Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain Moving Ahead of Obama in Major Polls

I was challenged on these facts this morning on an internet chat program (Paltalk) with Obama supporters in full denial, so here's the polls I was referring to:

Gallup showing McCain/Palin moving ahead of OBama/Biden post convention (click the picture for the full sized image.)

Zogby reporting that McCain is +5 over OBama/Biden:










Most importantly, these polls reflect three things that the liberal mainsteam media whores won't talk about.

First, McCain's favorables are higher than Barak Hussein OBama's.

Second, OBama never got a convention "bounce."  The Palin/VP announcement erased any convention bounce that OBama may have received. 

Third, the Republican National Convention was the most watched convention in history.  Wednesday evening, 41.1 million people watched Sarah Palin vs. Barak OBama's 40 million.  More than 43 million people watched John McCain's acceptance speech. 

What do these observations show?

First, after 19 months of "campaigning" and liberal lamestream media trashing of the war in Iraq, the economy and Republicans in general, the American Voters aren't all that enthralled with the Democrats. 

Second, American voters recognize the Democrats haven't offered any new ideas, and are simply running on the "We're not Bush!" agenda - which failed them in 2004. 

Third, $4/gallon gas, and an inability to communicate an energy policy hasn't helped the Democrats.  The American Public sees a Democrat controlled Congress as obstacles to lowering energy prices through offshore drilling, and using more of our own resources.  Here the Democrats have shown the American Public just who controls the party - left wing environmental extremists who think we should all be living in caves.

Fourth, the surge demonstrably having worked in Iraq despite the objections of Democrats and their "messiah" Barak Hussein Obama.  OBama only recently (9/5 - The O'Reilly Factor) finally admitted that the surge "Succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams."

Finally, the "leading" candidate for President comes from the same political party that has a whopping 9% approval rating over the last year.  How is it this guy OBama managed to pull that off?  Rhetoric, plain and simple.

After 19 months of trashing Republican's and "campaigning" you'd think OBama would have more to show for himself. 

The reality is, the Democrats are in big trouble this election.  Any dreams they have of increasing their majorities in the House & Senate are rapidly diminishing - no matter what the liberal lamestream media whores like to say.

Speaking of the liberal lamestream media whores, I'm sure Joseph Goebbels would be proud. The Nazi's at least had to work to control the media in Germany during World War II.  We in America have a bunch of liberals in the media that willingly get in bed with the Democrat Party and spew their propaganda at the American public on a daily basis.

Goebbels would be proud indeed.

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