Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

I’ve Waited Four Long Years ….

I know I live in the People’s Socialist RepuliK of Illinois, and I know the idiots in this state are going to vote Obama, but I voted anyway today.

As I walked into the polling place, several election judges and poll watchers who knew me how I was doing today.  I responded “Good today, I’ll be MUCH better tomorrow!” (emphasis on “much.”)

One of the election judges asked me why that was, and since he knew me I’m sure he knew the response that was coming.  I replied “I’ve waited four long years to vote this idiot out of office, that’s why!”

Most folks waiting in line chuckled and nodded in agreement.  One black couple made it a point to give me their best “death stare” at which I said “it must really be tough to be an Obama voter today, knowing this state is going to be dwarfed by our neighbors voting for Romney!”

That was met with more chuckles and nods of approval.

The fact that there were absolutely ZERO Obama signs anywhere near the polling place should tell you my dear reader, of the type of area I live in.  Yes, there are Republican strongholds in Illinois, I live in one of them.

For that I’m grateful.

Today we vote.  Tomorrow, “he gone!”


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