Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin - Charlie Rose Green Room Video.

Here's an opportunity to compare and contrast Barak Obama with Sarah Palin.  In her own words, she describes her own life experiences, including her time as Governor and now VP Candidate.

What was Sarah Palin doing two years ago?  She was a new governor rooting out corruption in her own party, in her own state.

What was Barak Hussein Obama doing two years ago?  Well, he had just come out of a 4 year stint as a Junior Illinois State Legislator who'd voted "Present" more than 130 times in 4 years without sponsoring a single, meaningful peace of legislation in Illinois and was just starting in the U.S. Senate.  The same Barak Hussein Obama who used the corrupt Chicago Democrat Machine headed by Mayor Richard Daley to get elected.  Obama never took on the corruption in Chicago or in Cook County, Illinois.  He never spoke out against his good friend Tony Rezko stealing $43 million dollars of Illinois taxpayer money, and certainly Barak Hussein Obama never spoke out against the slums in his own district - arguably the worst in the country.

Barak Obama wasn't doing much two years ago, other than starting in the U.S. Senate and hoping for another free ride, compliments of the stupid voters of the State of Illinois.  (I say stupid because I live here and I see it daily!)

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