Sunday, October 21, 2012

Can Obama Buy The Election?

Expanding Welfare State Is Vote Buying

Obama's been buying this election for the last four years. He's been increasing welfare, made unemployment a "benefit" for two years, then boosting the number of people on disability by moving people from unemployment to Social Security Disability, drove up the number of people on food stamps by 18 million, and finding every way for the Government to sue Banks in order to buy time for people to stay in homes they never could afford and shouldn't have bought in the first place.

Yes, I call that BUYING an election, and it's a SHAME that this country has gone from one of rugged independence as Ronald Reagan once called it, to a WELFARE NATION in these past four years. It's time to UNDO the "change" that Obama forced upon this country via executive fiat and Democrat party rule.

 ENOUGH! It's time this country got back to living within its means, had a budget (like the rest of us do) and learned to priortize its spending (again, like the rest of us do!)

This nonsense of expanding the Welfare State and creating an Entitlement Society these past four years is NOT what this country was EVER supposed to be. Our founding fathers revolted over far less than this Administration has done to this country and I really wonder if Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Henry and the rest were alive today if they'd recognize this country. I don't believe they would and I'm sure they'd be damn' upset at what the American people let this country become. I know I sure am.

I don't believe in paying for people who REFUSE to get up off their lazy asses and find a job. These are the people who insist on using the power of the Federal Government to stick their hands in my paycheck and demand I support them. I've no use for these people and I want the wealth re-distribution that's happening in this country to stop feeding them. Let them go hungry, when they get hungry enough they'll get off their lazy asses and get a job. No, I don't feel sorry for these folks at all because I happen to personally know a few people just like this and because of their behavior I refuse to have anything to do with them any longer.

I know PLENTY of people who lost good paying jobs and didn't sit on their asses and stick their hands out waiting for the Government to help them. Rather, they took what they could find, often times taking two or three jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the family table. Some of them had to change careers and take lesser paying jobs, and now work 'side jobs' to fill their income gaps. Others went from really good paying jobs to several barely above minimum wage jobs and are really struggling just to meet their basic bills and have given up much. These are the people I pray for. These are the people I really don't mind giving a hand UP until the economy recovers. These people are doing everything in their power to take care of themselves and really don't want to depend on you and I in any way, so they can make ends meet. These are the folks who reluctantly and with much humility may accept some help. These people are GRATEFUL to God for the help they receive. These people will, when they're back on their feet and have the means to do so, REMEMBER what was done for them and do that for someone else. THESE folks I personally know, and I'm honored and privilidged to know folks of such character and integrity.

And then there are the small number of folks who really and truly cannot help themselves. No, they're not the lazy welfare queens who get their free Obamaphones and have baby after baby to increase their monthly welfare checks. These are the folks who've suffered some of life's greatest tragedies and have physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from holding any meaningful employment. They may be our Veterans who've come back from war and lost limbs or suffered tramatic brain injury, or worse have lost their lives and left families with small children behind. To these, this country owes a debt of obligation to make sure these families suffer no more.

Others may have been born with a disability or become disabled and can no longer take care of themselves. This is a very small number of folks and I believe a compassionate society should help take care of them as well. Unfortunately, the term "disabled" has been so grossly expanded by this administration it now includes those who haven't been able to find work for more than two years, and folks - you and I know that ain't right.

I'm not rich, and yet somehow between all state and federal taxes (including Federal Income Tax) I now pay almost 60% of my income in the form of taxes and I'm not making anywhere near $250,000 - in fact I make alot LESS!!! And yet, there are those in this country who believe they are somewhow ENTITLED to more of my paycheck. It makes me SICK when I see these welfare queens and kings driving a better car than I do, and with an Apple iPhone in their hands when my own vehicle is approaching 11 years old and my own personal phone is over 8 years old.

How is this "right" in this country when the MOOCHERS are living better than those of us who get up and go to work every day? Especially when some of us are working two and three jobs to make ends meet?No, it's not right, the entire country is upside down right now. It's time to put it back to the way it SHOULD be.

Now, some are going to read this and get upset and call me a racist or any number of things because I disagree with Obama and use terms like "welfare queen" and "welfare king" do describe those who abuse our social safety nets. That's too bad, more than likely you're part of the problem, or support the policies that are ruining this country. Frankly, I don't care about you.

What I do care about are those who read these words and are finding themselves nodding in agreement. To you I have one thing to say: Get out and vote and make damn' sure you vote for Romney-Ryan. That is step #1 in turning this country around.

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