Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama’s Friend Henry Gates Preaches Anti-White Bigotry

C-SPAN 1996 Book Series Features Gates Preaching At “All Souls Church”

If like us you wondered why or how Barack Hussein Obama could be friends with Henry Gates, look no further than the video clip below, compliments of HotAirPundit blog.

In this clip you’ll see Gates speaking at “All Souls Church” about racism.  Pay special attention to Gates’ remarks at 3:05 in the clip.

It is no coincidence that Gates attacked Sgt. Crowley’s mother (re: “I’ll speak with your momma outside”) as has been widely reported, and is in fact on the police report as we noted yesterday.  Gates is bragging in this clip that blacks are the masters of “your moma” and “your daddy” criticism against whites, and are jealous of that “fact.”

Gates also rails about “racism” for his failures in obtaining positions he desires, or once held, notably Duke University.

It’s no secret to people living in Massachusetts that Henry Gates is a race baiting poverty pimp in the same spirit as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and yes, Barack Hussein Obama’s 20 year long “spiritual mentor” Jeremiah Wright.

Obama is who he associates with, and that includes Henry Gates, Jeremiah Wright and terrorist William Ayers.

No wonder Barack Hussein Obama hates America. 

Support for Obama, Policies Erodes Quickly

Rasmussen daily Presidential Tracking Polls show that Obama’s popularity continues to decline quickly.

More than 50% now disapprove of Obama’s handling of just about everything from the economy, to North Korea, Honduras, Health Care and Iran.

As American’s learn more about Obama’s health care reform initiatives (or as we call it, part of an overall stealth reparations program) 54% now strongly oppose Obama’s proposals to reform healthcare, and just 25% believe the $787 billion “stimulus package” that Obama forced through Congress is working.

American’s are also concerned about the budget deficit.  Only 20% see health care reform as important while nearly double, 37% want the budget deficit fixed.

What’s worse is that now more than 76% of all American’s see Obama as politically LIBERAL.  It appears America is waking up!  That’s 11 points higher in just the last month alone.

Read it and weep, Obamanuts!


In related news, Liberal Democrat Senators are now seen as being in trouble in the 2010 mid-term elections.  Even though Republicans are defending more seats in 2010 than Democrats, such liberal stalwarts as Barbara Boxer are now in danger of losing their Senate seats.  Boxers polling numbers show she’s within the margin of error vs former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.  Just over a month ago, Boxer led Fiorina by more than 11 points.

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