Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who's Responsible For The Fannie/Freddie Mess?

Video Exposes Fannie Mae Incestuous Relationship With Democrats, Congressional Black Caucus

While there are no 'clean hands' in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac implosion, the evidence has been mounting against the Democrats as being the primary culprits and enablers of the culture of corruption that plagued both organizations.

As we now know, Chris Dodd (D. CT) the Chairman of the finance committee responsible for oversight of Fannie & Freddie was asleep at the wheel.  Not only that, he's the #1 recipient of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae (Source: FEC Reports.)  Imagine if a Republican was head of the same finance committee that had oversight of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac was the #1 recipient of campaign contributions.

The #2 recipient of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae is none other than Barack Obama.  Obama took more than $400,000 from Fannie Mae between 2006 and today, to finance his run for the highest office in the world.  Imagine, a Republican candidate being the #2 recipient of campaign contributions of the failed Fannie Mae, and backing the bailout plan!

Yet, that's precisely what Barack Hussein Obama is.  And here's the video to prove the link between the Congressional Black Caucus, Fannie Mae and Barack Hussein Obama.  (Note: Obama's wife is featured prominently in the opening portion of the video.)

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