Friday, July 31, 2009

Breaking News: Chris Dodd (D. CT) has Prostate Cancer

Thanks God  He Doesn’t Have Obama-Care

Not to make light of a serious cancer that affects one out of seven men over age 50, but I have to ask a serious question here:

Don’t you think that Chris Dodd is glad he’s not covered by the proposed Obama Health Care Reforms?

Let’s examine a few facts. 

First, Dodd is 72 years old.  He’s lived a full life.  Lord knows he helped screw up the housing industry with his pal Barney Frank (D. MA) and Dodd himself got a few sweetheart deals refinancing his multiple homes with Countrywide that the rest of us would never have gotten.

Then again, Dodd is a multi-millionaire, limousine riding liberal who thinks he can tell the rest of us how to live through his support for Obama-Care.  So what would happen to Dodd under Obama-Care?  I could only imagine the conversation would go something like this:

Dodd’s Doctor: Chris, I hate to break the bad news to you, but you have prostate cancer.  The good news is, we caught it in the early stages and it’s treatable.  We expect that with some conservative treatment, the effects will be minimal and you should expect to continue leading a full life.

Sen. Chris Dodd: Gee Doc, I’m really upset at hearing this but I’m glad this was caught early.  Will the cancer affect my continued screwing up the economy for the American people?  After all, they elected us on a mantra of “Change.”

Dodd’s Doctor: No Chris, we’re going to begin some treatment over the next few days, after which you’ll be fit enough to return to the Senate and pass these mind-numbingly horrendous bills that impede on people’s daily lives.  For your treatment, we’re going to use a course of drugs and radiation seeds implanted in your prostate to halt the cancer’s growth and prevent it from spreading.  The drugs we’ll give you are very costly, however they’ll shrink your prostate so you’re not pissing all over yourself at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Government Health-Care Coordinator enters room: Hello, I’m your government appointed health care coordinator.   I’m sorry Mr. Dodd, but you’ve lived a full life according to the Government’s charts, and the treatment your doctor is prescribing is awfully expensive.  Our recommended treatment for you is the blue pill, which is half the cost of the red pills and radiation seeds your doctor is prescribing.

Dodd’s Doctor: But the blue pills don’t work for this type of cancer, everyone knows this, what are you trying to do, kill Senator Dodd?

 Government Health-Care Coordinator: Senator Dodd is 72.  His life expectancy according to our government charts is 77, that’s only another 5 years or so. Additionally, he’s overweight, which will cut that down by a few years and he’ll likely have a stroke which is also expensive.  Therefore we recommend a course of palliative treatment and mandatory end of life counseling.

Senator Dodd: End of life counseling?

Government Health-Care Coordinator: Yes Senator Dodd, it was in the bill you voted in favor of.image

Senator Dodd: But I don’t WANT to die!

Government Health-Care Coordinator: I’m sorry Mr. Dodd, but the Government of which you yourself were a part of has decided that it’s just not cost effective to treat your prostate cancer to extend your life a paltry five years.  Therefore we’ll only approve your doctor prescribing the blue pill, and some end of life counseling for you.

Senator Dodd: But, But …..

Government Health-Care Coordinator: Mr. Dodd, allow me to introduce your end of life counselor ….


Obama, Democrat-Socialist-Marxists Seize Control of Food Supply

Gates/Crowley, Health Care Reform Distractions Provide Cover for Seizure of Food Supply

While American’s were consumed with the  Gates/Crowley and Health Care reform fiasco’s generated by the Obama administration, a new Government Seizure bill popped up on the radar seemingly overnight, which threatens America’s food supply and the cost of us, everyday American’s feeding our families.

H.R. 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 which was proposed by free market interventionist and socialist Henry Waxman of California would give the Food and Drug administration all the power it claims to need to regulate all food that American’s consume.

The act covers all food grown domestically and in foreign countries giving the FDA broad powers to inspect, fine, shut down, whatever it wants, to any food producer it deems unfit.

The burdens in this bill are so onerous, that small and family farmers and ranchers may be driven out of business by the increased regulatory and compliance burdens, and which ultimately will increase cost to the American consumer.

One has to pause and ask themselves just why is this bill needed?  America already has the safest food supply on the planet.  Illnesses borne by “bad food” are few and far between, are discovered rapidly and products pulled from the shelves.  Those that do get ill from food contaminants likely didn’t prepare (that is: CLEAN) their food properly before consuming or cooking it, or the food was contaminated during preparation.  Given the number of prepared foods American’s consume, the incidents of food contamination and poisoning are minute compared to that which happens in other countries.

So why is this bill necessary?

More Governmental Control Over Your Life.

This socialist government wants more control over your daily life, what you eat, and how much they can tax your behavior, that’s why.  There is no other logical reason that is presented in this bill given the food safety record in this country.

We urge you to call your Congressman immediately and tell them to vote NO on H.R.  1749.  This is just more big-nanny state government from the Socialist in the White House.

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