Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Freebies Defeat Freedom

So This Is How Democracy Dies

imagesThere’s going to be much written in the following days and weeks ahead as to why Mitt Romney lost the election, some of it will be written by me.

In fact, some of it already has.  In our post on October 22nd, we advised Governor Romney not to play it safe in the third and final Presidential debate and go directly after Obama on Benghazi.

As we watched in horror, Romney didn’t, and ended up agreeing with Obama on point, after point during the debate.  Where was the Mitt Romney from the first debate?

When the third debate was over I couldn’t help but think to myself “there goes the election.  Why would anyone vote for Obama-lite when they could just vote for Obama?”

Then Hurricane Sandy and the now infamous photo of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hugging Obama.  Many are already saying that one incident cost Romney the election.

I disagree.  Romney cost Romney the election.  In a horse race, betters look to find the horse with a winning edge, the “difference” between horses to determine who’ll win.  Romney’s performance during the third debate gave voters no reason to choose him.  Simply stated, there was no difference between the two as Romney sat and agreed with Obama on point after point.

Romney gave voters no reason to change horses because he and Obama looked the same during and after the third debate.

As I said back on October 22nd, Romney needed to not 'play it safe’ and take Obama out.  He failed.

We are living the results of Romney’s failure during that third debate now, and that means four more years of socialist/marxist policies with nothing more than an ineffective Republican House standing in the way.

What will we see for four more years?  Here’s a short list:

- Still higher energy prices as the EPA implements its radical agenda to shut down refineries and coal plants across the country.  The EPA had regulations ready to go in case Obama lost, but now there’s nothing stopping them from driving gasoline and electricity costs to new heights.

- Higher health care costs, now that Obamacare will be implemented.  My employer already announced that more costs are being shifted to us as a result of having to be compliant with Obamacare.

- Continued slow to no economic growth.  Keep watching the job numbers folks.  Specifically, watch the first time unemployment claims starting this month.  They’ll continue outpacing the cooked “jobs numbers” coming from the Obama Administration.

- College Graduates can look forward to continuing to work multiple part-time jobs, rather than having a good paying job in their field.

- Housing market collapse, part II.  Weak jobs market equals weak demand in housing.  Home builders were ramping up the last quarter preparing to build new homes anticipating higher growth, kiss that goodbye.

And those are just for starters folks.  So to those who voted for Obama, congratulations.  You voted for freebies over freedom.  The problem for you is, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to re-distribute.  That day is coming, sooner than you think.

That’s when those of us who did not vote for Obama will have the last laugh.

“So this is how Democracy dies … to thunderous applause.”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

I’ve Waited Four Long Years ….

I know I live in the People’s Socialist RepuliK of Illinois, and I know the idiots in this state are going to vote Obama, but I voted anyway today.

As I walked into the polling place, several election judges and poll watchers who knew me how I was doing today.  I responded “Good today, I’ll be MUCH better tomorrow!” (emphasis on “much.”)

One of the election judges asked me why that was, and since he knew me I’m sure he knew the response that was coming.  I replied “I’ve waited four long years to vote this idiot out of office, that’s why!”

Most folks waiting in line chuckled and nodded in agreement.  One black couple made it a point to give me their best “death stare” at which I said “it must really be tough to be an Obama voter today, knowing this state is going to be dwarfed by our neighbors voting for Romney!”

That was met with more chuckles and nods of approval.

The fact that there were absolutely ZERO Obama signs anywhere near the polling place should tell you my dear reader, of the type of area I live in.  Yes, there are Republican strongholds in Illinois, I live in one of them.

For that I’m grateful.

Today we vote.  Tomorrow, “he gone!”


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can Obama Steal Ohio?

Axelrod Has No Response To Romney Leading Early Voting

Could it be that Obama loses Ohio come election day?  Obama’s margin of victory in Ohio in 2008 came from disgruntled Republican’s who were not happy with the choice of John McCain as the nominee.

This time around, there’s more excitement for Mitt Romney, and a lot of disgruntled Democrats with Obama. 

Ohio this morning appears to be a virtual tie, can Romney pull it off?

If not, he has no path to electoral victory as Romney will need to win Florida, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Colorado to win electoral college. 

Florida and Virginia seem like “locks” for Romney if the polls are to be believed, Wisconsin and Colorado are dead heats.

48 hours to go!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Obama Years, Summarized

One Sentence Describes The Last Four Years

To say that Barack Hussein Obama is the most incompetent, inept President in history only scratches the surface.

Incompetence was just the beginning, it was followed by lies, more incompetence, cover-ups, and media blackouts followed by a willing con-conspirator media printing lie, after lie, after lie to cover-up the evil this President has inflicted on this country. 

Three days, it’s time for Obama to go.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Father Of Fallen Navy Seal Demands Answers

Charles Woods Believes White House Responsible for Son’s Death

Why Isn’t The Lamestream Media Talking to Charles Woods?

The father of a former Navy SEAL killed in the Libya terror attack on September 11th said U.S. officials who denied a request for help while the diplomatic compound in Benghazi was under attack "are murderers of my son."

Charles Woods was reacting to accounts by Fox News sources that a request from the CIA annex for backup was denied by U.S. officials.

His son, Tyrone Woods, was killed in the Sept. 11 assault.
"They refused to pull the trigger," Woods said. "Those people who made the decision and who knew about the decision and lied about it are murderers of my son."


Charles Woods on Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro

Personally, I think Mr. Woods is showing far too much respect for the lying, filthy scumballs that make up the Obama Administration, who really deserve no respect at all.


Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty Denied Help

CIA Operators Told To Stand Down Rather Than Help

Former Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were part of a small team who was at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When they and others heard the shots fired, they informed their higher-ups at the annex to tell them what they were hearing and requested permission to go to the consulate and help out. They were told to “stand down,” according to sources familiar with the exchange. Soon after, they were again told to “stand down.”

We also now know that an AC-130U Gunship was On-Scene in Benghazi, Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire:

The security officer had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support from a Specter gunship, which is commonly used by U.S. Special Operations forces to provide support to Special Operations teams on the ground involved in intense firefights. The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than four hours — enough time for any planes based in Sigonella Air base, just 480 miles away, to arrive. Fox News has also learned that two separate Tier One Special operations forces were told to wait, among them Delta Force operators.

Folks, if you’re not angry – you’re not an American.

Benghazi Isn’t Going Away

Despite Media Attention on Sandy, Terrorist Attacks That Killed Four American’s Remains In Focus

The San Diego Union Times has a blockbuster editorial (“You have the blood of an American Hero on your hands”) demanding answers to what really happened in Benghazi on Sept. 11th of this year.  The American people deserve an answer before the election, will the rest of the media follow suit and do their jobs, or will they continue to give Obama a pass?

Who told Navy Seals Ty Woods and Glen Doherty that they were “out of luck” in getting Air Support when they attempted to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens?  Who made the call that their lives were to be ‘sacrificed’?  What did Obama know, and when did he know it?

San Diego U-T Excerpt: (Read the rest )

What did President Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Why has the Obama administration kept changing its story about how Ambassador Chris Stevens, security officials Tyrone Woods of Imperial Beach and Glen Doherty of Encinitas, and information officer Sean Smith, who grew up in San Diego, died on Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya? Why won’t the mainstream media treat the incontrovertible evidence of the White House’s dishonesty and incompetence like the ugly scandal it obviously is?


Jerusalem Post: Benghazi Is The October Surprise

Why Aren’t Revealed eMails Reported in American Media?


We all know how it went, everyone from the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the Press Secretary Jay Carney, to the Director of National Security James Clapper and President Obama himself all were on the YouTube video bandwagon until the wheels fell off.

But as time has gone on, new bits and pieces have emerged. The information on the attack makes the deaths of the four Americans that much more senseless. Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs working under the State Department, were killed alongside information management officer Sean Smith and U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

Emails from Benghazi have surfaced showing that Obama, the FBI, CIA, the State Department, the military, as well as other intelligence offices within the government knew within two hours, that the attack on the Benghazi consulate had been carried out by terrorists.

A live feed of audio and video were being watched at the White House and now we find out from sources who were on the ground in Benghazi that the request from the CIA annex for military back-up during the attack on the U.S. consulate as well as the attack hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA command.

Two times the CIA operatives were told to “stand down” when they requested to go to the aid of the Ambassador and his team.

It has also come out that the 2 former SEALs who were murdered had gone against orders and rescued those who remained at the consulate along with the body of Sean Smith, who had been killed in the initial attack.

Read the rest at the Jerusalem Post



And Finally, Why Has The White House Classified All Video/Audio of Benghazi as “Top Secret?”

Sean Hannity was debating liberal Juan Williams Tuesday on the Benghazi massacre. Hannity revealed this on the audio tapes of Tyrone Woods begging for air support on 9-11,

“My sources tell me they’re pretty damning, Juan. They’re begging for help.”

Ty Woods was screaming over the air begging for air support.  There are no fewer than three tapes that the Obama White House is sitting on.  Rumors have it that at least two mainstream media outlets also have the tapes and are sitting on them also. 

If Obama gets re-elected, I hope the House of Representatives starts impeachments proceedings immediately.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Washington Post Turns on Obama

Lingering Questions About Benghazi

David Ignatius, Opinion Writer, Washington Post

Published: 30-October-2012 @ 6:17pm


The attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi has become a political football in the presidential campaign, with all the grandstanding and misinformation that entails. But Fox News has raised some questions about the attack that deserve a clearer answer from the Obama administration.

Fox’s Jennifer Griffin reported Friday that CIA officers in Benghazi had been told to “stand down” when they wanted to deploy from their base at the annex to repel the attack on the consulate, about a mile away. Fox also reported that the CIA officers requested military support when the annex came under fire later that night but that their request had been denied.

The Benghazi tragedy was amplified by Charles Woods, the father of slain CIA contractor Tyrone Woods. He told Fox’s Sean Hannity that White House officials who didn’t authorize military strikes to save the embattled CIA annex were “cowards” and “are guilty of murdering my son.”

The Fox “stand down” story prompted a strong rebuttal from the CIA: “We can say with confidence that the agency reacted quickly to aid our colleagues during that terrible evening in Benghazi. Moreover, no one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Election Of A Lifetime

A Time For Choosing II

If the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Navy Seals Ty Woods and Glen Doherty and another American aren’t on your radar, chances are you’re living in a cave. 

And if you don’t understand that we’re at a critical point in this Nation’s history, a Second Time For Choosing, then please – whatever you do, watch this video.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Ode To Obama

War, War, Everywhere.

Author: Unkonwn

War on women,
War on fuel,
War on America,
What are we to do?

Fast and Furious,
And Benghazi too.
Several are dead,
Because of you.

Splitting the country,
In more ways than one.
You won't be happy,
Until you have won.

Wasted tax dollars,
Right down the drain.
And you want more,
You are inflicting such pain.

On November the sixth,
I will cast my vote.
And I hope and pray,
This is far as it goes.

I am a proud veteran,
Who went to Viet Nam.
And I will not bury,
My head in the sand.

To "The Messiah" Obama,
You must go.
For the good of the country,
God please make it so.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photos From The Obama Apology Tour

CNN, ABC Cover For Obama Gets Blown Away

Here we have Obama bowing to a Saudi Prince:

Obama bows

Here we have Obama bowing to the Prime Minister of Japan:

Obama Bows 2

Here we have Obama bowing again …

Obama Bows 3

And here we have Obama bowing again …

Obama Bows 4

So now the question is: What kind of 1980’s drugs are they taking at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC?  While the lamestream media runs interference for Obama, we report the TRUTH.

But then again, the media is demonstrating WHY the public no longer trusts them.

Yes Mr. Obama–The American Military Does In Fact Use Horses & Bayonets In Combat

CNN Report From October, 2011 Proves Obama LIED Again!

In an article dated October 6th, 2011 Alex Quade in a report to CNN documented the American Miltary’s use of horses to lead the invasion in Afghanistan.


Quoting the article:

Demossville, Kentucky (CNN) -- The U.S. special operations teams that led the American invasion in Afghanistan a decade ago did something that no American military had done since the last century: ride horses into combat.

"It was like out of the Old Testament," says Lt. Col. Max Bowers, retired Green Beret, who commanded the three horseback teams.

"You expected Cecil B. DeMille to be filming and Charlton Heston to walk out."

Bowers spoke while sitting in the rural Kentucky studio of sculptor Douwe Blumberg, along with three of his former "horse soldiers."

They, along with 30 fellow commandos on horseback, are the inspiration for a new monument that Blumberg is creating, dedicated to the entire U.S. special operations community.

The statue above was erected at the site of the World Trade Center on Veterans Day in 2011.

There’s also a best selling book “Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of Us Soldiers Who Rode To Victory in Afghanistan.”  A new movie coming out soon by Jerry Bruckheimer is based on the best selling book. 

One last comment: Anyone who’s been in the US Army, or is a US Marine will also testify to the fact that yes, bayonets are used in today’s military.  They’re an important part of hand-to-hand combat training.  A REAL President would’ve known that.

So now, who’s the FOOL Mr. Obama, and who knows their military history? 

Free Clue: Obama is clueless once again.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Memo To Romney Campaign: Don’t Play It Safe

Obama’s Foreign Policy In Two Words: Negligence Kills

During the third and final Presidential debate, Mitt Romney has a once in a lifetime opportunity blow this campaign wide open if he successfully casts the Libyan Embassy attacks in their correct light: Obama’s negligence.

If Romney chooses to play it safe, he will doom his campaign to failure.  Rather, I say Mr. Romney should hold Mr. Obama accountable for his negligence before, during, and after the Libya Embassy attacks.  In an age where accountability seems to be missing, holding the current President accountable for his Administrations continual mis-steps on all things economic – and foreign relations would send a positive signal to Romney’s base, and the critical “swing voters” who are dying to see someone held accountable for the mess this country is in.

Obama’s negligence has resulted in the death of 4 American’s in Libya.  His subsequent dishonesty regarding what happened has the potential to impact the voting decisions of undecided low information voters. There will be millions of people watching on Monday night who have not been following this scandal closely and they want to know who is accountable. 

This is a key moment in the Romney and Obama campaigns.  Obama with Candy Crowley’s aid last week flat-out lied when he claimed he called the Libya Embassy Attacks “an act of terror.”  The record shows Mr. Obama said no such thing.  Now is the time for Mr. Romney to go for the kill, so to speak.  Playing it ‘safe’ would mean he sit’s back and hopes Obama doesn’t get lucky during the debate. 

Hillary Clinton made that mistake in 2008, Mr. Romney.  Are you listening?

Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Iowa are on the verge of swinging to Romney.  In these four states the race is within 1 point of swinging to Romney.  Momentum is on his side, is now the time to play it safe?

The choice Mr. Romney must make is to go aggressively after Obama and hold him accountable for both the lack of security in Benghazi, and the Obama Administration’s repeated failed attempts to paint what happened as anything other than a terrorist attack against America.

Ultimately the question of Libya is going to come up, whether Bob Schieffer asks the question or not.  Here’s how Mr. Romney should handle the situation:

First, Mr. Romney should state that what happened in Benghazi resulted in the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens, an act that has not occurred since the Carter Administration in 1979.

Second, Mr. Romney should state clearly that the issue continues to receive a lot of attention more than two months later as a direct result of the Obama Administration’s continued efforts to paint the issue as something other than a terrorist attack.  Name Al-Qaeda as the terrorist group responsible.

Third, state clearly that because the Obama Administration cannot seem to get the facts or its story straight, many American’s including many in the media believe that a cover-up has taken place.  Here Mr. Romney has any number of media published reports to back this claim:

CNN reported “On 9/12 and even before then, the CIA and other sources within the State Department made the administration aware that the attack was not related to any demonstration (there was no demonstration) and that attack was a terrorist attack”

On 9/12, President Obama gave a speech where he decried a youtube video, made a comment about 9/11/01, and made a generic comment that “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation”. Note that, contrary to the President’s contention in the last debate, he did NOT, during this speech specifically label the Benghazi attack a “terror attack”

The American people were led to believe by the President’s spokesperson Jay Carney, Susan Rice (during appearances on six Sunday TV shows the weekend of September 30th), the President himself and other surrogates that the attack resulted from a spontaneous demonstration stemming from a youtube video.  The President himself was asked several times, on television shows such as “The View” and the David Letterman show whether the attack was a terror attack. Obama flatly refused to say that it was.  Obama also blamed the You Tube video multiple times during his address to the United Nations on September 21st, never once saying it was a terrorist attack. 


Finally, Mr. Romney should state the number of security breaches that have occurred in the last 12 months in Libya.  I’m not going to suggest he specify the dates, there are too many.  The number is sufficient.  In citing the number of security breaches, Mr. Romney should also remind the President (as he turns, looks, and stares at Obama) that each and every September 11th, Embassies around the world have increased security. 

Then Mr. Romney should ask this question: Why didn’t Benghazi have additional protection on September 11th, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center?

The American people are demanding answers to these questions, rightfully so.  Obama’s “lead from behind” foreign policy strategy has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for America. 

Further, the “arab spring” that Mr. Obama has promoted has resulted in Islamic theocracies taking hold in Libya, Egypt and Syria is on the brink.  The muslim brotherhood has firm holds in all three and they are no friends to America. 

Mr. Obama also failed to encourage the peaceful turnover of Iran in the summer of 2009 when hundreds of thousands of students peacefully demonstrated for regime change, only to be shot dead in the streets while Mr. Obama looked the other way.

Will Mr. Romney go after Mr. Obama full-force on these issues? 

If he does, it’ll be game, set and match for Romney.

The American people are demanding accountability for these failures and Mr. Obama needs to be put on the hook for it.

Any way the American people look at Mr. Obama’s answers, he’ll be viewed as being dishonest at best, ignorantly incompetent at worst.  Obama simply cannot simply explain away the multitude of different answers he and members of his Administration have given on Libya.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Can Obama Buy The Election?

Expanding Welfare State Is Vote Buying

Obama's been buying this election for the last four years. He's been increasing welfare, made unemployment a "benefit" for two years, then boosting the number of people on disability by moving people from unemployment to Social Security Disability, drove up the number of people on food stamps by 18 million, and finding every way for the Government to sue Banks in order to buy time for people to stay in homes they never could afford and shouldn't have bought in the first place.

Yes, I call that BUYING an election, and it's a SHAME that this country has gone from one of rugged independence as Ronald Reagan once called it, to a WELFARE NATION in these past four years. It's time to UNDO the "change" that Obama forced upon this country via executive fiat and Democrat party rule.

 ENOUGH! It's time this country got back to living within its means, had a budget (like the rest of us do) and learned to priortize its spending (again, like the rest of us do!)

This nonsense of expanding the Welfare State and creating an Entitlement Society these past four years is NOT what this country was EVER supposed to be. Our founding fathers revolted over far less than this Administration has done to this country and I really wonder if Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Henry and the rest were alive today if they'd recognize this country. I don't believe they would and I'm sure they'd be damn' upset at what the American people let this country become. I know I sure am.

I don't believe in paying for people who REFUSE to get up off their lazy asses and find a job. These are the people who insist on using the power of the Federal Government to stick their hands in my paycheck and demand I support them. I've no use for these people and I want the wealth re-distribution that's happening in this country to stop feeding them. Let them go hungry, when they get hungry enough they'll get off their lazy asses and get a job. No, I don't feel sorry for these folks at all because I happen to personally know a few people just like this and because of their behavior I refuse to have anything to do with them any longer.

I know PLENTY of people who lost good paying jobs and didn't sit on their asses and stick their hands out waiting for the Government to help them. Rather, they took what they could find, often times taking two or three jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the family table. Some of them had to change careers and take lesser paying jobs, and now work 'side jobs' to fill their income gaps. Others went from really good paying jobs to several barely above minimum wage jobs and are really struggling just to meet their basic bills and have given up much. These are the people I pray for. These are the people I really don't mind giving a hand UP until the economy recovers. These people are doing everything in their power to take care of themselves and really don't want to depend on you and I in any way, so they can make ends meet. These are the folks who reluctantly and with much humility may accept some help. These people are GRATEFUL to God for the help they receive. These people will, when they're back on their feet and have the means to do so, REMEMBER what was done for them and do that for someone else. THESE folks I personally know, and I'm honored and privilidged to know folks of such character and integrity.

And then there are the small number of folks who really and truly cannot help themselves. No, they're not the lazy welfare queens who get their free Obamaphones and have baby after baby to increase their monthly welfare checks. These are the folks who've suffered some of life's greatest tragedies and have physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from holding any meaningful employment. They may be our Veterans who've come back from war and lost limbs or suffered tramatic brain injury, or worse have lost their lives and left families with small children behind. To these, this country owes a debt of obligation to make sure these families suffer no more.

Others may have been born with a disability or become disabled and can no longer take care of themselves. This is a very small number of folks and I believe a compassionate society should help take care of them as well. Unfortunately, the term "disabled" has been so grossly expanded by this administration it now includes those who haven't been able to find work for more than two years, and folks - you and I know that ain't right.

I'm not rich, and yet somehow between all state and federal taxes (including Federal Income Tax) I now pay almost 60% of my income in the form of taxes and I'm not making anywhere near $250,000 - in fact I make alot LESS!!! And yet, there are those in this country who believe they are somewhow ENTITLED to more of my paycheck. It makes me SICK when I see these welfare queens and kings driving a better car than I do, and with an Apple iPhone in their hands when my own vehicle is approaching 11 years old and my own personal phone is over 8 years old.

How is this "right" in this country when the MOOCHERS are living better than those of us who get up and go to work every day? Especially when some of us are working two and three jobs to make ends meet?No, it's not right, the entire country is upside down right now. It's time to put it back to the way it SHOULD be.

Now, some are going to read this and get upset and call me a racist or any number of things because I disagree with Obama and use terms like "welfare queen" and "welfare king" do describe those who abuse our social safety nets. That's too bad, more than likely you're part of the problem, or support the policies that are ruining this country. Frankly, I don't care about you.

What I do care about are those who read these words and are finding themselves nodding in agreement. To you I have one thing to say: Get out and vote and make damn' sure you vote for Romney-Ryan. That is step #1 in turning this country around.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitt Romney At The Al Smith Dinner

Slices & Dices Obama To The Delight Of Those Attending

Mitt Romney Slices & Dices Obama

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the next President of the United States of America!

Obama’s Web Of Lies About Libya

More Evidence of Deception

Jennifer Rubin in this morning’s Washinton Post asks the same question we asked Wednesday morning, after the second Presidential Debate: Which lie are we to believe, Mr. President?

Is the media finally turning on Obama?  Obama cannot spin his way out of the web of lies he’s tried to weave in the last week and now his own words, and the words of his own Press Spokesman Jay Carney are coming back to haunt him.

Clearly Obama misled at best, lied at worst to the American people with his claim Tuesday evening that he labeled the attacks on the Libyan Embassy an “act of terror” on the evening of Sept. 11th.

If in fact Obama called it “terrorism” that evening, then why was there not any subsequent releases from the White House press office calling it terrorism?

In fact, for twenty days after the attacks, Jay Carney the White House press spokesman refused to call it terrorism:

On September 20 — eight days after Obama claims to have called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror” Jay Carney told reporters during a daily press briefing that the White House had never called it “a terrorist attack.”

From report pool coverage on Air Force One, en route to Miami, 9/20/2012:

Q: Can you — have you called it a terrorist attack before? Have you said that?
MR. CARNEY: I haven’t, but — I mean, people attacked our embassy. It’s an act of terror by definition.
Q: Yes, I just hadn’t heard you —
MR. CARNEY: It doesn’t have to do with what date it occurred.
Q: No, I just hadn’t heard the White House say that this was an act of terrorism or a terrorist attack. And I just —

MR. CARNEY: I don’t think the fact that we hadn’t is not — as our NCTC Director testified yesterday, a number of different elements appear to have been involved in the attack, including individuals connected to militant groups that are prevalent in eastern Libya, particularly in the Benghazi area. We are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al Qaeda or al Qaeda’s affiliates, in particular al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Here we have Jay Carney confirming Mitt Romney’s position during the debate on Tuesday evening that the White House did not call the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism.  In fact, Carney said the “You Tube video” was the cause of the “protests” in Libya the day before.

So now the question we asked the other day: Which lie are we to believe, Mr. Obama?  The lie in which you claimed you labeled it an “act of terror” or the lie in which you told for the following two weeks that it was a “spontaneous reaction” by muslims protesting an anti-muslim video?

Or perhaps Mr. Obama, you never labeled it an “act of terror” the evening of September 12th and lied directly to voters Tuesday night during the debates.

None of these positions is a good place for Obama to be, and he’s boxed himself in just days before the final Presidential debate – on Foreign Affairs no less.


But wait, there’s yet another problem with Obama’s answer from Tuesday night:  (From the debate transcript)

“So as soon as we found out that the Benghazi Consulate was being overrun, I was on the phone with my national security team, and I gave them three instructions. Number one, beef up our security and — and — and procedures not just in Libya but every embassy and consulate in the region. Number two, investigate exactly what happened, regardless of where the facts lead us, to make sure that folks are held accountable and it doesn’t happen again. And number three, we are going to find out who did this, and we are going to hunt them down, because one of the things that I’ve said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with Americans, we go after them”

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace (Oct. 14th) just two days prior to the debate David Axelrod was directly asked if there was an actual meeting of the National Security Council.  Axelrod refused repeatedly to answer the question. 

Given Barack Hussein Obama was on Air Force One early that morning flying to Las Vegas for a fundraiser it’s highly unlikely such a meeting ever occurred. Surely if there was, Axelrod would’ve answered “yes” to Chris Wallace’s repeated questions.

Further, if actually did as he said in his statement during the debate (quoted above) then why was the Embassy left un-secured for more than a week afterwards, during which CNN was able to enter the embassy and steal Ambassador Chris Steven’s diary?

Did Obama make himself “perfectly clear” when he gave his instructions – or did he in fact never give those instructions at all?

Folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS LYING TO YOU.  Further, he’s the most inept, incompetent, WEAK President this country has ever had, period.

The more we learn about the Libyan Embassy tragedy in which United States Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American’s lost their lives, the more incompetent and downright dishonest we discover Obama really is.

And finally, this Reuters report suggests the administration was entirely unprepared for the 9-11 attacks.:

In the months before the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya, U.S. and allied intelligence agencies warned the White House and State Department repeatedly that the region was becoming an increasingly dangerous vortex for jihadist groups loosely linked or sympathetic to al Qaeda, according to U.S. officials.
Despite those warnings, and bold public displays by Islamist militants around Benghazi, embassies in the region were advised to project a sense of calm and normalcy in the run-up to the anniversary of the September 11 attacks in the United States.

So the Obama Administration was caught completely unprepared, and when the TERRORIST ATTACKS occurred it went into damage control mode.  There was NO EFFORT to find the truth, rather all efforts have been to COVER UP the truth.

This folks, is the full exposure of the web of LIES the Obama Administration has woven on the Libyan Embassy tragedy, and if one cares to look hard enough, they’ll find a similar WEB OF LIES around everything Obama touches.

I cannot wait until I wake up the morning of November 7th with the knowledge that Obama’s days in office are dramatically reduced when I hear the words “President Elect Romney.”

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twitter Explodes With Romney Assassination Threats

Proof Romney Won The Debate

As if the threats against Mitt Romney’s life didn’t flow from Twitter after the last Presidential debate, last night Twitter literally exploded with a fountain of hate towards the Republican Presidential Candidate – and now front-runner in the Presidential race.

Now, if these were Conservatives making threats against Obama, tweets such as those below would be front page news and Obama’s security would be increased ten-fold.

If you don’t believe that, just look at the over-reaction by the Obama White House and Secret Service after some folks hung empty chairs from tree’s to voice support for Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech.

The media’s silence at these vicious attacks against Romney via Twitter I guess should be expected.  After all, these were the same folks that panned the peaceful Tea Party rally’s calling them racist while backing the Occupy Wall Street movement which was fraught with crime (murder, rape, robberies – all reported.)

Here’s an example of what passes for “tweets” last night during and after the Presidential debate.  Mind you, these were not ‘fake’ accounts or recently established accounts, each one listed below has thousands and tens of thousand of ‘tweets’ attributed to their Twitter nic’s.

after the debate, and more continued to flood in this morning, including the following;

Notice folks, that the pictures of these “tweeters” seem to represent both black and white American’s, so this issue appears to not have race attached, I’m willing to bet though that these are the 47% stead-fast Obama supporters.

It’s gonna be a bitch come November 7th when these idiots wake up and have to find jobs.

Bring it.

Obama Loses All Credibility In Second Debate

Admit's He Knew Terrorists Attacked Libyan Consulate Within Hours

Last night was a historic moment in terms of Presidential Debates.  A sitting President admitted that he flat-out lied to the American Public in the wake of the Libyan Consulate attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans.

Obama clearly stated in his response to the Libya question that he knew within hours of the attacks that terrorists were responsible.  His statement literally brought the debate to a halt for a moment.

Now, based on Obama's own statement that he knew that evening it was a terrorist attack:
  • Why did he fly off to Las Vegas the very next day to attend a fund raiser?
  • Why did he spend three full weeks mis-leading the American people citing an anti-muslim You Tube video as being responsible for the attacks?
  • Why, rather than gather intelligence as quickly as possible did Obama jet off to appear on "The View" and "David Letterman" rather than getting to the work of finding those responsible for teh attacks?
  • Why did Obama stand in front of the United Nations, apologize to muslims and again, blame a You Tube video for the attacks?
Obama has zero credibility on this issue.  Obama also sent representatives of his administration onto every Sunday Morning talking-heads show to repeat the claims that a You Tube video was responsible for the attacks, further denying that terrorists had killed four Americans.

It gets worse.

During the VP debates, Joe Biden stated repeatedly that he and Obama had no knowledge that this was a terrorist attack, nor any knowledge of the repeated requests for beefed up security at the Libyan Consulate.

Which lie are we supposed to believe here?  They knew or they didn't?  Obama knew it as a terrorist attack or he didn't?

The record now shows by Obama's own words that he knew it was a terrorist attack within hours of it happening.  Yet, he jet setted off to every campaign event on his schedule, and deliberately misled the American people as to the cause of the attacks and the fact that the Obama Administration itself is responsible for not beefing up security ahead of September 11th, as is done every year.

Obama has as much credibility here as an alcoholic who says he'll stop drinking as soon as he finishes the next bottle of booze.  As much as we know the alcoholic will break his promise and keep drinking, Obama's going to keep lying about Libya.

Neither the drunk, nor Obama have any credibility.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Buck Stops At Hillary

What Dirty Laundry Does Obama Have on Clintons?

Today, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the fall for the lack of security at the Libyan Embassy, which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, and four other American’s, two of which were former US Navy Seals, who were not attached to Ambassador Steven’s Security Detail, but took up arms to protect him when Libyan Security cut and ran in the face of the attack. 

Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods

Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods – US Navy Seals

Clinton took the fall this evening during an interview with CNN’s Elise Labott soon after she arrived in Lima, Peru for a visit.  The interview, one of several given to US television networks tonight were the first she has given since the attacks.

During the interviews, Clinton insisted that Obama and Biden had no knowledge of the security situation and were not involved in security decisions.  Clinton came forth today citing the desire to “avoid some kind of political gotcha” adding “this close to the election.”

That’s disingenuous, and mighty convenient for Obama on the eve before the second debate.  Coincidence?  I think not.

One has to wonder: just what kind of dirty laundry does Obama have on the Clinton’s, for Hillary to take the political fall?  Is it possible that Obama’s Chicago-machine has more juice than the Clinton’s famous dirty tricks campaign?

The Clinton’s are masters at playing the political dirty laundry game, to see them one-upped like this makes me stop and wonder.

After all, what would make Hillary throw away her own designs on the White House in 2016?  Especially when Bill’s out playing Obama’s surrogate on the campaign trail.

Surely taking the fall for the deaths of Stevens and four other American’s in Libya puts an end to any future bid for the White House, and I can’t imagine Hillary Clinton, perhaps the world’s most power-hungry woman taking the fall for this tragedy unless someone had the goods on her.

Think about it: here we are more than a month after the terrorist attacks on the Libyan Embassy and only now Hillary Clinton comes forward with the admission she, and she alone screwed up?

Are we seriously supposed to buy this? 

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t.  Something stinks to high heaven here, and I for one hope Mitt Romney presses the matter during tomorrow’s Presidential Debate.  There’s just no way this President can be allowed to once again “pass the buck” and blame others for his negligence.

Not when 5 American’s died because of it.

If Hillary’s going to take responsibility for the lack of security around the Libyan Embassy, then who in the Obama Administration is going to step up and take responsibility for Obama claiming as recently as last week that a You Tube video was responsible for the attack?

Well, Mr. President?  We’re waiting.

Breaking: Secret Video To Be Released Before 2nd Debate?

Rumors Swirl About October Surprise

Rumors are swirling around Washington DC this morning that a 'secret videotape' is about to be released ahead of the second Presidential Debates tomorrow night.

What will this secret videotape have?

Many think it'll be a bombshell against the Romney campaign - a "follow-up" to his "47%" comments from late September.

I have another theory: There has been a longstanding reward for any videotape showing Obama attending a fundraiser held by a muslim group that has ties to a terrorist organization.

If that video doesn't break today or tomorrow ahead of the debate, then the question becomes: will it break before or after the third schedule debate - if that videotape exists at all?

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

White House Cover-Up Of Libya Embassy Attacks Unravels

Media Finally Reports Truth, Turns on Obama

Folks, we just can’t make this stuff up.  Here we have the video proof of an absolutely damn’ing incrimination against the Obama White House and State Department.

This video, a compilation of media reports in date sequence details the unraveling of the LIES the Obama Administration told in the wake of the Libya Embassy attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, and three other Americans – one a Navy Seal.

The facts as you are about to learn are clear: The Obama White House and State Department knew within mere hours after the attacks that Al Qaeda terrorists were behind them, yet they told the lie for weeks afterwards that an anti-islamic You Tube video was responsible.

What did the President know, and when did he know it?  That’s the question.  The answers are crystal clear in this video.

Folks, who in their right minds would send the most incompetent, inept liar Obama back to the White House after the November elections? 

Not me!

If you think the video above is taking events out of sequence, here’s a fully sourced timeline of the events that led up to the attacks, and the Obama Administration and State Department’s responses afterwards.

Again, FULLY SOURCED with media links.  This timeline was compiled thanks in large part to the lamestream media who’s finally doing their jobs and stitching together the true story.

What Obama Knew & When He Knew It

To help our readers follow the path to tragedy on September 11 and its aftermath, below is a chronology of key events:

April 6: IED thrown over the fence of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

April 11: Gun battle erupts between armed groups two-and-a-half miles from the U.S. Consulate, including rocket-propelled grenades.

April 27: Two South African contractors are kidnapped by armed men, released unharmed.

May 1: Deputy Commander of U.S. Embassy Tripoli’s Local Guard Force is carjacked, beaten, and detained by armed youth.

May 1: British Embassy in Tripoli is attacked by a violent mob and set on fire. Other NATO embassies attacked as well.

May 3: The State Department declines a request from personnel concerned about security at the U.S. Embassy in Libya for a DC-3 plane to take them around the country.

May 22: Two rocket-propelled grenades are fired at the Benghazi office of the International Committee of the Red Cross, less than 1 mile from the U.S. Consulate.

June 6: A large IED destroys part of the security perimeter of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Creates hole “big enough for 40 men to go through.”

June 10: A car carrying the British ambassador is attacked in Tripoli. Two bodyguards injured.

Late June: The building of the International Red Cross attacked again and closed down, leaving the U.S. flag as the only international one still flying in Benghazi, an obvious target.

August 6: Armed assailants carjack a vehicle with diplomatic plates operated by U.S. personnel.

September 8: A local security officer in Benghazi warns American officials about deteriorating security.

September 11: Protesters attack the U.S. Cairo embassy. U.S. Embassy releases statement and tweets sympathizing with Muslim protesters/attackers.

September 11: U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya is attacked, Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans are killed.

September 12: Secretary Clinton and President Obama issue statements condemning both the video and the attacks.

September 12: U.S. intelligence agencies have enough evidence to conclude a terrorist attack was involved.

September 13: Press Secretary Jay Carney condemns video and violence at a news conference.

September 14: Carney denies Administration had “actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.”

September 14: The bodies of slain Americans return to Andrews Air Force Base. President Obama again blames the YouTube video.

September 16: U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appears on Sunday talk shows and says the attacks were provoked by the video, exclusively.

September 16: Libyan President Mohamed Magarief says, “no doubt that this [attack] was preplanned, predetermined.”

September 17: State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland refuses to call attacks an act of terror.

September 19: CNN reports having found Ambassador Stevens’s diary, which indicates concern about security threats in Benghazi.

September 19: Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Matthew Olsen tells Congress the attack in Libya was “terrorism.”

September 20: Carney tries to back up Olsen, says it was “self-evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.”

September 20: Obama refuses to call attack terrorism, citing insufficient information.

September 21: Secretary of State Clinton, at meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister, says, “What happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.”

September 25: On ABC’s “The View,” Obama says, “we don’t have all of the information yet so we are still gathering.”

September 25: To the U.N. assembly, Obama blames “A crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world.”

September 26: Libya’s Magarief on the “Today” show says, “It was a preplanned act of terrorism directed against American citizens.”

September 26: Published reports show U.S. Intel agencies and the Obama Administration knew within 24 hours that al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist were involved.

September 27: Innocence of Muslims filmmaker Mark Basseley Youseff (aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) is arrested and denied bail on the charges of “probation violation.”

September 28: Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, Jr., issues a statement backing the Obama Administration’s changing story about the Libyan attack. Says facts are evolving.

October 2: Carney declines to comment on reported requests from diplomats in Libya for additional security, citing the State Department’s internal investigation.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obama To Allow U.N. To Tax American Citizens in Second Term


Dick Morris


Obama 2012It should come as no surprise that President Obama will raise taxes if he is re-elected.  But here’s the shocker: He will invite the United Nations to tax Americans directly.  And the proceeds would go directly to the Third World.  In this way, Barack Obama will, indeed, realize the dreams of his father.

Here is what we say in "Black Helicopters" that Obama, Hillary, and the UN are planning for us:

  • A “Robin Hood” tax on financial transactions.  Every time you buy or sell a stock or a bond or exchange money while travelling, you’d be hit with a financial transactions tax (a percentage of your transaction) that would go to the UN.
  • A global tobacco tax with the funds to flow to the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • A UN-imposed tax on billionaires all over the world. And don’t delude yourself for a moment that it is only the 1600 current billionaires who will be hit.  Once the precedent of a UN tax on US citizens is approved, it will gradually grow downwards to cover more and more Americans.  Again the funds will go to the UN.
  • Under the Law of the Sea Treaty – up for Senate ratification in December of the lame duck session – offshore oil and gas wells would have to pay a proportion of their revenues to the International Seabed Authority, a UN-sponsored organization, which would distribute the loot to the third world.
  • A carbon tax on all U.S. or other foreign commercial or passenger aircraft flying to Europe.  Nominally to fight climate change, these revenues would also go to the third world.
  • A mandatory assessment to be imposed on the U.S. to compensate third world nations for the costs of reducing their carbon output.
  • These taxes are, of course, only the first steps.  Once the principle is established of UN taxation of American citizens, the sky is the limit.

Is there any organizations less worthy of our trust to spend our money wisely than the United Nations?

And where would the money go?  To so-called less developed countries.  The taxes are part of a global plan of redistribution of wealth from the Northern Hemisphere (US, Europe, Japan) to the Southern Hemisphere (Latin America, Africa, and South Asia)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Obama Support Collapsing in Illinois

Tied in Congressional District He Won by 23 Points in ‘08.  Is Illinois in Play?


Editor’s Note: The Author of this blog lives in Will County, IL.  A “Collar County of Cook County, IL and Chicago.  The author, Mike Flynn of has his facts in order in the story below.  There are NO Obama signs in my Congressional District.  There are a plethora of Romney-Ryan signs with new ones popping up daily.


Back in August, a poll showed Obama with just a 12-point lead over Romney in Cook County, Illinois. While he posted a huge lead in the city of Chicago, the poll found him actually losing to Romney in suburban Cook County. It was a shock that I set aside as an outlier.

A new poll of Illinois' 10th Congressional District, which includes parts of Cook County, however, suggests the August poll might not be such an aberration. The poll, from WeAskAmerica, finds Obama with just a 2 point lead over Romney, 47-45 in the suburban district. Obama won the district in 2008 by 23 points.

I know the district well. It is affluent, with high levels of education, and very socially liberal. Voters there take pride in being politically "moderate" and wear the label as a badge of honor. Since the 1980s, the district has been represented by a Republican in Congress, but not by anyone who could be mistaken for a conservative. Al Gore and John Kerry both carried the district comfortably in 2000 and 2004. And, in 2008, Obama won over 61% of the vote in the district.

Last year, during redistricting, the Democrats in Illinois made the district even more Democrat, looking to unseat freshman GOP Congressman Bob Dold. In this poll, Dold leads his opponent by 2 points, 47-45. It should be noted that this poll was conducted before last night's debate, so the surprising results don't reflect Obama's lackluster performance in Denver.

Obama's performance in this district in 2008 was emblematic of the appeal he had then to moderates and independents. No Democrat had ever come close to posting the kind of vote he got here. It was also an enormous source of campaign donations for his election. Being essentially tied with Romney, and under the 50% threshold, shows the greatly diminished appeal he has to independents.

"For Mr. Obama to be in a statistical tie in an area that he won by around 20 points in 2008 truly reveals the failure of his Presidency," said Illinois-based political consultant Paul Miller. "The economy is undoubtedly the key factor, but in suburbs with a large Jewish population, his treatment of Israel is also taking its toll."

There is a sizable Jewish vote in the district. It could account for the rising dissatisfaction with Obama here. Also a factor could be the lack of leadership from Illinois' Democrat legislative leaders, who dominate state government and are quickly bankrupting the state. The state's debt level has exploded and recent massive tax hikes have done nothing to plug the state's gaping budget deficits.

I should note that the sample in the poll is evenly split between GOP and Dem voters. That may be a bit generous to the GOP, but even this can't explain the collapse in Obama's numbers here. A drop of more than 20 points one month out from the election is damning for Obama. Of course, the poll also deliberately oversampled women. They make up around 65% of the poll's universe. Given the purported advantage Obama has with women voters, his margin in this poll should be considerably higher.

Miller continued: "Unfortunately for the GOP, they wrote off Illinois before the campaign season began. Considering that President Obama may under-perform by a large percentage, and that his numbers in Cook County are not nearly as strong as they were four years ago, Illinois could have been in play. It may not be too late to make Illinois purple."

Given the state of the GOP in Illinois, I'm not certain Romney could have made Illinois competitive this year. Certainly, Obama continues to have the edge in his adopted home state. But, among the base of some of his core supporters, the thrill is clearly gone.


Another Green Energy Disaster for Obama

Plant That Received $150 Million Closing

OBAMA/Here’s another disaster for the Obama Administration’s “Green Energy” plans.  A Michigan hybrid batter plant that was built with $150 million taxpayer dollars is laying off workers before a single battery has even been produced at the plant.

In 2010 when Obama himself announced the loans, he touted them as being evidence that “manufacturing jobs are coming back to America.”  Two years later, before a single battery has been produced, the plant is closing.

Workers at the Compact Power manufacturing facilities in Holland, Mich., run by LG Chem, have been placed on rotating furloughs, working only three weeks per month based on lack of demand for lithium-ion cells.

The facility, which was opened in July 2010 with a groundbreaking attended by Obama, has yet to produce a single battery for the Chevrolet Volt, the troubled electric car from General Motors.

Production of the taxpayer-subsidized Volt has been plagued by work stoppages, and the effect has trickled down to companies and plants that build parts for it -- including the batteries.

Gee, how about the fact that no one wants a Chevy Volt and that GM has literally shuttered the plant that makes the Volt?

The thing is here folks is that electric car batteries don’t perform much better than they did 100 years ago.  Electric Cars were invented almost 105 years ago now, and in 105 years research has not managed to figure out how to efficiently store energy in compact batteries to make electronic cars viable. 

It’s also a fact that until hundreds of millions of dollars of TAXPAYER money was poured into  them, lithium ion batteries for cars were dead technology.  Private investors had given up on electric cars decades ago having not been able to conquer the battery storage issues plagued by vehicles such as the Volt.

The result?  Obama picked another Green Energy LOSER, at taxpayer expense.

Source: Fox Business News

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Now That Romney’s Kicked Obama’s Ass …

Shining The Light On Obama’s “Green Way of Life” Agenda

In this video, Barack Hussein Obama says he’s for an “all the above” energy policy, but watch carefully as his EPA appointee’s describe the REAL policy, which is to eliminate all coal fired electricity plants and to CRUCIFY any energy company that doesn’t tow the EPA line.

Obama likes to say that the Romney that DESTROYED him in Colorado during the first Presidential debate wasn’t the “Real Romney.”

Well folks, here’s the REAL Obama Energy Agenda.

Watch and be horrified at what awaits you should Obama get re-elected.

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Romney Schools Obama

In this video, watch how Mitt Romney completely schools Barack Hussein Obama on just how bad the Obama economy is.


Grossly Misleading Jobless Rate: 7.8%

What Kind Of Math Is This?

Let’s get serious about the jobless rate here for just a minute.

Number of “new jobs created” in September:  114,000

Number of first-time jobless claims in September:  367,000 (Week ending Sept. 28th)

The average weekly first time jobless claims in September averaged over 360,000 which means in September, 1,440,000 people lost their jobs and had to find a new one.

Does it stand to reason to anyone with a functioning brain that the unemployment rate could “drop” three-tenths of a percent with those numbers?

It’s mathematically impossible!


A look at the Labor Force Participation Rate tells the TRUE STORY behind the 7.8% number.  Our economy is at an ALL TIME LOW in the percentage of working age adults that have full-time employment.

Since January of 2009, the Labor Force Participation Rate which the Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains shows that the rate has steadily declined under Obama! 


Under Obama, the Labor Force Participation Rate, which was at record high’s under Bush  have fallen to historic lows under Obama!

Who’s to blame for that?  Obama and his FAILED ECONOMIC POLICIES, THAT”S WHO!

I think most American’s with a reasonably functioning brain, capable of doing basic math can see how Obama’s been DESTROYING our economy and driving people out of the work force to artificially deflate the unemployment numbers!

Great spin, if one can pull it off – but the DATA shows Obama and his policies to be an abysmal failure.

Now here’s the truth about the stellar “job creation” the Associated Pravda (I meant “Press”) is telling about the economy:

It's now being reported that the economy created 114,000 jobs.

That's 114,000 across all 50 states.

That's 2,280 jobs per state. (114,000 / 50)

That's 570 jobs per week, per state. (2280 / 4 weeks)

What does that mean for the average job seeker?  There are only 81 jobs per day, per state are being created under the Obama economy.

Yeah, I guess I don't blame Obama for not wanting to talk about the economy during the debate the other night!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BREAKING: Obama Video from 2007 Released

The Daily Caller has the full forty minute video posted on their website, what’s posted below is a side-by-side comparison of Obama in 2007 speaking in glowing terms about his friend Jeremiah Wright, and then in 2008 where he says he condemn’s him.

Which Obama do we believe?  (Either one ain’t good folks.)


If You’re Wondering Where “Free Checking” Went …

One year ago today, Senator Dick Durbin (D. IL) introduced and passed the “Durbin Amendment” to the Dodd-Frank “Wall Street Reform Consumer Protection Act” which was allegedly designed to protect banking consumers from high fees on debit card transactions.

As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and as per usual, Democrats have once again managed to screw consumers as a result.

As Dodd-Frank has kicked in over the last year, many banks have had to find other ways to make up for the fee’s they previously obtained from debit card customers.

The result: the end of “free checking” as banking consumers across America knew it.

Today, less than 40% of banks offer any form of “free checking”, the majority of them are non-interest bearing. 

If free checking was an animal, it’d be on the endangered species list.

The problem for Democrats on this one is that they cannot claim they didn’t know this was going to happen.  Banking CEO after Banking CEO testified before Congress ahead of the passing of Dodd-Frank that “free checking accounts” among other services would be casualties of the law.

The Bankers were right, and the Democrat Controlled Senate, House and White House passed it anyway.

Happy Birthday Dodd-Frank!

Monday, October 1, 2012

What An Obama Second Term Looks Like

Think Romney = Obama?  Think Again

I’m really sick and tired of reading sites like FreeRepublic who tout themselves as a “Conservative” and “small Government” website yet seem to be working directly for re-electing Obama.

You may think that a little harsh, I assure you it is not.  The owner of FreeRepublic, Jim Robinson has openly stated on “his forum” that he believes Romney is no different than Obama, therefore he refuses to vote for Romney or the “GOP-e” candidate as Romney’s been termed.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so rather than try and argue with the voices of discontent that seem to infest a once great truly Conservative, small-Government website as FreeRepublic used to be I thought I’d simply write about what an Obama Second Term would look like. 

In no particular order:

Death Panels.  Some say they’re already in place with the $700 billion dollar cuts in Medicare.  I say, wait until 2013 when they’re actually put in place and we start seeing grandma and grandpa denied even basic care as the “cost savings efforts” kick in.

$4 TRILLION in new taxes – on top of those already instituted by ObamaCare.  401K’s, pension benefits, and medical benefit’s that many employee’s enjoy will now be TAXED.  The Bush Tax Cuts will be allowed to expire, and Obama will raise marginal rates across the board – on everyone.  Think his “tax the rich” mantra wasn’t meant for you?  Think again.  Obama has to tax the middle-class to reach his “revenue targets” because that’s where the money is!

Traditional marriage – trashed – at the Federal Level.  Executive Order legalizing homosexual marriage in all 50 states.  Sure, the EO will be un-Constitutional … won’t it?  Doubtful given the current make-up of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Robert’s desire to “de-politicize” the court.

Religious Liberty.  Gone.  Another EO will order all Churches to perform gay marriage or lose their tax-exempt status. 

“Hate Speech” and “Hate Crimes” will become “racist thought crimes.”  I really don’t think I need to expand on this one do I?  If you’ve ever been called a “racist!” for simply disagreeing with Obama – you know exactly what I mean.

Abortion. Celebrated.  No longer will it be a national shame that more than 48 million unborn children have been aborted.  All women will be given “free” contraceptives (thank you Sandra Fluk, you slut) and “free” day-after abortion inducing pills for when contraception fails.

The greatest expansion of the Welfare State since it’s inception.  Not content with “free” ObamaPhones our favorite urbanite welfare queens and kings will get free computers and internet access to “bridge the digitial divide between rich and poor.”  Yes, you and I will be paying for all welfare recipients to get porn on the internet. 

$6+ gasoline is on the horizon as the Obama led EPA continues to shut down refineries across America while oil companies continue to move crude OUT of the United States to sell in other countries for higher profits.

Higher Energy Bills as the Obama EPA shuts down more coal-fired electric plants in the US without the necessary capacity to replace them.  Brown-outs will become normal, as will rolling outages as “smart meters” are forced on every American home-owner so the Power Companies and the Government can monitor your electricity usage and then tell you that you’re using “too much.”

More bailouts for Chrysler and General Motors.  GM’s already defaulting on their payments back to US Taxpayers.  Chrysler is headed down the same road as the economy hits the skids again.  Durable good’s orders such as cars, appliances and other long-term goods are already plummeting.  If the Union’s didn’t rape the American taxpayer last time around – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Small business owners will see ‘marginal’ tax rates of 43% – 48% in 2013 as the Bush Tax Cuts expire.  That’s ok though, Obama says they’ve made enough money.  Wait until Obama finds out small business owners can’t hire anyone without profits.

“Too Big to Fail” will get worse.  Five major banks in this country already control nearly 60% of all consumer retail checking and savings accounts.  Banking consolidation, driven by Dodd-Frank will force small community banks and smaller regional banks to merge or be acquired by larger banks, further taking control of consumer retail checking and savings.  This will result in higher fee’s for all banking consumers and likely less credit as banks try to wring out all the expense they can to protect profit.

A military weaker than the Carter era.  $400 billion in military spending cuts will dramatically curtail America’s ability to protect its interests and allies globally.  This may make Ron Paul and his Paul-tard supporters happy but the reality is a weak America means chaos around the world.  Just look at China and Japan getting ready to go to war; Iran threatening to vaporize Israel on a daily basis; China imposing trade agreements around the world while America has negotiated ZERO under Obama; a resurgent Russia led by Vladimir Putin, exercising his political muscle against the Euro-Zone.  If it feels like World War III is getting ready to break out, that’s because it is.

And yet, our “conservative”, “small government” friends at Free Republic somehow think that Obama is a better alternative to Romney, and are actively working to trash the Romney campaign whilst feigning ignorance of the consequences. 

Perhaps it’s time FreeRepublic changed its name to something more suitable like Freakin'Retards.  We’ll have idiots like you to thank if the worst President ever elected gets a second term.