Friday, November 11, 2011

Thugs, Gang Bangers, Worthless POC’s

This is why I don’t frankly give a damn’ about Chicago’s ban on handguns, and why I illegally conceal-carry each and every day:

This worthless POC gang-banger deserves nothing less than a quick bullet to the head for this.

And to think these are “Obama’s People” as he calls them.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gaddafi Killed – Despots Everywhere Beware

Including Wanna-Be Despots Here In The United States

This is what happens when Governments are un by despot dictators who ignore the will and desire of their people.

One can only wonder if the despot dictator wanna-be at the White House is paying attention.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Your Typical FLEA-BAGGER

This video was taken in New York City at the Illegally-Occupy Wall Street protest.

This same “individual” was recently interviewed by Brian Williams of NBC News as being a representative of the “Occupy Wall Street” protest in New York.

While Williams and NBC did their level best to present this “individual” as a rational, sane representative of the (bowel) movement known as “Occupy Wall Street” here we see the real face of the Freeloading Liberals Enabling Anarchy Baggers.

Sadly, this FLEA-BAGGER’s behavior is all too common and is on display daily in Chicago as well.

They’ve also taken to attacking Police Officers that are simply trying to do their jobs in keeping sidewalks clear. 

OWS Attacks Police Officer

Here we have a typical FLEA-BAGGER attacking a Black police officer. 

Hate Crime, anyone?  Why do these left-wing extremists always seem to attack MINORITIES when they ultimately lose control and lash out?  There’s a pattern here folks, do I really need to point it out?

I’m sure the parents of these FLEA-BAGGERS are proud of their demonic seed’s actions.  I can only hope that by posting these pictures and video’s that future potential employers will see them and decide to NOT hire these “individuals.” 

May these evil spawn of Satan forever be banished to low-level janitorial jobs cleaning up mass transit stations for the rest of their (hopefully celibate) lives.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I’m a 53%’er …

And this is where our tax money goes …

While the video is satire, I’m just warning you folks: This bullshit on Wall Street and in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, with these so-called “99%’ers” is going to come to a violent end.  They’re already building up for it with the SEIU, ACORN and other unions starting to align themselves with that movement.

The reason it’s going to come to a violent end, is because of exactly what this video demonstrates as a mentality that’s permeated the welfare crowd.

This is the lifestyle the “99%” movement is protesting to protect.   They don’t want ANYTHING to change. 

Lock and load my friends. The time is drawing near.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama on “Peace”

peace is hard

Could Obama have sounded any more pathetic today in front of the worlds most useless political body, the United Nations?

“Peace is hard.”  Is that the best the teleprompter could deliver to the worlds most intelligent man ever elected President?


Any wonder why the so-called “Palestinians” are ignoring the messiah?  He’s a pathetic weakling and they know it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turner Defeats Weprin; Disaster Looms For Obama

Be Afraid, BeVERY Afraid

That a political novice and Catholic named Bob Turner could easily defeat an Orthodox Jew named David Weprin in a heavily Jewish Orthodox district which has only elected a Republican 4 times in 200+ years should send a chill down Obama’s back.

Forget the chill, it should instill outright fear.

AT A LOSS: Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin acknowledges the bittersweet cheers of his supporters late last night after he lost his bid to replace Rep. Anthony Weiner in the special election in Brooklyn and Queens.Democrats outnumbered Republican’s by 3:1.  Unions poured in millions of dollars and Democrat “statesmen” pressed the district heavily to elect Weprin.

And yet, with absolutely everyone and everything working against him, Turner won.

(David Weprin, Losing speech.)

A Catholic defeats an Orthodox Jew in a predominantly Democratic, Orthodox Jewish Congressional District.  Who’d have thunk it, and what does this mean?

It’s a straight-out repudiation of Obama, if for no other reason than his backing of the creation of a terrorist state named “Palestine” and demanding that Israel return to its indefensible 1967 borders, which would enable its enemies to rain down missiles upon them from on high.

As New York is slated to lose two Congressional House Seats, the loss carries the extra sting of losing two much needed “blue seats” in a predominantly Democrat state.

Ultimately, the winner in this is Texas – who will receive two additional Congressional Seats due to population shift in the country, and the American People in having another representative in the United States House of Representatives that will vote to undo Obamanomics.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget

twin towers May Our Father in Heaven Bless and Keep The Souls of Those Lost On This Tragic Day.

Vice President Biden’s Speech in Shanksville

Until yesterday my own opinion of Joe Biden was that he's nothing more than a bumbling gaffe track to be mocked and ridiculed.

Yesterday he connected with the families of Flight 93 and the American People in a way I never thought he could. Clearly he spoke from his heart and in my opinion, completely upstaged any speech Obama could possibly give today.

This is a side of Joe Biden I never expected to see, and it made me wish that he, not Obama were President.

In closing, I just want to say “Thank You” to Vice President Biden for his wonderful, heart-felt speech and having delivered it with a sense of purpose, selflessness and dignity in a way that Barack Hussein Obama never can.

God Bless America, the families who’s lives were tragically changed on this day ten years ago, and all who serve our country and have made the ultimate sacrifice in our defense.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

George W. Bush – Flight 93 Memorial Speech

Yes, I admit it: I miss President Bush.

I miss the calm, the selflessness and leadership he displayed at this nation’s darkest hour.

There is no doubt in my mind or heart that this is the best speech he’s ever given.  Compare and contrast the thoughtfulness and compassion which this speech was given, never once mentioning the word “I” a single time. 

Unlike the current occupant of the White House, President Bush knows today and tomorrow are not about him.

For the record, one could also say the same thing about Vice President Biden’s speech today.  Generally speaking, the man is typically a bumbling gaffe track.  But today, I have to say, Vice President Biden spoke from his heart.  It was easy to see he wasn’t reading from a teleprompter.  His speech may have been largely memorized, but it was evident that parts were impromptu and from his heart. 

There was no faking his getting choked up at one point when he talked about the “sudden call” he received telling him a loved one was gone as he connected with the families of Flight 93, and those of us watching.  It was truly a moving moment.

While President Bush’s speech made me long for his Presidency, today Vice President Biden cast a long, long shadow over Barack Hussein Obama.  Biden connected with the American people today in a way Obama hasn’t.

Thank you President Bush and Vice President Biden for capturing what today and tomorrow was all about: those who sacrificed themselves on Flight 93 to save others in the classic, American spirit.

God Bless and Keep their souls, and God Bless and keep their families safe and from all harm.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Washington DC To Blame For Downgrade

Not “Tea Party”

Perhaps Rand Paul said it best yesterday when he succinctly said that blaming the Tea Party for the S&P Credit Downgrade was like blaming the Fireman for the Fire.

I agree.  This “fire” was started by decades of financial mis-management in Washington DC, by Government burocrats who believed, and continue to believe that they know how to spend our money and run our lives better than we do.

That’s called arrogance, and right now the Obama Administration and their knee-pad wearing supporters are at the height of it (arrogance.)

Allow me to be the first to point out a fact that should be obvious to every American who knows how to think for themselves: It was only a year ago that the Obama Administration refused to acknowledge that there were tens of millions of American’s who disagreed with the direction he was taking the country, and that those tens of millions of American’s used their Constitutional right to protest in peaceful ways to make their voices heard.

Isn’t it somewhat odd, if not politically expedient (and hypocritical) that the very American’s the President and his political hacks in the White House refused to admit even existed last year, have so much “power” to disrupt our political system?

Adolf Hitler once said “If you tell a big enough lie long enough, eventually people begin to believe it.”  Thus is the case with those who believe the “Tea Party” is responsible for the S&P downgrade.

A “Tea Party” Downgrade?  Economic Terrorists?  Holding America “Hostage?”  All these well tested catch-phrases demonstrate just how desperate the White House is. 

Let me demonstrate.  To believe the Tea Party is responsible for the S&P downgrade, you have to believe that were it not for the Tea Party demonstrating against our out of control Government spending, that the S&P, Moody’s and other Credit Rating agencies would never have noticed our Government’s wreckless spending, and failure to plan to ever pay back our debt.

To believe that is patently absurd, if not downright stupid.

If you believe the “Tea Party”, or those American’s who insist the Government live within it’s means (the way each and every one of us has to) are a bunch of economic terrorists, then you yourself would be racking up debt, living far beyond your means, never believing the bills would come due or the creditors would come calling.

If the “Tea Party” is responsible for the downgrade, then why did the Stock Market fall nearly 200 points during the time Obama spoke on TV?

Finally, just who’s holding America hostage here?  The Democrats controlled the House & Senate beginning in 2007, and the White House in 2008.  In those four years beginning in 2007, they’ve failed to pass a federal budget, have wrecklessly spent six-trillion dollars and have failed to plan to pay our debts.

Who’s holding the country hostage?  The Democrat Party, led by Barack Hussein Obama.

You want to know who’s to blame for the mess we’re in?  Washington DC’s decades of fiscal mis-management.  Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Controlled Congress.

Obama likes to say that Bush drove our economy into a ditch.  Let’s be clear: Obama’s spending six trillion dollars with zero accountability drove not just our economy, but our nation’s credit rating right over a cliff, all the while mashing the gas pedal to the floor.

No President in history has racked up $6,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) dollars in debt in their entire tenure in office.  Obama managed to nearly double our National Debt in two short years, and cost the nation it’s Triple-A credit rating.

Yet another Obama “historic” first.

This country can certainly do without all these Obama “firsts” can’t we?

Monday, August 8, 2011

America Has Entered A Pre-Revolutionary State

Majority No Longer Recognize Government As "Legitimate"

A new Rasmussen poll shows that just 17 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed, an all time low.   Congress itself, is at a paltry 6 percent  and nearly half (46%) of all American's believe Congress itself is corrupt, with less than one-third (29%) believing differently.

A new Rasmussen poll also incidates that 77% of those surveyed say the Government no longer has their concent - a foundational principle contained in the Declaration of Independence. 

"The poll was conducted before Friday’s U.S. debt downgrade, indicating that the figures could be even more dire in the aftermath of what some analysts believe is a precursor to a new great depression."

Great Depression?  Looks to me like we're on the verge of a good old fashioned revolution.

President Downgrade

Obama Is President Downgrade

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why The S&P Downgraded The United States

The Pure, Unadulterated Truth You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

I’ve never been one to deliberately lie or mislead anyone reading this blog, and I’m not about to start now.  I’ve always been the first to admit that I’ve never been happy with George W. Bush’s wild spending.  As a fiscal and social Conservative, I personally found Bush’s fiscal record a train-wreck. 

Starting with “Free Drugs for Seniors” as the largest expansion in social welfare programs since the Johnson Administration, George W. Bush took a budget surplus (even if only on paper…) and drove us into negative territory again.  Folks, that’s just a fact.

That fact is not however an excuse for the Obama Administration taking a bad situation and making it ten times worse with demonstrably failed Keynesian economic policies which continue to refuse to realize the economic reality that we live in.

Before Obama, Geithner and the rest of the stooges running Washington DC try and ram QE-3 down our throats which will only further debase our currency and cause the other two ratings agencies to downgrade us along with S&P, let me run down a few basic and incontrovertable facts about exactly why S&P downgraded the U.S. credit rating to “AA” with a negative forecast.


Let’s start with the fiscally wreckless policies of the Obama and the Democrat Senate.

Starting in January of 2007, the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.  As we’ve said before and we should all know by now, Congress controls the spending.  They own the checkbook and write the bills to authorize spending.  When Congress decides to spend money and appropriate (or in some cases, not appropriate) money by itself, there isn’t much a President can do other than voice opposition or approval.

The Democrat controlled Congress, specifically the United State Senate has not passed a budget since the Government’s 2008 fiscal year began.  In fact, the last budget approved by Congress and signed by the President dates back to 2008, the last year Republican’s controlled the House, Senate and White House, for the 2009 budget year.

As the Democrats won the mid-term election’s in 2008, they assumed control of the House & Senate in 2009 and have not passed a federal budget since.

When the Democrats assumed the House & Senate in January 2009 they threw out the budget passed by the Republican Controlled Congress in 2008 (again, for the 2009 budget year) and proceeded to expand spending with no end in sight. 

The last “Bush Budget” of 2008 had a deficit of $250 billion dollars, according to the non-partisan Office of Management & Budget.  As we can see in 2009, the Democrats nearly tripled that amount, and this was after money was allocated for such mis-guided programs as TARP, the Banking Bailouts and bailouts for GM & Chrysler.

The lack of a comprehensive federal budget since 2009, and an Administration and Democrat controlled Congress is Reason #1 why S&P downgraded America’s debt.

Here’s Reason #2: A complete lack of taking our national debt seriously, as evidenced by John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and the rest of the Republican establishment.  Simply stated, the Republican establishment caved during the negotiations, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

No one will argue that the Democrats are in any way serious about tackling our mounting debt.  These are the same Democrats that had to “pass the bill (Obamacare) in order to show us what was in it.” 

Democrats, and to a very large degree the Republican establishment don’t know what the word “cut” means.  They may reduce the “increase” in spending on a program and call that a “cut” but the rest of us out here in Real America knows that “cut” means STOP SPENDING!

Like the rest of us, S&P recognizes that this Congress simply is not serious about cutting anything.  If they were, we’d be writing about One Trillion dollars in cuts by the next election.  Rather, Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the Republican Establishment chose to kick the can down the road, and not seriously address the debt. 

As one Congress cannot bind another, any proposed “cuts” in years 3-10 are frankly bullshit.  What matters is what this Congress passes and cuts, not future Congresses which will have no obligation to follow what this Congress says.

The fact that Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the Republican Establishment gave Obama another $2 Trillion plus to spend before the next election is reason #3: they didn’t cut off Obama’s credit card.  The wreckless spending binge continues, and as a result the Republican Establishment may have just handed the next election to Obama as a result.  He has another $2 Trillion plus to buy more votes.

Finally, the fact that Congress once again failed to address the root cause of our structural debt and deficit is reason #4 S&P downgraded the U.S.’ credit rating.  This problem has deep, deep roots dating back to the Johnson Administration when all Social Security Trust Funds were moved into the General Funding bucket, turning Social Security into nothing more than a cash-flow program (call it a “ponzi scheme” and you’d be correct!)

image Source: Non-Partisan Office of Management & Budget (OMB)

Cash flow hides alot of structural financial problems, until you run out of other people’s money, and that’s exactly what’s happening, if not already happened, to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

I’m a baby boomer born in 1962 at the very tail end of the “boom.”  In the 1960’s, there was on average 6.5 people working for every 1 person on Social Security.  When Social Security was moved from a Trust Fund to the General Funding bucket, all that money became available for the Federal Government to spend on “social welfare” programs (read that: Medicare, Medicaid and more.) 

It appears to me that no one ever thought of the long term implications of raiding the trust fund and a declining birth rate here in America. 

Add to that the problem of tens of millions of anchor babies now eligible for “benefits” they’ve never paid for and their families and we can easily see a ponzi scheme that’s not only run out of American taxpayer money, we’re now borrowing forty cents of every dollar this Government spends from the Chinese to pay for it.

And that’s just Social Security, I haven’t gotten to Medicare and Medicaid being their own ponzi schemes yet!

These three programs are the core of our structural debt and deficit problems, none of which were addressed by this Congress, and specifically the Republican Establishment which was within a day or two of Obama caving to the every demand of the Tea Party.

Had Congress addressed the structural debt and deficit issues which the Tea Party has rightly brought to light, there would’ve been no reason for S&P to downgrade United States.

So there you have it, the four reasons S&P downgraded America’s credit rating.

Mind you, I’m no fan of S&P.  These are the same folks that rated mortgage backed securities as “triple-A” when they were anything but, and a primary cause of the economic mess we’re in today.

But let’s face reality, and that is S&P’s downgrade is in the end a “tax” on every American taxpayer who has a mortgage, car loan, credit card or other debt affected by interest rates.

For this, we have a President who knows only how to spend, and a Congress that lacks the backbone to say “NO!” to thank.

Hang onto your wallets folks, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Just wait until Obama, Read and the rest of “Adults” in Washington return and want to raise your taxes.

How’s that hope and change working out for you all these days?

Obama Is Worst Ever

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How’s That Hope & Change Working Out?

Stock Market Gives Obamanomics Failing Grade

For those of you who are still drinking the Obamanomics kool-aid, let me spell it out for you:

stock market august 4 2011 This is the worst single day performance since the Islamic Terrorist Attacks on America in 2001.

This comes after Obamanomics set another distinguished record, not seen since the Jimmy Carter Administration thirty-three years ago has the stock market posted nine straight days of losses. 

Have you Obama-dummies figured it out yet?  How’s that “hope and change” working out for you?

Keynesian economics have always been failed policies, how many more trillions of dollars are you idiots prepared to throw at a failed theory that’s wrecked our economy?

The stock market does not like the fact that the Obama Administration has now added almost 7 TRILLION to our debt and has surpassed our Gross Domestic Product for an entire year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are Greece.

Those of you who want to give this bumbling moron another term, I agree: and it should be twenty-five years to life for destroying America.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Republicans Cave

Boehner Snatches Defeat From Jaws of Victory

NBC News is reporting this morning that Congress is "very close" to a deal that will raise the debt limit 2.8 TRILLION dollars over the next two years.

The deal will allegedly require $1 TRILLION in cuts over the next two years, with another 1.8 TRILLION dollars in cuts to be "recommended" by a joint Congressional "Committee."

The "Committee" would be "required" to recommend cuts by this November, and should this committee fail to agree, cuts in Defense and Medicare would be automatic and decimate both programs.

Who'd get the blame for these cuts?  Why the Republican's of course, who the Democrats are already blaming for "wanting to kill our Senior citizens."  Cutting the Military budget is the liberal Democrats dream, if they had their way they'd gut our Defense capabilities to zero.

Additionally, this deal is designed to avoid any further discussion on the Debt and Deficit until after the 2012 elections, and gives Obama everything he asked for.

Once again, the Republican Party is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and is subsequently handing Obama the 2012 election by taking his debt-laden spending spree of $5.7 TRILLION DOLLARS since taking office, off the table.

Way to go, Boehner.  Kick the ball down the road and let future generations deal with this mess, now that's leadership alright.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Democrats in Senate Threaten Default

Send Letter to Boehner Threatening U.S. Credit Rating

Last night, all 53 Senate Democrats signed a letter addressed to House Speaker John Boehner (R – OH) saying that they would rather the U.S. “default” on its debt rather than pass any plan passed by the House GOP that would cut spending and force another vote next year.

dems senate

All week, we’ve been told that it’s the “Tea Party” and the Republican’s in the House that have been holding the debt negotiations hostage.

Well folks, who’s the “Party of No” now?  It sure isn’t the Republicans, who are actually acting in this country’s best interest by directly addressing the debt and deficit while trying to take away this “President’s” unlimited check-book.

In the letter to House Speaker Boehner, Democrats argue that a short term extension of the debt ceiling would “put America at risk”  arguing for a larger extension over a longer period of time.

Translation: The Democrats aren’t serious about cutting spending – ever.

Just look at the CBO’s numbers to see who the party of big spending really is!  Obama more than tripled the budget deficit in his first year in office alone!  These are the non-partisan CBO’s numbers here folks, I don’t make this stuff up!


Remember, the Democrat controlled Congress between 2006 and 2010 (four years!) failed to pass a Federal Budget.  These were the same Democrats who quadrupled the annual budget deficit, and increased the national debt by 50%.

Here we have a prime example of 53 politicians that need to be shown the door ASAP.  They’ve been part of the problem so long, they’ve demonstrated they cannot be part of the solution!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Party 1, Obama 0

It's About The Spending, Stupid!

Six months ago, there seemed to be no end to the wreckless spending spree the Obama Administration embarked on January 20th, 2009 when Obama assumed power.

My how one mid-term election cycle and six months of hilighting the wreckless spending of Obama and the Democrats has changed the dialogue.

Last night, Barack Hussein Obama moved to the left of Dirty Harry Reid.  Not only did he move left of Reid, he moved left of the majority of the Democrat party.  Here it's important to note that during the 2010 mid-term elections, no fewer than  22 Democrats in the Senate running for re-election or election campaigned on balancing the budget, which the Obama Administration is steadfastly against.

In trying to demonize the Freshmen Republicans (read that: TEA PARTY) last evening, Obama characterized the choice between being a "balanced" approach versus cuts only.  Obama's "balanced" approach includes more than $2,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars in new tax increases on top of the expiring Bush Tax Cuts and the $1,500,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars in tax increases as a result of Obama-Care.

Therefore my friends, the choice once we boil it down to dollars and cents is this: Cut government to live within it's means and the tax dollars it already takes in, or increase taxes to the tune of $4,500,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars that the Obama Administration is demanding, and let the spending continue.

Let's see, we the American People can send $0 to this wreckless administration, or we can send another $4,500,000,000,000 (Trillion) dollars and let Obama keep spending like he has a blank check.

I choose $0, and by a recent CNN poll, so do 66% of my fellow American's who've woken up recently to the fiscal disaster this Administration has helped accellerate.

The dialogue is no longer how much can the government spend, the choice is now how much can they cut?  I suggest they start with cutting and eliminating ObamaCare.  That's money we didn't have when that over-arching legislative piece of Socialism was passed, and there can be no legitimate discussion about cutting Government programs without first recognizing that ObamaCare has to go.

Tea Party 1, Obama 0.  Game On!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Letter from House Speaker John Boehner:


Go Speaker Boehner Go!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

For those who say “War is never the answer” I say this:

Happy Fourth of July!

We didn’t “negotiate”, plead, beg, cajole or otherwise convince the King of England to grant our independence.  Those things didn’t work. 

Rather, it took WAR with the King of England and his military to secure our independence.

War is never the answer?

Right.  Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oil Prices Surge Less Than 1 Week After Obama Orders 30,000,000 Barrels Released From Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

Told you so.  Higher than it was before ODUMBO ordered the release.

oil prices

The incompetent boob hasn’t a clue.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playing Politics With America’s Strategic Oil Reserves

Why Are We Sending Our Oil To France?

Let’s call a spade a spade here.

Well, so to speak that is.

Today, the current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama unilaterally decided against all conventional wisdom, his own economic advisers advice, and America’s best interests to release 30,000,000 barrels of oil from our strategic oil reserves.

Why?  Well, to replace the oil no longer on the market from Libya, due to Barack Hussein Obama intervening in civil unrest and starting a full fledged WAR!!

And just what is America’s interest in replacing this “lost oil?”

Absolutely none.  Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada.

Obama Oil

America imports absolutely no oil from Libya.  Prices here aren’t affected by Libyan oil.

So who is affected?  France primarily, followed by the rest of Europe.

Oh, and by the way – Obama’s POLL NUMBERS.

When will someone in the lamestream media ask “Why are we sending 30 million barrels of oil to Europe, to replace Libyan oil?

Don’t hold your breath, the media won’t ask because they know the answer: Obama started a full fledged war, in an oil producing country which America has ZERO interest (other than it’s a muslim country, like Obama) because the incompetent, inept COMMUNITY ORGANIZER of a President thought that was a good idea.

Eff’ing brilliant.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Double-Dip Here We Come!

Major Economists Agree Another Recession On The Way – Many Doubt We Emerged From Last One At All!

Persistent high unemployment is now being blamed for the impending double-dip recession that many economists argue is already here, or that we’d never exited the Great Recession in 2009 at all according to an article in today’s Investors Business Daily.

Nearly 25% of working American’s are Unemployed or Under-Employed according to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics.

9.2% of our workforce is Unemployed.  No job, no paycheck, many have exhausted their overly-generous 99 weeks of unemployment.

Nearly 16% are chronically Under-Employed. 

Chronic Under-Employment is a situation where a worker is employed, but not in the desired capacity whether in terms of compensation, hours, or level of sill and experience.  While these folks are not technically unemployed, the Under-Employed are often competing for available jobs.

Nearly 25% of our workforce being Unemployed or Under-Employed isn’t a recession, this is Great Depression territory.  Our economy hasn’t seen these types of numbers since 1938!

Is it any wonder that the majority of American’s have abandoned Obama’s economic “principles” and find themselves in complete disagreement with the direction of the country?


According to Gallup, only the most staunch, Liberal Democrats are still “with” Obama. The problem for Obama is, self-identified Liberal Democrats make up approximately 12% of the voting population.

These are the folks who recently boo’d and hissed at White House Communications Director David Pfeiffer, claiming Obama wasn’t liberal enough on issues such as gay rights and gay marriage.  But then, where are the gay’s going to go? 

Obama’s in big trouble in 2012.  At the rate he’s plummeting in the polls, don’t be surprised if a bag of dirt running as a Republican sweeps all 50 states.

Monday, June 20, 2011

More Government Give-Aways To Losers, Slackers, Bum’s And Other Welfare Leaches

$1,000,000,000 To Pay For Homes

Homeowners facing foreclosure can now tap into a $1 billion program of emergency loans to help tide them over a temporary financial crisis, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced.

Beginning today, homeowners in 27 states can file preliminary applications for the Emergency Homeowner's Loan Program (EHLP). Eligible homeowners can obtain interest-free loans of up to $50,000 to help cover mortgage expenses for up to two years.

The new initiative is expected to provide assistance to up to 30,000 homeowners, with loans averaging $35,000 each. Loans may be used to pay a portion of monthly mortgage bills, including missed mortgage payments or past due charges including principal, interest, taxes, insurances, and attorney fees.

Here’s the best part folks:

Approved homeowners are eligible to receive one-time EHLP assistance to pay certain arrearages to bring them current, as well as ongoing monthly assistance to help them to make their monthly first lien mortgage payments (including payments of principal, interest, taxes, and insurances).

Assistance is limited to a maximum duration of 24 months, or up to a maximum loan amount of $50,000 in mortgage payment assistance, whichever occurs first. The EHLP loan is secured by a junior lien against the approved homeowner's principal residence and is forgivable over a 5-year principal reduction period.

Read that last sentence carefully: “forgivable over a 5-year principal reduction period.”


This is another Government Give-Away of our taxpayer dollars to a bunch of lazy, good for nothing morons who never should’ve been loaned money to buy a house in the first place!

Here’s what these assholes running our Government are telling the rest of us who’ve played by the rules: Go ahead and save, buy a house you can afford, struggle to make your payments and the government will SCREW YOU ROYALLY by taking your tax money and giving it to the guy who bought his effing “dream house” with a mortgage he could never pay. All because everyone believes that it was really those nasty old mortgage companies who suckered people into taking on mortgages that they couldn’t pay.

Bring on the rebellion!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Next President Of The United States

Clear, Concise, Un-Apologetic

Why do Conservatives try to get Liberals to like them anyway?  They never will, so EFF ‘Em!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Truth

During Times Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act.  

                                       -- George Orwell

The Truth Returns to this blog.  Watch for it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama “I’ll Sleep On It”

Kept Navy Seals Hanging While Deciding To Take Bin Laden Out.

Barack Obama kept military commanders hanging by declaring he would 'sleep on it' before taking 16 hours to give the go-ahead to raid Bin Laden's compound.

Hit squads of specialist Navy Seals - who were not even told who they were preparing to capture - had practised the mission at two reconstructions of the terror chiefs sprawling compound.

The mission looked set to be given the all clear last Thursday when analysts confirmed beyond doubt that Bin Laden was in busy town of Abbottabad in northern Pakistan.

But the president stunned officials when he told a national security meeting that he wanted more time to think - and disappeared out of the room.

'I'm not going to tell you what my decision is now - I'm going to go back and think about it some more,' said Obama, according to the New York Times. He then added 'I'm going to make a decision soon.'

The head of the CIA and other senior intelligence officers who were keen to proceed were left tense as they waited for the president's decision.

But the next morning after 16 hours, Obama summoned four top aides to the White House Diplomatic Room. Before they could speak, the president put his fist on the table and declared 'It's a go'.

With those three words, the greatest military operation in recent history began. Had it not been for heavy cloud cover on Saturday, troops would have been deployed then.

But they waited another day, and reached Pakistan just before midnight on Sunday evening. Obama refused to tell Pakistan about the mission in case it was leaked by jihadist sympathisers within the administration and Bin Laden took flight.

Read the rest HERE.


In A Conflicting Story ….

Leon Panetta Says Navy Seals, Not Obama Made Decision To Kill

Panetta also said there was a “20 – 25 minute gap” in the video, and that Bin Laden’s death was not recorded.

Really?  Explain this then, from a White House released photo of the Situation Room during the Navy Seal operation:

Hillary saw something terribly frightening in the Situation Room that night, and you can bet it wasn’t pictures of Bill with Monica Lewinsky.

Anyone who believes there’s “no video” of Bin Laden’s righteous execution by our brave Navy Seals is a fool.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Is Still Dead.

bin laden dead

He sure did get shot through the left eye!  Amazing how this stuff leaks out of the Obama White House, these moron’s can’t keep a secret to save their lives.

And the fact that this photo leaked out no doubt means a fatwa on Osama’s muslim brother, Obama!

Frame grabs from the actual video feed that were released to the ABC News network…

The room that Osama was killed in above, and pictures of the mattress with Osama’s blood on it after he was “tapped” by Navy Seals.

God Bless the United States Military!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Worlds Most Wanted Terrorist Dead

After Nearly A Decade Long Pursuit,  Bin Laden Killed By U.S. Military

Last night around 10:30 CST, we learned of Osama Bin Laden’s death by U.S. Military Special Forces attack.  The U.S. Government waited for confirmation of Bin Laden’s death using DNA Testing.

Bin Laden was located in what was described as a “large home” surrounded by other, smaller homes in a compound located just 40 miles outside of Pakistan’s capital.  (This alone raises other questions about Bin Laden’s support by the Pakistani Government that we’ll deal with during another column.)

Reportedly, a small group of Special Forces using two attack helicopters landed within the compound and managed to overtake it in less than 40 minutes.  One report indicates that special forces were “eye to eye” with Bin Laden at the end of the firefight and ordered him to surrender.  Bin Laden refused and was killed in the ensuing, last exchange.

How was the United States able to confirm via DNA testing?  Just over Two years ago, Bin Laden’s sister died in a New York City Hospital.  One of the Bush Administration’s Justice Department acts was to obtain a court order for her brain, to be used to confirm Osama Bin Laden’s death if and when it happened.

Is the world a safer place today than it was yesterday, before we learned of the mastermind of 9/11/01’s death?  I think that remains to be seen.  There is no doubt however that Al Qaeda is weaker as a result, and their ability to pull off a terrorist attack in the United States is greatly diminished.

WTCThe attack of Sept. 11th, 2001 was between five and six years in the making.  Our “immediate safety” no doubt is better, but in every terrorist organization as federated as Al Qaeda is, there is very likely a number two ready to step up.

For today however, we as American’s should celebrate this victory in the War on Terror that President George W. Bush courageously undertook, and forced (that’s right, forced) Barack Hussein Obama to complete.  Even Obama last night had to admit the War on Terror was a success despite his proclamations in 2008 as Candidate Obama that it was a failure.

As we celebrate today, I ask one thing of you: when you see someone in a MILITARY uniform, please congratulate them on their dogged, nearly ten year long pursuit of the worlds most famous terrorist and their successful elimination of him.

us-military-seals It is our Military and Intelligence services we have to thank today.

Well Done and Thank You!

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Official: $6/Gallon Gas Comes To United States

Forget $5 Gasoline, The Sky's The Limit!

The incompetence that sits in the White House every day just infuriates me more and more.  The other day, the Incompetent, Inept Barack Hussein Obama jokingly told those who were opposed to high gas prices "turn in their SUV's" and drive something more efficient.

How about this: YOU FIRST, Mr. "President."  I've seen your motorcade in and around Chicagoland, do you really need all those Cadillac Escalade SUV's in your motorcade, especially the last one with the 50mm belt fed automatic weapon pointing out the back?

The other day gasoline hit the $6 mark in Maui, Hawaii at the Hana Pit Stop gas station.  Here's the proof:

That's right, $6.03 for 87 octane, $6.14 for 89 octane and $6.25 for 92 octane.  AAA reports that the average price for a gallon of gas in the state has reached an all-time high, at $4.55.  And we haven't even hit the "peak driving season" yet.

How's that hopey-changey bullshit working out for y'all?

It's not a Democrat Thing.
It's not a Republican Thing.
It's an AMERICAN Thing!
Defeat Obama in 2012!

Friday, April 22, 2011

80% Of Americans Rate Economy as “Bad”

Media Burying Bad News for White House

Despite the Obama take-over of the liberal lame stream media …

Oh wait, he didn’t have to take them over, they were already in the tank for him!

According to a new NY Times/CBS News Poll that’s getting very little attention, 80% of Americans believe the economy is “Bad” while only 19% rate the economy as “Good”.

Who are these 19%?  Are they complete morons?!

70% of Americans feel things in this country are seriously off on the wrong track. That is the highest number since the 79% registered in 1/11/09 when President Bush was still in office.

80% rate the national economy as bad (44% fairly/36% very). Only 19% rate it as good. 

39% think the economy is getting worse, only 23% say it is getting better. Last month those numbers were even at 26. In February they were flipped at 32% better, 22% worse.

57% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy. That is the highest disapproval measured by the CBS/NYT poll. His 38% approval is matched only once by a pre-Democractic election wipe out October poll.

59% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the federal budget. Also the highest CBS/NYT has ever measured that number.

Obama’s Libya approval numbers have completely flipped from 50/29 approve in March to 45/39 disapprove today.

46% disapprove of the way Obama is handling foreign policy. That is the highest number ever for Obama in a CBS/NYT poll. His 39% approval on FP is also his lowest score ever.

55% tell NYT/CBS they would rather have a smaller government providing fewer services. Only 33% want a bigger government with more services.

When asked “Do you think Barack Obama has the same priorities for the country as you have, or doesn’t he?” 53% said no and 43% said yes. When Obama was inaugurated those numbers were 65% and 28% no.

Hey Obama Voters, How’s That “Hopey Changey” working out for you?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obama Funding Al-Qaeda Led Libyan Rebels

Taxpayer Dollars Now Being Used To Fund Terrorists That Attacked Us on 9-11-01

Barack Hussein Obama, the current occupant of the White House today gave $25,000,000 taxpayer dollars to Al-Qaeda led Libyan “Rebels” fighting to displace Muamar Gaddafi.

That Barack Hussein Obama is funding terrorists comes as no surprise.  He stated in his own book “Dreams of my Father” that when push came to shove, he’d “side with the muslims.”  That’s exactly what he’s doing.

That $25,000,000 is going to buy an awful lot of Al-Qaeda terrorists plane tickets direct to the United States from less than friendly nation states who do not have our best interests in mind.

So when the first planes start hitting American buildings on American soil in another coordinated attack, we’ll have the current occupant of the White House to blame.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Investors Declare War on Obama Economic Policies

S&P Salvo First Shot in Opening Round

Make no mistake about it, yesterday's S&P long-term outlook shift on U.S. Debit was meant to send a signal to Obama and Congress that the current fiscal trajectory is not sustainable, and needs to be dealt with in a big hurry.  There is no other explanation for yesterday's market reaction.

For those of you who may not know, the next round of U.S. Bonds to finance the current Obama Deficit goes on sale May 1st.  When these bonds DO NOT SELL look for a visceral and voracious market reaction.  Translation: It ain't gonna be pretty.

There can be no question that the intent of Obama and his minions in the White House are deliberately trying to crash our economy.  Their ultimate end goal is to seize all wealth in this country and re-distribute it according to their wishes to their own constituents.  Yes, they're buying votes with your and my money.

Back to the opening salvo yesterday: the Producers in this country are about to go on strike. Yesterday was the notice it's coming. Heed the warning and protect yourselves.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama Declares War on American Economy

Doubles-Down On His Leftist Ways 

"The political expression of altruism is collectivism or statism, which holds that man’s life and work belong to the state—to society, to the group, the gang, the race, the nation—and that the state may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, collective good.’

                                                       - Ayn Rand

If you’ve never heard a Statist speak, yesterday was your day.  Obama went right after those who create wealth in this country – the “Producers” as Ayn Rand called them in her novel Atlas Shrugged, and declared open warfare on them.

In what was undoubtedly an opening salvo in the 2012 elections, Obama came off as a dictator, hell bent on forcefully taking the wealth of the Producers in this country, to re-distribute them to those he called “not as fortunate.”

This is Statism in fact and in principle, it is nothing more than mob rule.

“I thought it was a disgrace. I rarely heard a speech by a president so shallow, so hyper-partisan and so intellectually dishonest, outside the last couple of weeks of a presidential election where you are allowed to call your opponent anything short of a traitor. But, we’re a year-and-a-half away from Election Day and it was supposed to be a speech about policy. He didn’t even get to his own alternative until more than halfway through the speech. And when he did, he threw out numbers suspended in mid-air with nothing under them with all kinds of goals and guidelines and triggers that mean nothing. The speech was really about and entirely an attack on the [Rep. Paul] Ryan plan.”

                                                     - Charles Krauthammer

Obama says that the “wealthy” are the “fortunate” in America, and that the poor are the “less fortunate.”

As a country that values fairness, wealthier individuals have traditionally born a greater share of this burden than the middle class or those less fortunate. This is not because we begrudge those who’ve done well – we rightly celebrate their success. Rather, it is a basic reflection of our belief that those who have benefitted most from our way of life can afford to give a bit more back.

Bovine excrement.  Obama absolutely begrudges those who he perceives as “wealthy” because somehow, in his mind, they became wealthy by “oppressing the poor.”  Obama’s view of America at large is that of an Empire, subjecting other poor countries to it’s will via colonialism.  This view perfectly matches Obama’s own view of “rich vs. poor.”

I say that at a time when the tax burden on the wealthy is at its lowest level in half a century, the most fortunate among us can afford to pay a little more. I don’t need another tax cut. Warren Buffett doesn’t need another tax cut. Not if we have to pay for it by making seniors pay more for Medicare. Or by cutting kids from Head Start. Or by taking away college scholarships that I wouldn’t be here without. That some of you wouldn’t be here without. And I believe that most wealthy Americans would agree with me. They want to give back to the country that’s done so much for them. Washington just hasn’t asked them to.

Let’s make no mistake here as we approach Tax Day in America.  Obama isn’t going to “ask” anyone to pay more.  Obama is going to seize what he believes is “fair” from those he calls “fortunate” to redistribute to those he believes are “less fortunate.”

As I myself just completed my taxes, fully 45% of what I earn has gone to the Federal, State and County governments in the form of Federal Payroll Taxes (Income, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security) State Income Taxes, and Property Taxes.

Folks, I’m not rich, I don’t make $250k per year, far from it.

Forty five cents of every dollar I make goes to some form of tax before I see a single dollar in my paycheck.  Afterwards, I’m “fortunate” enough to pay additional taxes anytime I purchase something in the form of Sales Taxes.  With gasoline over $4/gallon where I live, I also pay Federal, State, Municipal and Sales taxes on every gallon of gasoline I purchase.  Sum total of all those taxes: 82 cents per gallon.

Tell me again Mr. Obama that the “wealthiest” in America need to pay more?

The fact is, the top 10% of all wage earners in this country already pay more than 65% of all taxes according to the Internal Revenue Service. 

Where’s the tax fairness in that?

The top 20% of all wage earners in this country already pay 80% of all taxes, again according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Where’s the tax fairness in that?

The “unfortunate” in this country pay less than 3% of all taxes in this country, yet consume most of the services County, State and Federal Government agencies have to offer in the form of free health care, income subsidies, food stamps, housing assistance, heating assistance and other goodies too numerous to list.

Exactly where is the tax fairness in that, Mr. Obama?!

Statism by any other name is still Statism, and Obama is a world-class Statist.

2012 cannot possibly come fast enough for me, I just hope John Galt is running.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It’s Time To Legally Abolish Unions

SEIU Plans To Crash Economic System, Re-Distribute Wealth and Property

This my friends, is why both private and public sector unions simply must be abolished in this country. 

Terrorism is terrorism, and what the SEIU is planning here is ECONOMIC TERRORISM against our economy.  All in the name of re-distibuting wealth from those they hate, the actual creators of wealth in this country, to the so-called “working class.”

Didn’t the Communists try this?  Oh that’s right, the extremist liberal left doesn’t like to be called “Communists” anymore, they prefer the term “Progressives” now.

Communists by any other name, are still Communists.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What “Foreign Policy?”

Obama Policy on Libya, Qaddafi Confusing

Apparently I’m not the only one confused about our “policy” towards Libya.

Today Herr Obama said his “preference” was for Qaddafi to “step down” and that it’s not the policy of the United States of America to “eliminate” him, or to back the Rebel fighters.

Excuse me Mr. Obama, just what in the blue hell are we there for, spending taxpayer dollars on missles being launched from ships and fly-overs of Libyan territory if it’s our policy to effectively do …. NOTHING in regards to Qaddafi and Libya?

That’s one F’ed up foreign policy ya got there, Mr. Obama.

And you thought George W. Bush was dumb?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The World Is Burning, Obama Focuses On --- March Madness Picks!

Have We Ever Had A President This Disconnected?

Let's get this straight: Japan is in the midst of its worst crisis since ... hell I don't know when.  It appears the radioactive fallout from Japan will reach our West Coast within the next week if the prevailing wind patterns keep up.

The Middle East burns with conflict after conflict across Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. 

At home, hyper-inflation is knocking on our doorsteps with skyrocketing gas and food prices, an unemployment rate at 10.2% (according to Gallup, everyone knows the BLS is cooking the books.)

The world is literally coming apart at the seams and the media is completely ignoring what this out of touch "President" is doing in our White House: He's focused on picking his March Madness brackets, and video-taping his picks for all the world to see. 

Last Friday Obama welcomed the NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks to the White House. I'm a 'hawks fan, but this was ridiculous.  Aren't there more pressing issues?  Of course there are!

This past Saturday, he golfed for the 61st time since becoming "President."  President Bush didn't golf anywhere near as much during his entire 8 years in office.

Sunday Obama spoke out against "bullies" telling of his own personal experience.  Pardon me while I yawn, but I bet the worthless POC deserved what he got!

Tomorrow, Obama will be partying with the Taoiseach of Ireland, who'll be in town to help Obama celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  The SOB isn't even Irish!!

And then Friday it’s off to Brazil for the start of a three-country Latin American tour.

This is what our "President" is doing while the world burns.  Proof the Community Organizer in Chief doesn't have a clue about being President.

Yes, I do miss President Bush and his Leadership.

Even the idiots that voted for this moron in the White House are starting to notice, Obama's disapproval rating is at an all-time high.  Wake up America, before it's too damn' late.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Thoughts & Prayers For Japan, U.S.

Today our thoughts and prayers are with those in Japan who are affected by a horrendus 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami which caused a 33 foot wave to strike the North East part of Japan, and 4-6 foot waves elsewhere to cover significant parts of the islands.

Japan has more than 50 nuclear reactors providing electricity across its islands, all but one of which were shut down safely immediately following the earthquake.  One is on fire at this moment, our hopes and prayers are that this already tragic situation doesn’t go nuclear.

Hawaii is about to be hit any minute, the West Coast of the U.S. in the next few hours.  Godspeed to all in its path.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now Even High School Students Shun Obama!

White House “Commencement Challenge” Is An Epic Failure!

 CBS News reports only 16 High Schools "applied" to have Obama speak at their graduation commencement this year.

2mcdd3t In fact, there were so few applications before the February deadline , the White House extended the deadline to March 11th.  Since the extension, the “Commencement Challenge” run directly out of the White House has received an additional – get this – 52 applications for a total of 68. 

The Obama Administration is so desperate, they’re trying to keep the actual count from going public (too late!) and are now asking Congressional Staffers to “reach out” to their local school districts to get them to apply.

Obama Administration officials are at a loss to explain exactly why they’ve received only 16 initial applications and were forced to extend the deadline to try and garner more interest.

Allow me to explain it to the Obama Administration in three short, simple words:


Perhaps kids these days aren't as stupid as I thought.  Now if only they could teach their idiot parent voters a few things.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Calling B.S. On Tapping The Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Media Frenzy An Obama Ploy Designed To Distract Public

Folks, let’s call a spade a spade here. The Obama Administration’s public dilemma on whether or not to tap into this country’s strategic petroleum reserves is a ruse designed by the Obama Administration and their willing co-whores in the media to keep your attention off the real issue: this Administration’s refusal to allow drilling anywhere in the United States of America, period.


The fact is this: opening up the SPR will do absolutely nothing to gasoline prices in this country.  As with the case of Bill Clinton when he ordered the Strategic Petroleum Reserves tapped into, the price of gasoline at the pump DID NOT DROP.  The only thing it managed to accomplish was to make the Clinton Administration and the media “feel good” that the President “did something.”

As we’ve said time and again, the Obama Administration wants high fuel prices to make “green energy” seem cheap by comparison.  That is the only way Obama and his leftist-environmental whacko’s get to advance their agenda to have us all freezing to death in the middle of winter in unheated homes/caves waiting for windmills to spin or the sun to come out.

These are the facts folks, ignore them at your own peril now, and during the 2012 elections.

How’s that hopey/changey bullshit working out for you?


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Article: Obama Calls Tea Party "Racist"

Ignores Racism In His Own "Justice" Department

US News & World Report:   Obama: Race a component in Tea Party protests.

Gee, guess Eric Holder refusing to prosecute "my own people" for voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers isn't a prime example of Government Institutionalized Racism by the Obama Administration now is it?

I live for the day that I wake up in the morning and this POS Obama is no longer in the White House.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hyper-Inflation Is Already Here

Obama Administration Cannot Obfuscate The Facts Any Longer

The American Thinker blog today has an excellent article on the Obama Administrations attempts to hide inflation from the American People.

Using the unemployment rate, census data and recent commodity prices, Steve McCann writes a piece today that’s an economics clinic on why these factors will have a chilling impact on our economy thereby killing any chance for an economic recovery any time soon.

Meaning: while the current worst-president-ever-community organizer – in-chief is in the Black House.

But for those of us who may not have economics degrees and understand the terms and charts Steve McCann uses in his article, I took a simpler approach.  Using grocery receipts from the last 12 months, I compiled a list of grocery staples that most American’s purchase to demonstrate the effects of inflation on our household budgets.

I do so with full understanding that the U.S. Government does not count the cost of food and fuel in the core inflation index, but there is no doubt, as all reasonable American’s know, that the price of food and fuel absolutely do impact our household budgets and as a result, our disposable income.  It is after all that “disposable income” which is used to purchase other things such as clothes, cars and other items which drive our economy.

Using receipts from the last year, here are the affects of Obama’s “economic policy” on my household at the grocery store:

  • Coffee. A 2 pound, 5 ounce container is around $12. 6 months ago it was around $7. Prior to that, the average price was $3.99.
  • Dozen Eggs. Last year, 99 cents. On sale, 79 cents. Yesterday, $3/dozen.
  • Milk. $4/gallon. The price has fluctuated so much it's hard to tell what it USED TO BE. Last time I picked it up at the local convenience store near the house about a year ago, I paid something like $2.49/gal for 2%.
  • Canned Gren Beans (Generic). 8 months ago, 33 cents for a 12 ounce can. Yesterday, same brand was $1.49
  • Flour. 5 pound bag yesterday was $7. 8 months ago it was under $2.
  • Sugar. 5 Pound Bag yesterday was $8. 8 months ago it was under $2.
  • Chicken. Over $3/pound here, it used to be around 79-99 cents per pound in the last year.
  • Beef. We don't even look at the price anymore, it's gotten that expensive and is no longer a part of our diets.

We've known this corrupt government led by the community organizer in chief has been lying for a very long time. Frankly, I’ve never believed a word this POS has said since his days here in Chicago. 

I'm fortunate enough that my wife saw all this coming months ago and began stockpiling our pantry and freezer. With the exception of milk (and occasionally eggs..) we no longer buy any of the above as our pantry has been well stocked for awhile now.

We can pass these prices up until they come back down, but not everyone we know is as fortunate. My wife has done a great job with the family food budget (she’s become a coupon maven) so she could "splurge" when something like coffee went on sale for $3.99-$5.99 some months ago and stocked up.

I just counted our pantry, I have 24 2 pound, 5 ounce Maxwell House Mountain Roast cans on the shelves. That's well over a year's worth of coffee for us. At today's prices, that's about $300 worth of coffee that should've cost about $94 at "uninflated" prices.

Every family in America that has to go to a grocery store knows that hyper-inflation is already here. Our government hides it by not including food and fuel costs in the calculation. I cannot imagine what those on retirement/fixed incomes are going through just trying to put food on their tables at these prices.

Lastly, Gasoline prices.  The cost of 87 octane unleaded here is $3.60/gallon.  Diesel is $3.85/gallon. Those are the highest prices since the summer of 2008.  With the exception of one two-week period in mid-2009, regular unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel prices have remained above $3/gallon during Obama’s pResidency.  Even with these prices nearing all-time highs, there is no talk of re-opening the Gulf for drilling, or tapping into our own natural reserves.

We all know hyper-inflation is already here.  We see it every time we go to the grocery store or stop to put gasoline in our cars or diesel in our trucks.

Thanks Obama! (/sarc)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama FINALLY Breaks Silence on Libya

Condemn’s Violence, Still Refuses To Name Despot Dictator

Let’s be clear about the facts in Libya:

Nine Days Of this despot dictator slaughtering his own countrymen went unanswered by the coward in chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

Nine Days, silence.

Finally today, the muslim in the white house condemned the “outrageous” crackdown by Libyan security forces on protesters.

This was Obama’s first public comment on what’s happening in Libya since protesters seeking to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi’s brutal regime. 

Gadaffi you may recall is suspected of directly ordering the bombing of TWA Flight 800 which blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland and which WikiLeaks claims to have copies of Gadffi’s direct orders to bomb it out of the sky.

Still, early this morning Obama issued his first public statement condemning a country – an entity for killing its own citizens.

What is an entity?  It’s a country, not a person.

Nowhere in his statement does Obama name Gaddafi directly.

The coward piece of shit in the White House can’t muster up the courage to condemn a third-world despot dictator for committing murder after nine days, yet this same coward piece of shit had no problem jumping into the fray in favor of Wisconsin’s public worker unions and their extortionary pensions the day Governor Walker stood his ground and said “no deal” with the unions.

Says all we need to know about the muslim in the BLACK HOUSE doesn’t it?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama Declares War on Democracy

Organizing America Seizes Wisconsin State House

Washington Times


Message to Wisconsin taxpayers: President Obama and the Democratic National Committee have declared war on you. Message to other states: You’re next.

The political unrest in Wisconsin, billed as some kind of grass-roots uprising, is being organized and directed by Barack Obama‘s Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee. This development is consistent with Mr. Obama‘s instructions for supporters to “get in the face” of those who oppose them, but in this case, they are seeking to derail a lawful legislative process.

On Thursday, 14 Democratic state lawmakers fled Wisconsin’s capital to prevent the legislature from conducting official business. Dan Grandone, state director for the president’s campaign apparatus, accused Gov. Scott Walker of “ignoring Wisconsin voices today and asking for the power to drown them out permanently tomorrow.” It is important to note that the voices of which Mr. Grandone speaks are not those of the public at large. Voters sent an unmistakable message in November by taking solid majorities in the state Assembly and Senate away from Democrats and handing even greater control to Republicans. Mr. Walker, a Republican, won by six points over the incumbent Democrat.

Unions Seeking Blood in Wisconsin Conflict

Obama Abandon’s Call For “Civility” In Favor Of Hostility

Found this on CraigsList.  Any doubt left what the 2012 election’s going to be like?


These bastards think they can intimidate the rest of us?  Unions are a small percentage of the workforce anymore.  It’s only a matter of time before the backlash against these greedy assholes takes form.

Sooner rather than later, IMO.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama Wants Riots In Wisconsin

Folks, it's simple: the 2012 elections are playing out in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin.

Obama's support for the union's yesterday, decrying the "destruction of the unions" was nothing less than setting the table for 2012, telling those of us who do not have a cushy over-paid government job exactly what the price of "resistance" towards Obama's policies would be: union thuggery in the streets.

Make no mistake about it, I'm exactly right on this one (as I typically am ...)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Socialism’s Trajectory

ObamaCare Is Bigger Than LBJ’s Great Society

Terrence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

Anyone who doubts that the trend toward socialism is pushing America toward ruin should examine the historical tables President Obama published Monday along with his $3.7 trillion budget.

In fiscal 2011, according to these tables, the Department of Health and Human Services will spend $909.7 billion. In fiscal 1965, the entire federal government spent $118.228 billion.

What about inflation? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' inflation calculator, $118.228 billion in 1965 dollars equals $822.6 billion in 2010 dollars. In real terms, the $909.7 billion HHS is spending this year is about $87.1 billion more than the entire federal government spent in 1965.

1965 was a key year in the advancement of socialism in the United States.

From 1776 until 1965, Americans generally did not rely on the federal government for health care unless they served in the military or worked in some other capacity for the federal government.

But in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson and a Democratic Congress enacted two massive federal entitlement programs -- Medicare and Medicaid -- that fundamentally altered the relationship between Americans and the federal government by making tens of millions dependent on the government for health care.

Excerpted, read the rest at CNSNEWS.COM

Friday, February 11, 2011

If They Can Do It In Egypt, Why Can’t We Here?


A Note To The Egyptians, On This Glorious Historical Day

Dear Egyptian Rioters:

    Please do not damage the pyramids.  We will NOT rebuild them.


The Jews.