Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now Even High School Students Shun Obama!

White House “Commencement Challenge” Is An Epic Failure!

 CBS News reports only 16 High Schools "applied" to have Obama speak at their graduation commencement this year.

2mcdd3t In fact, there were so few applications before the February deadline , the White House extended the deadline to March 11th.  Since the extension, the “Commencement Challenge” run directly out of the White House has received an additional – get this – 52 applications for a total of 68. 

The Obama Administration is so desperate, they’re trying to keep the actual count from going public (too late!) and are now asking Congressional Staffers to “reach out” to their local school districts to get them to apply.

Obama Administration officials are at a loss to explain exactly why they’ve received only 16 initial applications and were forced to extend the deadline to try and garner more interest.

Allow me to explain it to the Obama Administration in three short, simple words:


Perhaps kids these days aren't as stupid as I thought.  Now if only they could teach their idiot parent voters a few things.

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