Sunday, September 28, 2008

"I Have A Bracelet Too!"

Parents of Ryan Jopek tell Obama to stop wearing their son's bracelet

The parents of Sergeant Ryan David Jopek who was killed in action in Iraq earlier this year have asked Barack Hussein Obama to stop wearing their son's bracelet and using his death to further the Obama campaign.   ihazabraclit

Obama is ignoring the family's request.  Newsbusters has the details including the information that Jopek's mother is an Obama supporter who now finds herself in a very uncomfortable position.  Ryan David Jopek's father was on Wisconsin Public Radio yesterday talking about the family's reaction to Obama's using their son's death to further his own political goals. 

Audio of the program can be found HERE.


Brian Jopek: Because of some of the negative feedback she's gotten on the Internet, you know Internet blogs, you know people accusing her of... or accusing Obama of trying to get votes doing it... and that sort of thing.

Radio Host Moberg: Yeah

Jopek: She has turned down any subsequent interviews with the media because she just didn't want it to get turned into something that it wasn't. She had told me in an email that she had asked, actually asked Mr. Obama to not wear the bracelet any more at any of his public appearances. Which I don't think he's...

Moberg: It has been a while since he's brought it up.

Jopek: Right. But, the other night I was watching the news and he was on, uh, speaking somewhere and he was still wearing it on his right wrist. I could see it on his right wrist. So, that's his own choice. I mean that's something Barack Obama, that's a choice that he continues to wear it despite Tracy asking him not to... Because she is a Barack Obama supporter and she didn't want to do anything to sabotage his campaign, so, if he's still wearing the bracelet then, uh, that of course is entirely up to him.

Moberg: Maybe there's a difference between wearing it and making a point to bring it up in your speeches?

I can't think of a more cruel thing to do, than to ignore the request of the family of a fallen soldier and continue to politicize the death of one of America's best.  In Obama's mind, politics must simply be more important than the wishes of a family of one of America's fallen soldiers.

Certainly OBama is banking on the fact that Jopek's mother is an OBama supporter and won't speak out against him.

But we will.

Shame on you Barack Hussein Obama.

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