Sunday, September 28, 2008

Obama Campaign Now Threatening Wisconsin Broadcasters

Threats of prison time, loss of license for broadcasting "lies" about Obama. 

This is clearly out of control Das Fuhrer, Obama Bin Nazi is now threatening Wisconsin broadcasters with fines, loss of license, and jail time if they broadcast political ads that "lie" about Obama's positions.  If it weren't so funny anymore, its getting scary as we're now getting a preview of just how Obama would seize control of the mainstream media should this country be stupid enough to elect him.

Obama campaign spokesman Damien Thorn warned broadcasters that they will be held accountable for any “lies” they air running up to the election and after, once the Obama Administration takes office on November 5.

The threat was sparked by a series of anti-Obama ads produced by the National Rifle Association. The ads warn voters that if Senator Obama’s past record is any guide, his election should be expected to lead to further abridgements of the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms.

While not challenging the historical accuracy of the ads, Thorn contended that “they misrepresent Senator Obama’s current positions on this issue.” “The Senator is saying that he supports an individual’s right to own a weapon, subject to commonsense regulations,” Thorn claimed. “An Obama Administration will extend the right to own a firearm to those individuals who can demonstrate suffici ent need for such a right.”

“We would never, for example, deny the right of someone like Senator Joe Biden to his Beretta,” Thorn continued. “Senators are important people with many enemies. They have a right to protect themselves. The NRA’s contention that we would interfere with such a right is a lie that will bring consequences down on all who perpetuate it.”

The consequences, according to Thorn, would include loss of broadcast licenses, substantial fines, and even imprisonment for “willful or repeated violations.”


"Demonstrate a need for such a right?"  What part of "RIGHT" does the Obama campaign not understand?  We would have to "demonstrate a need" for our right to own a firearm and protect ourselOBAMA-INCOMPETENTves?

This is flat out MARXISM if we've ever seen it!  This isn't "supporting the 2nd Amendment" Obama is advocating a MEANS TEST to obtain the "right" to own a gun!

Once again, Barak Hussein Obama is DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT to be President.

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