Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama on “Peace”

peace is hard

Could Obama have sounded any more pathetic today in front of the worlds most useless political body, the United Nations?

“Peace is hard.”  Is that the best the teleprompter could deliver to the worlds most intelligent man ever elected President?


Any wonder why the so-called “Palestinians” are ignoring the messiah?  He’s a pathetic weakling and they know it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turner Defeats Weprin; Disaster Looms For Obama

Be Afraid, BeVERY Afraid

That a political novice and Catholic named Bob Turner could easily defeat an Orthodox Jew named David Weprin in a heavily Jewish Orthodox district which has only elected a Republican 4 times in 200+ years should send a chill down Obama’s back.

Forget the chill, it should instill outright fear.

AT A LOSS: Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin acknowledges the bittersweet cheers of his supporters late last night after he lost his bid to replace Rep. Anthony Weiner in the special election in Brooklyn and Queens.Democrats outnumbered Republican’s by 3:1.  Unions poured in millions of dollars and Democrat “statesmen” pressed the district heavily to elect Weprin.

And yet, with absolutely everyone and everything working against him, Turner won.

(David Weprin, Losing speech.)

A Catholic defeats an Orthodox Jew in a predominantly Democratic, Orthodox Jewish Congressional District.  Who’d have thunk it, and what does this mean?

It’s a straight-out repudiation of Obama, if for no other reason than his backing of the creation of a terrorist state named “Palestine” and demanding that Israel return to its indefensible 1967 borders, which would enable its enemies to rain down missiles upon them from on high.

As New York is slated to lose two Congressional House Seats, the loss carries the extra sting of losing two much needed “blue seats” in a predominantly Democrat state.

Ultimately, the winner in this is Texas – who will receive two additional Congressional Seats due to population shift in the country, and the American People in having another representative in the United States House of Representatives that will vote to undo Obamanomics.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget

twin towers May Our Father in Heaven Bless and Keep The Souls of Those Lost On This Tragic Day.

Vice President Biden’s Speech in Shanksville

Until yesterday my own opinion of Joe Biden was that he's nothing more than a bumbling gaffe track to be mocked and ridiculed.

Yesterday he connected with the families of Flight 93 and the American People in a way I never thought he could. Clearly he spoke from his heart and in my opinion, completely upstaged any speech Obama could possibly give today.

This is a side of Joe Biden I never expected to see, and it made me wish that he, not Obama were President.

In closing, I just want to say “Thank You” to Vice President Biden for his wonderful, heart-felt speech and having delivered it with a sense of purpose, selflessness and dignity in a way that Barack Hussein Obama never can.

God Bless America, the families who’s lives were tragically changed on this day ten years ago, and all who serve our country and have made the ultimate sacrifice in our defense.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

George W. Bush – Flight 93 Memorial Speech

Yes, I admit it: I miss President Bush.

I miss the calm, the selflessness and leadership he displayed at this nation’s darkest hour.

There is no doubt in my mind or heart that this is the best speech he’s ever given.  Compare and contrast the thoughtfulness and compassion which this speech was given, never once mentioning the word “I” a single time. 

Unlike the current occupant of the White House, President Bush knows today and tomorrow are not about him.

For the record, one could also say the same thing about Vice President Biden’s speech today.  Generally speaking, the man is typically a bumbling gaffe track.  But today, I have to say, Vice President Biden spoke from his heart.  It was easy to see he wasn’t reading from a teleprompter.  His speech may have been largely memorized, but it was evident that parts were impromptu and from his heart. 

There was no faking his getting choked up at one point when he talked about the “sudden call” he received telling him a loved one was gone as he connected with the families of Flight 93, and those of us watching.  It was truly a moving moment.

While President Bush’s speech made me long for his Presidency, today Vice President Biden cast a long, long shadow over Barack Hussein Obama.  Biden connected with the American people today in a way Obama hasn’t.

Thank you President Bush and Vice President Biden for capturing what today and tomorrow was all about: those who sacrificed themselves on Flight 93 to save others in the classic, American spirit.

God Bless and Keep their souls, and God Bless and keep their families safe and from all harm.