Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Washington DC To Blame For Downgrade

Not “Tea Party”

Perhaps Rand Paul said it best yesterday when he succinctly said that blaming the Tea Party for the S&P Credit Downgrade was like blaming the Fireman for the Fire.

I agree.  This “fire” was started by decades of financial mis-management in Washington DC, by Government burocrats who believed, and continue to believe that they know how to spend our money and run our lives better than we do.

That’s called arrogance, and right now the Obama Administration and their knee-pad wearing supporters are at the height of it (arrogance.)

Allow me to be the first to point out a fact that should be obvious to every American who knows how to think for themselves: It was only a year ago that the Obama Administration refused to acknowledge that there were tens of millions of American’s who disagreed with the direction he was taking the country, and that those tens of millions of American’s used their Constitutional right to protest in peaceful ways to make their voices heard.

Isn’t it somewhat odd, if not politically expedient (and hypocritical) that the very American’s the President and his political hacks in the White House refused to admit even existed last year, have so much “power” to disrupt our political system?

Adolf Hitler once said “If you tell a big enough lie long enough, eventually people begin to believe it.”  Thus is the case with those who believe the “Tea Party” is responsible for the S&P downgrade.

A “Tea Party” Downgrade?  Economic Terrorists?  Holding America “Hostage?”  All these well tested catch-phrases demonstrate just how desperate the White House is. 

Let me demonstrate.  To believe the Tea Party is responsible for the S&P downgrade, you have to believe that were it not for the Tea Party demonstrating against our out of control Government spending, that the S&P, Moody’s and other Credit Rating agencies would never have noticed our Government’s wreckless spending, and failure to plan to ever pay back our debt.

To believe that is patently absurd, if not downright stupid.

If you believe the “Tea Party”, or those American’s who insist the Government live within it’s means (the way each and every one of us has to) are a bunch of economic terrorists, then you yourself would be racking up debt, living far beyond your means, never believing the bills would come due or the creditors would come calling.

If the “Tea Party” is responsible for the downgrade, then why did the Stock Market fall nearly 200 points during the time Obama spoke on TV?

Finally, just who’s holding America hostage here?  The Democrats controlled the House & Senate beginning in 2007, and the White House in 2008.  In those four years beginning in 2007, they’ve failed to pass a federal budget, have wrecklessly spent six-trillion dollars and have failed to plan to pay our debts.

Who’s holding the country hostage?  The Democrat Party, led by Barack Hussein Obama.

You want to know who’s to blame for the mess we’re in?  Washington DC’s decades of fiscal mis-management.  Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Controlled Congress.

Obama likes to say that Bush drove our economy into a ditch.  Let’s be clear: Obama’s spending six trillion dollars with zero accountability drove not just our economy, but our nation’s credit rating right over a cliff, all the while mashing the gas pedal to the floor.

No President in history has racked up $6,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) dollars in debt in their entire tenure in office.  Obama managed to nearly double our National Debt in two short years, and cost the nation it’s Triple-A credit rating.

Yet another Obama “historic” first.

This country can certainly do without all these Obama “firsts” can’t we?

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