Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Loses All Credibility In Second Debate

Admit's He Knew Terrorists Attacked Libyan Consulate Within Hours

Last night was a historic moment in terms of Presidential Debates.  A sitting President admitted that he flat-out lied to the American Public in the wake of the Libyan Consulate attacks that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans.

Obama clearly stated in his response to the Libya question that he knew within hours of the attacks that terrorists were responsible.  His statement literally brought the debate to a halt for a moment.

Now, based on Obama's own statement that he knew that evening it was a terrorist attack:
  • Why did he fly off to Las Vegas the very next day to attend a fund raiser?
  • Why did he spend three full weeks mis-leading the American people citing an anti-muslim You Tube video as being responsible for the attacks?
  • Why, rather than gather intelligence as quickly as possible did Obama jet off to appear on "The View" and "David Letterman" rather than getting to the work of finding those responsible for teh attacks?
  • Why did Obama stand in front of the United Nations, apologize to muslims and again, blame a You Tube video for the attacks?
Obama has zero credibility on this issue.  Obama also sent representatives of his administration onto every Sunday Morning talking-heads show to repeat the claims that a You Tube video was responsible for the attacks, further denying that terrorists had killed four Americans.

It gets worse.

During the VP debates, Joe Biden stated repeatedly that he and Obama had no knowledge that this was a terrorist attack, nor any knowledge of the repeated requests for beefed up security at the Libyan Consulate.

Which lie are we supposed to believe here?  They knew or they didn't?  Obama knew it as a terrorist attack or he didn't?

The record now shows by Obama's own words that he knew it was a terrorist attack within hours of it happening.  Yet, he jet setted off to every campaign event on his schedule, and deliberately misled the American people as to the cause of the attacks and the fact that the Obama Administration itself is responsible for not beefing up security ahead of September 11th, as is done every year.

Obama has as much credibility here as an alcoholic who says he'll stop drinking as soon as he finishes the next bottle of booze.  As much as we know the alcoholic will break his promise and keep drinking, Obama's going to keep lying about Libya.

Neither the drunk, nor Obama have any credibility.

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