’s are locked out of the legislative process, only to have the Democrats cry foul when Republican’s don’t vote with them.

Obama can’t have it both ways, and come November 2010 he’ll have no choice as to how things are done.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama’s Approval Rating Continues To Fall

Ranks 10th of 12 most recent Presidents

How the mighty “One” has fallen. 

Obama blew his response to the Iranian Elections being stolen.

Blew it again, siding with a Communist wanna-be in Honduras, refusing to recognize that Hondurans actually followed their Constitution by deporting Zelaya.

North Korea demonstrates nuclear capabilities, firing missiles over our allies countries, without issuing a response.

4rde04Spends $787 BILLION Taxpayer dollars with no jobs to show for it.

Advocates for the largest tax hike in history, “Cap & Trade” which is a TRILLION dollar tax burden on every day Americans.

Seeks to seize control of the Nation’s health care system.

Wants to dictate how much CIO’s, CEO’s can make.

Takes control of GM and Chrysler, forcing them into bankruptcy, screws the shareholders and bondholders in favor of preferential Union treatment.

Seeks to expand the Federal Government’s role in American’s daily lives through taxation and regulation.

Nominates a judge to the US Supreme Court (Sotomayor) who is overturned by the US Supreme court.

The annual budget deficit is $1.85 TRILLION dollars, four times higher than Bush’s last deficit.

It’s amazing that Obummer isn’t ranked dead last!  Surely Jimmy Carter is the happiest man on the planet right now, as Obama will no doubt pass him as the most unpopular President ever.

There is a widening disconnect between his personal popularity and support for the policies he advocates.

On the Economy, 50% of American’s now disagree with Obama’s “economic stimulus” and taxation plans.  There's limited faith in his economic stimulus package, especially when asked for its likely impact on their own finances. A third predict it will make things better for their families in the long term; a third say it will make things worse.  61% now expect the economy to take 4 years or more to recover.  (Hmmm, 2012 is about 4 years away..)

59% describe Obama as “too liberal” and that his proposals call for too much government intervention and spending.  61% say Obama spent too much money, and created too large of a deficit, now $1.85 TRILLION for 2009, with 5 months left to go.

52% say Obama wants too much power.

Obama’s overall approval is just 55%, which puts him 10th among the 12 post WW2 Presidents.  When he first took office, Obama was 7th out of 12.

To put it in perspective for the Bush Haters, President George W. Bush was more popular at this same point during his first term than Obama is now.

It’s gonna be a long three and a half years before we get to throw this asshole out of office. 

Source: USA Today/Gallup Poll

Monday, July 20, 2009


$787 BILLION Dollars in “Stimulus” Money Later, Obama, Biden Can’t Point To A Single Job Saved.

What’s worse, they can’t even tell us where the money has been spent!  There has been ZERO accountability as to how Taxpayer dollars have been spent.  The Obama Administration cannot define a single benefit that’s been achieved through pissing away our tax dollars.

Are you outraged yet?  You should be.  Revolution is brewing …


Not So Stimulating

The President’s Pork-Laden Stimulus Bill Isn’t Working

By Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Shortly after a Quinnipiac University poll reported July 7 that President Barack Obama's job approval rating in Ohio had fallen 13 percentage points in two months to 49 percent, the White House dispatched Vice President Joe Biden to that crucial swing state to defend the administration's efforts to deal with the economic crisis.

This was a mistake, for two reasons.

The first is that almost every journalist reporting on the vice president's speech would feel compelled to reference the Quinnipiac poll. This, noted Jim Geraghty of National Review Online, was like "hanging a lantern" on the problem.

The second is that Joe Biden is a motormouth, liable to say anything. The White House slapped him down after Mr. Biden said on ABC's "This Week" program July 5 that the administration had "misread how bad the economy was." (When asked about the remark, Mr. Obama said there wasn't a misreading, just a lack of information in the early days of his presidency.)

Speaking in Cincinnati to a crowd of "about 200," some of them protesters, Mr. Biden asked for patience. "Remember we're only 140 days into this deal," he said. "It's supposed to take 18 months."

This isn't what Mr. Obama and his aides were saying in February. Back then we were told the $787 billion stimulus bill had to be rushed through Congress to keep unemployment from rising to 8 percent.

"No one in the House read that bill because the urgency was such that the president said we had to act now and if we acted now, we would stave off job loss and we'd get America back to work," recalled Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., the GOP whip.

At an elaborate signing ceremony in Denver Feb. 17, Mr. Obama said the stimulus bill would "create or save" 3.5 million jobs, starting right away. He also said then that he expected to be held accountable for the results.

With unemployment in June at 9.5 percent, and with the president himself now acknowledging the unemployment rate is likely to exceed 10 percent before year's end, it's pretty bizarre for Mr. Obama to say, as he did in his radio address July 11, that the stimulus bill "has worked as intended."

A report from New Hampshire suggests why the stimulus bill hasn't stimulated the economy much.

According to the state office responsible for tracking the money, New Hampshire has received so far $413.6 million in stimulus funds, which have resulted in the creation of 50 jobs, all in government, most of them temporary and only 34 of them full time. That comes to a cost of $8.32 million per job, or nearly $10 million per full-time job, if we assume that two of the part-time jobs equal one full-time job.

The Obama administration claims the stimulus bill has "saved" jobs, but there is no way statistically to verify this, and the state government hasn't reported any in New Hampshire.

"No genius was required to see the stimulus wasn't going to work because it consisted mostly of pork-barrel projects of such dubious merit that not even a Democratic Congress was likely to have approved them if they hadn't been bundled together to reduce scrutiny and rushed through under the guise of an emergency. As Mr. Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, put it: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

In a column in February, I called the stimulus bill "the porkalooza," and predicted it would define Mr. Obama's presidency, and could shorten it.

"As more details of what's in [the stimulus bill] become known, already tepid support will cool further," I wrote then. "And if the economy doesn't turn around, support for the president will plummet."

I'm more scornful of the porkalooza than ever, but I'm glad now that it passed. That's because the porkalooza "only" wastes great gobs of money. The president's plans to nationalize health care and to impose a "cap and trade" system have serious implications for our liberty as well as our solvency.

But because of the massive debt Mr. Obama is running up with the porkalooza, his nationalization of Chrysler and General Motors and his proposed budget for the next fiscal year, popular enthusiasm for trillion-dollar spending programs has pretty much dried up.

And because the president's claims for the porkalooza have turned out to be so wrong (or so disingenuous), people are wary of the promises he's making about health care reform and energy policy.

Sometimes, Rahm Emanuel, it's better to solve a crisis than to take advantage of it.

Read more:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama Losing Support of Key Democrats

Conservative “Blue Dog” Democrats Poised To Kill ObamaCare

Conservative Democrats are having a hard time swallowing the cost of Obama’s “top priority” – Socializing the United States Health Care system.

Long time “Blue Dog” Democrat Max Baucus of Montana is openly complaining that Obama’s method of paying for Socialized Medicine in the United States “is not helping (Democrats) us.”

Another Democrat, Dan Boren of Oklahoma is reportedly telling his local paper that Obama is too liberal and has become “very unpopular” in his district.  As a result, “Blue Dog” Democrats have become the lynch pin of passing ObamaCare in the Senate, and its passage looks less and less certain with each passing day.

How unpopular is Obama becoming?  A recent CBS News survey shows that his approval rating has dropped 10 percentage points among Democrats.  His ratings amongst “Indepdendent” and “Moderate” voters have fallen even further, reaching a –10 disapproval rating in the past three weeks.

In Ohio, a state Obama won by 4 percentage points in 2008, his approval rating has fallen to 49% from a post election high of over 85%.

In Missouri where Obama lost to McCain, Democrat faithful have become openly negative on Obama.  Democrat Robin Carnahan is up for re-election in 2010, and Missouri’s Senate Race is viewed as a key test of Obama’s appeal.

Editors Note: Slowly but surely, the American People are waking up to the nightmare that occupies the White House.

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

As timely today as it was back then.  Listen to the words of the Greatest President in our lifetime speak out against the dangers of Socialism and Socialized Medicine.


Oregon Health Plan Covers Assisted Suicide, Not Drugs for Cancer Patient

Prelude to Obama Health Care Plan “Palliative Care”

Eugene, Ore., Jun 6, 2008 / 01:09 am (CNA).- An Oregon woman suffering from lung cancer was notified by the state-run Oregon Health Plan that their policy would not cover her life-extending cancer drug, telling her the health plan would cover doctor-assisted suicide instead.

Barbara Wagener discovered her lung cancer had recurred last month, the Register-Guard said. Her oncologist prescribed a drug called Tarceva, which could slow the cancer growth and extend her life.

The Oregon Health Plan notified Wagner that it would not cover the drug, but it would cover palliative care, which it said included assisted suicide.

Read the rest here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Evening News Dump

Stupid Quotes of the Day

Boston Chamber Larry Summers, Obama’s Economic “Czar” today said something incredibly stupid:

“Just because unemployment continues to rise doesn’t mean our Economic plan isn’t working”

If you think that’s stupid, Summer’s also used Google statistics to make his point:

“The number of people searching (Google) for the term ‘economic depression’ is down to normal levels”

Somehow, one just has to give it to the Obama Administration for their display of bravado in trotting out stupid statements like this.  Surely the knee-pad wearing Obama-nuts eat this stuff up like candy.  Turn on any Internet Chat program and you’ll find the Obama-nuts repeating these same talking points.

Right, the economy’s recovering. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

But wait, there’s more!

Joe Biden said today “We have to go spend money to keep from  going bankrupt!”  Just when you think Biden’s said about the bidendumbest thing ever, he comes up with another one. Biden made this statement in front of an AARP town hall meeting, saying unless Obama’s plans to seize control of health-care and institute rationing didn’t go thorugh, the country would go broke.

Newsflash for the bubbling fountain of stupidity: his boss said back on May 23rd in a C-SPAN interview that the country is already broke.  Looks like the plan to spend our way into prosperity worked real good didn’t it?

Unemployment Tops 10% in 15 States

Associated Press is reporting that 15 states have unemployment rates of 10% or higher with more states likely to follow.

June Unemployment

From the United States Department of Labor:

Alabama (10.1%), California (11.6%), Florida (10.6%), Georgia (10.1%), Illinois (10.3%), Indiana (10.7%) , Kentucky (10.9% , Nevada (12%), North Carolina (11%), Ohio (11.1%), Oregon (12.2%), Rhode Island (12.4%), South Carolina (12.1%) and Tennessee (10.8%)

Michigan, which is considered “ground-zero” for the longest recession post WW2 reports an unemployment rate of 15.2%.  Counting the under-employed, those that have given up looking and those that have fallen off the unemployment rolls the jobless rate is actually 22.5% in Michigan.

Perhaps Larry Summer’s ought to look at the unemployment rates which have doubled from this same time last year, under the Obama Administration’s failed economic policies.

So America, betcha can’t wait for 2010 can ya?

When You’re In A Hole And Can’t Get Out, Rule #1 is to Stop Digging

Unless you’re Vice President Joe Biden, who believes that to get out of a hole, one keeps digging.

Case in point: on Thursday Biden addressed a crowd of AARP folks and told them:

“And folks look, AARP knows and the people with me here today know, the president knows, and I know, that the status quo is simply not acceptable,” Biden said at the event on Thursday in Alexandria, Va. “It’s totally unacceptable. And it’s completely unsustainable. Even if we wanted to keep it the way we have it now. It can’t do it financially.”

“We’re going to go bankrupt as a nation,” Biden said.
“Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’” Biden said.

“The answer is yes, that's what I’m telling you.”

But don’t take our word for it, you can hear him for yourself here.

Ahh, Joe Biden.  The gift that keeps on giving. 

The event Biden attended was sponsored by the AARP, who supports Obama’s “health care reform” initiative, which will cost American taxpayers more than $1 TRILLION dollars, and raise Federal Taxes in 39 states to over 50%. (See yesterday’s post.)

“And those people who can’t afford to get in there, up to a certain income, we’re going to subsidize them, you get in there and we’ll help you pay for it,” Biden said.

No Mr. Biden, YOU and OBAMA are not going to help them pay for it, I and the other Taxpayers in this country are being forced to using our hard-earned dollars by force of the Federal Government.

Socialism is on the march indeed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ObamaCare Means 50%+ Taxes in 39 States

How high will taxes go with ObamaCare?  If you live in any of the following 39 states, your combined Federal Taxes are about to exceed 50%.

Factoring in State Income Taxes, Property Taxes and State Sales Taxes for those states that have them, many tax-paying American’s will see their overall effective tax rate go even higher.

Read it and weep Obamanuts.  Your “President” said he wouldn’t raise taxes one thin dime on anyone making less than $250k a year.  That was a lie.

Here’s your new tax tables, and remember: this is FEDERAL only.

State Avg. Local Rate Top Top Federal Ordinary Rate New Medicare Combined Rank
State Rate (2011) Surtax Tax Top Rate
Oregon 0.36% 11.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 57.54% 1
Hawaii 0.00% 11.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 57.22% 2
New York^ 1.70% 8.97% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 56.92% 3
California 0.00% 10.30% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 56.58% 4
Rhode Island 0.00% 9.90% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 56.22% 5
Vermont 0.00% 9.40% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 55.77% 6
Maryland 2.98% 6.25% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 55.61% 7
New Jersey 0.09% 8.97% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 55.46% 8
Minnesota 0.00% 7.85% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 54.36% 9
Idaho 0.00% 7.80% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 54.32% 10
North Carolina 0.00% 7.75% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 54.27% 11
Wisconsin 0.00% 7.75% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 54.27% 11
Ohio 1.82% 5.93% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 54.27% 13
Delaware 0.16% 6.95% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.69% 14
Arkansas 0.06% 7.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.65% 15
South Carolina 0.00% 7.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.59% 16
Maine 0.00% 6.85% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.46% 17
Nebraska 0.00% 6.84% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.45% 18
Kentucky 0.76% 6.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.37% 19
West Virginia 0.00% 6.50% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.14% 20
Kansas 0.00% 6.45% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 53.09% 21
Missouri 0.12% 6.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 52.79% 22
Georgia 0.00% 6.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 52.69% 23
Virginia 0.00% 5.75% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 52.46% 24
Oklahoma 0.00% 5.50% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 52.23% 25
Massachusetts 0.00% 5.30% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 52.05% 26
Connecticut 0.00% 5.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.78% 27
Mississippi 0.00% 5.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.78% 27
Utah 0.00% 5.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.78% 27
New Mexico 0.00% 4.90% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.69% 30
North Dakota 0.00% 4.86% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.65% 31
Iowa 0.30% 8.98% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.61% 32
Michigan 0.44% 4.35% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.59% 33
Colorado 0.00% 4.63% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.44% 34
Indiana 1.16% 3.40% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.38% 35
Arizona 0.00% 4.54% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.36% 36
Pennsylvania 1.25% 3.07% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 51.16% 37
Montana 0.00% 6.90% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 50.48% 38
Louisiana 0.00% 6.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 50.05% 39
Illinois 0.00% 3.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 49.97% 40
Alabama 0.19% 5.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 49.67% 41
Alaska 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
Florida 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
Nevada 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
New Hampshire 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
South Dakota 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
Tennessee 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
Texas 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
Washington 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42
Wyoming 0.00% 0.00% 39.60% 5.40% 2.90% 47.25% 42

Here in the People’s DemoKratic Republic of Illannoyed, once I factored in my State Income Tax (2.5%) my Property Taxes (over $8,000 a year) and State Sales Taxes, my effective tax rate will actually exceed 62% of ObamaCare is actually passed.

To put all these tax increases, including the DemocRATS punitive 5.4% “surtax” on those who make more than $350,000 a year, we did a little math to see what the net effect on the economy these punitive taxes would have.

According to the IRS, there are 8.6 million millionaires in this country, who make between 1 and 30 million dollars annually.

The average income of all millionaires is roughly $2.6 million dollars.

A 5.4% surtax on these 8.6 million millionaires amounts to approximately $1.016 TRILLION dollars in new taxes that the Federal Government is stealing from those who work hard and know how to create wealth.

This is $1.016 TRILLION dollars removed from the economy that can no longer be used to purchase goods and services which would ultimately spur the economy.  That’s $1.016 TRILLION dollars that will no longer create jobs in this economy.

Do you Obama nuts get it yet that this plan will absolutely KILL the economy and the wealth creation engine of this country?

So now we know what Obama’s “hope and change” was all about. 

Is it 2012 yet?