Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Many TSA Agents Does It Take To Strip Search A Little Boy?

Three, All Of Which No Doubt Enjoyed It

No doubt you’ve already heard about the woman who was a breast cancer survivor that was forced to remove her prosthetic breast in full public view during a TSA “screening” before she was permitted to board her flight. 

You’ve likely already heard about the man who survived bladder cancer and has to wear a urostomy bag to collect his urine being searched by the TSA as well.  Those TSA agents caused his urostomy bag to lose its seal spilling urine all over him before boarding his plane.

“If we all slugged the TSA after they sexually molested us, could they really arrest us all?”

Now comes the TSA strip-searching a little boy in front of his father.

Let me set this up for you: This young boy who’s face cannot be seen in this video, went through a metal detector and did not set it off but was selected by three TSA Agents for a pat down anyway.

This video begins as the TSA agents searching this young boy aren’t satisfied with the father holding the boy’s arms out for the TSA Agents to ‘pat him down’ and then instruct the father to remove the young boy’s shirt.

Three TSA agents are clearly seen staring at this little boy, naked from the waistline up – in public.


It’s been well documented that the TSA to this day has convicted child molesters and other criminal elements working within its ranks.  I think we see three of them right here in this picture.  Just look how they seemingly gawk at this poor young boy for several seconds before “permitting” him to get dressed again.

As we’ve seen incidents like this come to the public fore, a number of questions have come up in my mind, perhaps they have in yours as well, so allow me to verbalize them here.

If we all slugged the TSA after they sexually molested us, could they really arrest us all?

Why don’t we all demand to be patted down and bring the system to a halt?

Why don’t people start boo’ing, yelling, throwing things whenever a TSA thug starts patting someone down?  Is there something wrong with voicing one’s displeasure and exercising our first amendment rights when the Government completely over-reaches its authority?

Why in the blue hell do we never see video’s of muslims, who are the real terrorists in this country being searched in this way?

Why is the TSA now talking about “religious exemptions” for muslims but not for anyone else?

What kind of “father” would put his young son (or daughter …) in this type of position to be publicly humiliated by a bunch of TSA child-molesting thugs and stand idly by while it happened?  Or worse yet, aid the TSA in humiliating his son?  What kind of man is this father anyway and what lesson did he just teach his son in submitting to the Government, when the Government is supposed to submit to us?

God help this country, we are lost.

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