Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama "in touch" with Average Guy

$28,000 a plate fund-raiser shows how "in touch" he is

While declaring yesterday that "the nation faces its most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression", Obama continued with his plans to have a $28,000 per plate fundraiser in Beverly Hills, California.  His total take for the day: a record $9 million dollars.

After dinner, Barbara Streisand sang at the five-star Beverly Wilshire for the Obamanuts. 

Is this hFraud-721827-SMALLow Barak Hussein Obama stays "in touch" with the Average Joe?

After complaining earlier in the day that Senator John McCain was out of touch, is it right to go ahead with a record breaking $9 million dollar, single-event fund-raiser in the heart of Liberal California, surrounded by Hollywood Elitists?

Here in the People's Socialist RepubliK of Illannoyed, we have a saying - "Stupid is as Stupid does."

But hey, Barak is in touch with the average guy, right?  Surely he feels our pain! (/sarc.) 

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