Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"If You Put Lipstick on a Pig, It's Still a Pig"

Obama's Personal Attacks on Palin Reason For His Fall in Polls

The more the Democrats and Barak Hussein Obama attack Sarah Palin, the more they sink in the polls.

If today's attack by Obama wasn't bad enough, the Democrat Party sent more than 30 attorneys, 25 "opposition researchers" and reporters loyal to the Democrat Party to Anchorage, Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin. 

Apparently the Dumb Dem's and Barak Hussein Obama haven't figured out the more they personally attack Sarah Palin the worse their polling numbers.

Case in point.  Since the Republican Convention, the Dumb Dem's have ratcheted up their personal attacks on Palin using the liberal media.  Here are the results:

John McCain now leads Barak Hussein Obama  garnering 52% of registered, Independent voters.  Prior to the Republican Convention and the Democrat's assault on Sarah Palin, McCain had only 40%.

Amongst Democrats, McCain's support grew from 9% to 14% post Convention and attacks on Sarah Palin.  Here, Obama is losing his own base due to his negative, personal attacks on Sarah Palin.

The Trend in Presidential Preferences amongst Democrats is tracking this way, according to Gallup:

As of September 8th, support for Obama from Independent voters has dropped to 37%, down from 45% in April of '08.

And now, here's one that's sure to make the Obamanuts weep.  Amongst "moderate" Democrats, McCain's support is up 5% post Convention and attacks on Palin.

"Conservative" Democrats now support McCain by 25% (up 10 percentage points since the convention.)

Pure Independents now favor by an increased 19 percentage points all while McCain's Republican support has remained steady.  Clearly, McCain/Palin have gained much traction with Independents and right-thinking Democrats post convention and they're voting with their feet due to Obama's personal attacks on Palin.

Is it any wonder the Obama campaign is turning to personal attacks?  The polling trends do not bode well for them.  Increasingly, Independents and Democrats themselves are turning towards McCain/Palin.

The conclusion here is simple: The personal attacks on Palin are the reason.  The drop in Obama's polling occurs IMMEDIATELY after Obama/Biden and the Democrat Party along with their willing co-conspirators the liberal mainstream media whores began their attacks on Sarah Palin.

No matter how Obama/Biden and their media cohorts at ABCNBCCBSMSNBCCNN want to spin it, that's the reality.

Got Lipstick?

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