Monday, July 6, 2009

What Are Obama & The Democrats Afraid Of?

Last Friday’s surprise announcement by Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska set her critics off spinning anew as to what she’s up to, and her plans for 2012 like never before.

As a Governor, Palin was a sitting duck to the Democrats.  Never before have they reacted so viscerally towards a Conservative politician, save for perhaps Ronald Reagan. 

The question is, why?  What’s behind their constant attacks of Palin and her family?  Is this Bush Derangement Syndrome part deux, or is there something more sinister behind the attacks on Palin and members of her family?

Today we “cracked the code” on why the Democrats are so obsessed with Palin.  According to a new Gallup poll, Conservatism is on the rise.  In fact, more American’s now describe their political leanings as “Conservative” than “Moderate” or “Liberal”  which doesn’t bode well for the Democrat Party.


And that’s just for starters.  According to other polling data, more than 70% of American’s think that the “economic stimulus” package promoted by Obama and passed by Democrats spent too much money for too few results.  More than 80% are concerned about exploding budget deficits (which are now 3x more than the largest deficit under Bush.)  More than 85% are happy with the health care they have. This news doesn’t bode well for Obama’s plans for America.

But wait, the news gets worse still for Obama and the Democrats.  According to Gallup, on average 82% of American’s view themselves as “Moderate” or “Conservative”  (39% Conservative, 42% “Moderate.”) The majority of Republican’s consider themselves Conservative (47%) versus “Moderate” (43%.)

Amongst the coveted “Independent” voters, 37% consider themselves Conservative, 43% “Moderate” and 19% “liberal.”  In this category, Conservatives have gained more than 10% of Independents since Obama took office.

Now the kicker: 34% of Democrats now consider themselves “Conservative” up from 25% when Obama took office.  40% consider themselves “Moderate” while just 23% of Democrats claim to be “liberal.”

When you total up the gains in the number of people who now consider themselves “Conservative” versus those who claim to be “liberal” one can see that this President is in a tremendous amount of trouble just about 6 months into his Presidency.

Is it 1993 all over again?  Considering Obama has repeated several of Bill Clinton’s mistakes (ie: health care, talking down the economy, “blame the rich” policies, expansion of welfare, explosion of Government spending) its not hard to see at all that this White House is in for one heck of an ass-whooping come November of 2010.

To top it off, the one person that they’re most afraid of, SarahPalin Palin, is about to hit the nationwide campaign trail for Conservative candidates ahead of the 2010 ‘mid term’ elections.  The Democrats can no longer file endless, frivolous ethics complaints against her as Governor of Alaska every time she leaves the state.  No longer can they attack her family as she’s put the media on notice that their words will be held against them in a court of law. 

Why are they afraid of Sarah Palin?  Several reasons.

First, like a mother bear protecting her young, she’s turned to fight  those who would attack her family.   The Democrat controlled lamestream media stepped way over the line in attacking Willow  (Letterman) and Trig along with claims that Bristol’s child was actually Palin’s.  One can only suspect that like any good mother, Palin simply ‘had enough’ of the attacks and did what she had to do to stop them. 

Second, Palin chose to put Alaska’s needs above her own.  In coming to this conclusion, I had but one basic question to ask myself: “Do I believe Sarah Palin is a genuine person, who says what she means?” The answer to that question was an unqualified “yes” on my part.  In this regard, Palin demonstrated to all (including her detractors) that she wasn’t about to let the good work of her Administration and the people around her be torn down by Democrat apparatchik's continual filing of frivolous ethics complaints.  Here Palin demonstrated something no other Democrat in this Congress or White House has to date: INTEGRITY.

Finally, the biggest reason that the Democrats and Obama have beenronald_reagan so viscerally attacking Palin is because she clearly articulates Conservative values and principles in a way that the average Joe on the street can understand.  Much like Ronald Reagan, Palin has the gift of being able to directly connect with the public, bypassing the media’s filters and spin.  When one listens to her message and the words she uses to articulate it, there’s no mistaking where she stands.  The media can’t ‘spin’ it because there is no ambiguity when Palin speaks.  Sound familiar?  Perahaps it’s because she’s “Reagan in a skirt” as I described her the very first time I had a chance to hear her speak.  I think we all recall how much the media hated Reagan, for very much the same reason.

So there you have it: a declining political identity for the Democrats/Liberals, and an ascending identification of Conservatism in this country combined with Sarah Palin as “Reagan in a skirt” articulating Conservative values and principles.

That is why the Democrats and Obama are running scared, and I’ll predict right here and now as I did last month that it’s 1993 all over again.  The stage is set for a Conservative rout in 2010.  All we needed was someone who embodied true Conservative values and could articulate them to a public that’s now clamoring for true CHANGE only six months into a now FAILED Obama Administration.

Thank you  Sarah.


Honduran’s Protest CNN

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While the media may spin this as a “pro Zelaya” rally, it’s anything but.  These Honduran’s are sick and tired of so-called “world leaders” telling them to restore Zelaya, the Chavez wanna-be dictator in waiting. 

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