Friday, July 24, 2009

Sgt. James Crowley Responds To Obama’s Stupidity

Didn’t Vote For Obama, Won’t Apologize To His Friend Henry Gates Jr.

In a nearly 4 minute interview, Sgt. James Crowley responds to accusations of racism, and Obama’s claim that he acted “stupidly”.

Crowley of course has nothing to apologize for.  He did his job honorably in the face of a race baiting jackass, Henry Gates Jr.

As we wrote yesterday, Crowley is a well regarded officer and is himself an expert on Racial Profiling, often teaching at Boston’s police academy.

We also exposed Gates as a personal friend of Barack Hussein Obama yesterday, something which the liberal “mainstream” media doesn’t mention in their reports accusing Crowley of racism.

In the video, Crowley reveals several important facts:

  1. It was Gates who continued to escalate the situation, initially using references to Crowley’s mother in an attempt to incite Crowley.
  2. Crowley was the police officer who tried to save the life of former Boston Celtics basketball player Reggie Lewis, a black man, who collapsed and died during an offseason workout at Brandeis University while Crowley was on duty there.  Crowley says he is still shaken by the event today.
  3. Crowley says he didn’t vote for Obama, and seems to be proud of that fact.
  4. Says he’d so the exact same thing again given the same circumstances.

Clearly Sgt. Crowley is a man of character, integrity and conviction and we applaud his response to Gates and Obama. 

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