Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Election Of A Lifetime

A Time For Choosing II

If the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Navy Seals Ty Woods and Glen Doherty and another American aren’t on your radar, chances are you’re living in a cave. 

And if you don’t understand that we’re at a critical point in this Nation’s history, a Second Time For Choosing, then please – whatever you do, watch this video.

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Unknown said...

YOU MUST BE devastated as I was after the election. Superb blogspot with great information and so well designed. I have had it and have become active beyond the computer to change the direction of the dictatorial, control freak who is destroying our constitution.
Just this morning I decides to get a Tweet name and decided on Nobamanation. When I check to see if the name was being used, I found you. I love the name too as it is an abomination to witness this imperialistic behavior. I would like to use the name, spelled differently if you like, to Tweet unless you already are using it. Hope you are not too discouraged to go on. creativeblock.dr