Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barak Obama - Not Ready To Lead

We've said it before here, and we'll say it again: Barak Obama is DANGEROUSLY INCOMPETENT and NOT READY TO LEAD.  His inexperience is unquestionable.

That's why we're particularly impressed that less than 30 minutes after the first debate, the McCain campaign introduced their latest commercial documenting 5 of the 9 times that Obama was forced to agree with John McCain.  A perfect representation of Obama's inexperience, and a demonstration of the fact that Obama is positively clueless about the corrupt Washington culture, and the reality of dealing with a Nuclear Iran, for example.

One last comment before we post the clip.  Obama likes to say he "stood up and opposed the war in Iraq more than six (6) years ago.

Well, where was Obama 6 years ago?

Answer: he was a Junior State Legislator taking his marching orders from the Corrupt Chicago Democrat Machine, and his mentor Illinois State Senate President Emil Jones. 

Was it "politically risky" for Obama - a Junior Illinois State Legislator to stand up and oppose the Iraq war?  Not at all.  Not when he gets to hide behind the corrupt Chicago Democrat machine and throw rocks like a street punk.  But that's the history of Obama' political "career" and his 143 days in the US Senate.  He hasn't introduced a single bill, he hasn't done anything politically "risky" to do the right thing for the Country.

That's why he's forced to agree with McCain time and again during the first debate.  Obama has a childish like "Me Too!" flaw when it comes to debating an actual leader.

This video proves our point.

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