Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama’s Disapproval Rating At All-Time High

Bad News for Obama, Democrats Again

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows an increasing disapproval rating for Obama and his policies.  The news for Obama and his Administration just keeps getting worse. 

Only 30% of American’s now “strongly approve” of Obama, which is within 8 percentage points of President Bush’s all time lows.  Fully 37% of voters strongly disapprove of Obama according to Friday’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.


Overall, only 51% of voters have a favorable or somewhat favorable view of Obama, with 48% disapproving.   My how the mighty have fallen from the previous approval rating of 72% in February of this year.

The strong disapproval rating no doubt reflects the public’s reaction to Obama’s “Cap and Tax” proposals, as well as his proposed “Health Care Legislation” which would seize control of the Health Care industry and institute rationing, which 82% of American’s believe would happen under Obama’s proposal.  But why else have Obama’s ratings fallen so quickly and so steeply? 

Let’s start with the national unemployment average of 9.5%, the highest since 1983.  Previously Obama was able to deflect blame for the economy onto President Bush but that’s no longer the case.  American’s are waking up to the fact that Obama has blown $787 billion dollars of Taxpayer money and has nothing to show for it.  Job losses on a month over month basis have been increasing with some 14 million American’s out of work.  Clearly Obama now owns this crap sandwich.

Then there’s additional polling data which shows that a majority of voters (52%) now trust Republican’s with 8 of 10 key issues including the economy.   Republicans also lead on national security, as voters put North Korea at  the top of the list of threats to U.S. national security as Obama seems powerless to do anything about Kim Jung Il’s threats to have a nuclear war with the United States.  Voters also trust Republican’s on Taxes, the war in Iraq, taxes, ethics and corruption  and immigration.  On the issue of abortion, Republican’s hold the largest lead in a decade, with 46% trusting them vs. 34% for Democrats.

For the first time in over 2 years, Republican’s lead Democrats on the issue of Social Security by nearly 6 points, and Democrats have seen their party’s two strongest points – Health Care and Education slip to within the polling margin of error, down from a nearly 20 point lead in May.

On the matter of Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the US Supreme Court, 72% of American’s according to a Yahoo/CNN poll believe that her confirmation to the highest court in the land would be detrimental to the Court and the Country.

In other bad news for Obama:

  • 54% of voters oppose “Cash for Clunkers”
  • 73% oppose any “second stimulus” plan
  • 65% oppose Obama’s proposed “health care reform”
  • 55% want the Government to stay out of the housing mess
  • 43% want Government Mortgage Assistance ended

Clearly the time is ripe for a Republican Revolution ala 1992, the question is will the Republican Party find its backbone and learn how to fight this President and win on the issues, or will they continue to roll over like a bunch of spineless jellyfish?

My own bet is on the spineless jellyfish option.

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