Friday, July 10, 2009

The Depraved One

Perhaps Michelle “cut him off” and he’s not getting any at home anymore.  Here we see the sitting President of the United States of America ogling a 17 year old girl from Rio de Janeiro named Mayara Tavares.

Is Obama’s “inner Clinton” coming out?  At least in Clinton’s defense he chose someone who was legally of age in the United States, no matter how disgusting of a pig Monica Lewinsky actually was.

Obama Horn dog 

While ABC News is attempting to spin the above picture as Obama “watching his step”  anyone who looks at the picture  knows Obama is casually  checking out this underage girl, Mayara Tavares.  Forget “The One” he’s a lecher.    Don’t believe us?   Watch the video itself, which makes it crystal clear where Sarkozy was looking. 

As the old saying goes, the “proof is in the pudding” that Obama has a wandering eye where younger women are concerned, so here’s another picture from the same conference.  Notice Obama looking down this younger woman’s back to her …. “booty” and Sarkozy’s lecherous look as both he and Obama examine the woman’s back-side. 


Now that we have two examples, is it reasonable to think that Obama is just “watching his step” above?  Of course it isn’t.  Obama’s eyes are never in the direction that he’s stepping, and always in the direction of Mayara Tavares, including in the video.

What does this mean? It’s just one more log on the fire that proves the ‘mainstream media’ is completely in the tank for Obama.  They can spin this all they want, right-thinking people with a modicum of brain capacity know where this depraved President was looking.

I just hope Michelle teaches him a lesson when he gets back to the White House. If there’s one thing black women hate, it’s when black men’s wandering eyes wander towards white women.

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