Monday, March 7, 2011

Calling B.S. On Tapping The Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Media Frenzy An Obama Ploy Designed To Distract Public

Folks, let’s call a spade a spade here. The Obama Administration’s public dilemma on whether or not to tap into this country’s strategic petroleum reserves is a ruse designed by the Obama Administration and their willing co-whores in the media to keep your attention off the real issue: this Administration’s refusal to allow drilling anywhere in the United States of America, period.


The fact is this: opening up the SPR will do absolutely nothing to gasoline prices in this country.  As with the case of Bill Clinton when he ordered the Strategic Petroleum Reserves tapped into, the price of gasoline at the pump DID NOT DROP.  The only thing it managed to accomplish was to make the Clinton Administration and the media “feel good” that the President “did something.”

As we’ve said time and again, the Obama Administration wants high fuel prices to make “green energy” seem cheap by comparison.  That is the only way Obama and his leftist-environmental whacko’s get to advance their agenda to have us all freezing to death in the middle of winter in unheated homes/caves waiting for windmills to spin or the sun to come out.

These are the facts folks, ignore them at your own peril now, and during the 2012 elections.

How’s that hopey/changey bullshit working out for you?


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