Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Freebies Defeat Freedom

So This Is How Democracy Dies

imagesThere’s going to be much written in the following days and weeks ahead as to why Mitt Romney lost the election, some of it will be written by me.

In fact, some of it already has.  In our post on October 22nd, we advised Governor Romney not to play it safe in the third and final Presidential debate and go directly after Obama on Benghazi.

As we watched in horror, Romney didn’t, and ended up agreeing with Obama on point, after point during the debate.  Where was the Mitt Romney from the first debate?

When the third debate was over I couldn’t help but think to myself “there goes the election.  Why would anyone vote for Obama-lite when they could just vote for Obama?”

Then Hurricane Sandy and the now infamous photo of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hugging Obama.  Many are already saying that one incident cost Romney the election.

I disagree.  Romney cost Romney the election.  In a horse race, betters look to find the horse with a winning edge, the “difference” between horses to determine who’ll win.  Romney’s performance during the third debate gave voters no reason to choose him.  Simply stated, there was no difference between the two as Romney sat and agreed with Obama on point after point.

Romney gave voters no reason to change horses because he and Obama looked the same during and after the third debate.

As I said back on October 22nd, Romney needed to not 'play it safe’ and take Obama out.  He failed.

We are living the results of Romney’s failure during that third debate now, and that means four more years of socialist/marxist policies with nothing more than an ineffective Republican House standing in the way.

What will we see for four more years?  Here’s a short list:

- Still higher energy prices as the EPA implements its radical agenda to shut down refineries and coal plants across the country.  The EPA had regulations ready to go in case Obama lost, but now there’s nothing stopping them from driving gasoline and electricity costs to new heights.

- Higher health care costs, now that Obamacare will be implemented.  My employer already announced that more costs are being shifted to us as a result of having to be compliant with Obamacare.

- Continued slow to no economic growth.  Keep watching the job numbers folks.  Specifically, watch the first time unemployment claims starting this month.  They’ll continue outpacing the cooked “jobs numbers” coming from the Obama Administration.

- College Graduates can look forward to continuing to work multiple part-time jobs, rather than having a good paying job in their field.

- Housing market collapse, part II.  Weak jobs market equals weak demand in housing.  Home builders were ramping up the last quarter preparing to build new homes anticipating higher growth, kiss that goodbye.

And those are just for starters folks.  So to those who voted for Obama, congratulations.  You voted for freebies over freedom.  The problem for you is, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to re-distribute.  That day is coming, sooner than you think.

That’s when those of us who did not vote for Obama will have the last laugh.

“So this is how Democracy dies … to thunderous applause.”

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