Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obama Funding Al-Qaeda Led Libyan Rebels

Taxpayer Dollars Now Being Used To Fund Terrorists That Attacked Us on 9-11-01

Barack Hussein Obama, the current occupant of the White House today gave $25,000,000 taxpayer dollars to Al-Qaeda led Libyan “Rebels” fighting to displace Muamar Gaddafi.

That Barack Hussein Obama is funding terrorists comes as no surprise.  He stated in his own book “Dreams of my Father” that when push came to shove, he’d “side with the muslims.”  That’s exactly what he’s doing.

That $25,000,000 is going to buy an awful lot of Al-Qaeda terrorists plane tickets direct to the United States from less than friendly nation states who do not have our best interests in mind.

So when the first planes start hitting American buildings on American soil in another coordinated attack, we’ll have the current occupant of the White House to blame.

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