Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It’s Time To Legally Abolish Unions

SEIU Plans To Crash Economic System, Re-Distribute Wealth and Property

This my friends, is why both private and public sector unions simply must be abolished in this country. 

Terrorism is terrorism, and what the SEIU is planning here is ECONOMIC TERRORISM against our economy.  All in the name of re-distibuting wealth from those they hate, the actual creators of wealth in this country, to the so-called “working class.”

Didn’t the Communists try this?  Oh that’s right, the extremist liberal left doesn’t like to be called “Communists” anymore, they prefer the term “Progressives” now.

Communists by any other name, are still Communists.


67CamaroGirlAr said...

If the states could break the backs of the unions, jobs would come pouring back to the US (they could afford to manufacture here again), and democrats would lose their campaign contributions.......... I call that a WIN-WIN for our economy!!! Oh ya, and our kids might get a real education at school.

NoBamaNation said...

Right on CamaroGirl.