Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turner Defeats Weprin; Disaster Looms For Obama

Be Afraid, BeVERY Afraid

That a political novice and Catholic named Bob Turner could easily defeat an Orthodox Jew named David Weprin in a heavily Jewish Orthodox district which has only elected a Republican 4 times in 200+ years should send a chill down Obama’s back.

Forget the chill, it should instill outright fear.

AT A LOSS: Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin acknowledges the bittersweet cheers of his supporters late last night after he lost his bid to replace Rep. Anthony Weiner in the special election in Brooklyn and Queens.Democrats outnumbered Republican’s by 3:1.  Unions poured in millions of dollars and Democrat “statesmen” pressed the district heavily to elect Weprin.

And yet, with absolutely everyone and everything working against him, Turner won.

(David Weprin, Losing speech.)

A Catholic defeats an Orthodox Jew in a predominantly Democratic, Orthodox Jewish Congressional District.  Who’d have thunk it, and what does this mean?

It’s a straight-out repudiation of Obama, if for no other reason than his backing of the creation of a terrorist state named “Palestine” and demanding that Israel return to its indefensible 1967 borders, which would enable its enemies to rain down missiles upon them from on high.

As New York is slated to lose two Congressional House Seats, the loss carries the extra sting of losing two much needed “blue seats” in a predominantly Democrat state.

Ultimately, the winner in this is Texas – who will receive two additional Congressional Seats due to population shift in the country, and the American People in having another representative in the United States House of Representatives that will vote to undo Obamanomics.

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