Monday, October 1, 2012

What An Obama Second Term Looks Like

Think Romney = Obama?  Think Again

I’m really sick and tired of reading sites like FreeRepublic who tout themselves as a “Conservative” and “small Government” website yet seem to be working directly for re-electing Obama.

You may think that a little harsh, I assure you it is not.  The owner of FreeRepublic, Jim Robinson has openly stated on “his forum” that he believes Romney is no different than Obama, therefore he refuses to vote for Romney or the “GOP-e” candidate as Romney’s been termed.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so rather than try and argue with the voices of discontent that seem to infest a once great truly Conservative, small-Government website as FreeRepublic used to be I thought I’d simply write about what an Obama Second Term would look like. 

In no particular order:

Death Panels.  Some say they’re already in place with the $700 billion dollar cuts in Medicare.  I say, wait until 2013 when they’re actually put in place and we start seeing grandma and grandpa denied even basic care as the “cost savings efforts” kick in.

$4 TRILLION in new taxes – on top of those already instituted by ObamaCare.  401K’s, pension benefits, and medical benefit’s that many employee’s enjoy will now be TAXED.  The Bush Tax Cuts will be allowed to expire, and Obama will raise marginal rates across the board – on everyone.  Think his “tax the rich” mantra wasn’t meant for you?  Think again.  Obama has to tax the middle-class to reach his “revenue targets” because that’s where the money is!

Traditional marriage – trashed – at the Federal Level.  Executive Order legalizing homosexual marriage in all 50 states.  Sure, the EO will be un-Constitutional … won’t it?  Doubtful given the current make-up of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Robert’s desire to “de-politicize” the court.

Religious Liberty.  Gone.  Another EO will order all Churches to perform gay marriage or lose their tax-exempt status. 

“Hate Speech” and “Hate Crimes” will become “racist thought crimes.”  I really don’t think I need to expand on this one do I?  If you’ve ever been called a “racist!” for simply disagreeing with Obama – you know exactly what I mean.

Abortion. Celebrated.  No longer will it be a national shame that more than 48 million unborn children have been aborted.  All women will be given “free” contraceptives (thank you Sandra Fluk, you slut) and “free” day-after abortion inducing pills for when contraception fails.

The greatest expansion of the Welfare State since it’s inception.  Not content with “free” ObamaPhones our favorite urbanite welfare queens and kings will get free computers and internet access to “bridge the digitial divide between rich and poor.”  Yes, you and I will be paying for all welfare recipients to get porn on the internet. 

$6+ gasoline is on the horizon as the Obama led EPA continues to shut down refineries across America while oil companies continue to move crude OUT of the United States to sell in other countries for higher profits.

Higher Energy Bills as the Obama EPA shuts down more coal-fired electric plants in the US without the necessary capacity to replace them.  Brown-outs will become normal, as will rolling outages as “smart meters” are forced on every American home-owner so the Power Companies and the Government can monitor your electricity usage and then tell you that you’re using “too much.”

More bailouts for Chrysler and General Motors.  GM’s already defaulting on their payments back to US Taxpayers.  Chrysler is headed down the same road as the economy hits the skids again.  Durable good’s orders such as cars, appliances and other long-term goods are already plummeting.  If the Union’s didn’t rape the American taxpayer last time around – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Small business owners will see ‘marginal’ tax rates of 43% – 48% in 2013 as the Bush Tax Cuts expire.  That’s ok though, Obama says they’ve made enough money.  Wait until Obama finds out small business owners can’t hire anyone without profits.

“Too Big to Fail” will get worse.  Five major banks in this country already control nearly 60% of all consumer retail checking and savings accounts.  Banking consolidation, driven by Dodd-Frank will force small community banks and smaller regional banks to merge or be acquired by larger banks, further taking control of consumer retail checking and savings.  This will result in higher fee’s for all banking consumers and likely less credit as banks try to wring out all the expense they can to protect profit.

A military weaker than the Carter era.  $400 billion in military spending cuts will dramatically curtail America’s ability to protect its interests and allies globally.  This may make Ron Paul and his Paul-tard supporters happy but the reality is a weak America means chaos around the world.  Just look at China and Japan getting ready to go to war; Iran threatening to vaporize Israel on a daily basis; China imposing trade agreements around the world while America has negotiated ZERO under Obama; a resurgent Russia led by Vladimir Putin, exercising his political muscle against the Euro-Zone.  If it feels like World War III is getting ready to break out, that’s because it is.

And yet, our “conservative”, “small government” friends at Free Republic somehow think that Obama is a better alternative to Romney, and are actively working to trash the Romney campaign whilst feigning ignorance of the consequences. 

Perhaps it’s time FreeRepublic changed its name to something more suitable like Freakin'Retards.  We’ll have idiots like you to thank if the worst President ever elected gets a second term.

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