Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Investors Declare War on Obama Economic Policies

S&P Salvo First Shot in Opening Round

Make no mistake about it, yesterday's S&P long-term outlook shift on U.S. Debit was meant to send a signal to Obama and Congress that the current fiscal trajectory is not sustainable, and needs to be dealt with in a big hurry.  There is no other explanation for yesterday's market reaction.

For those of you who may not know, the next round of U.S. Bonds to finance the current Obama Deficit goes on sale May 1st.  When these bonds DO NOT SELL look for a visceral and voracious market reaction.  Translation: It ain't gonna be pretty.

There can be no question that the intent of Obama and his minions in the White House are deliberately trying to crash our economy.  Their ultimate end goal is to seize all wealth in this country and re-distribute it according to their wishes to their own constituents.  Yes, they're buying votes with your and my money.

Back to the opening salvo yesterday: the Producers in this country are about to go on strike. Yesterday was the notice it's coming. Heed the warning and protect yourselves.

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