Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama Losing Ground In Own Backyard

Draws Less Than Sarah Palin in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Recent polls in Wisconsin (Obama's "back yard") show he's lost considerable ground to John McCain.  A state that the Obama Campaign once considered "safe" for them has become a battleground.

Polls show Obama and McCain in a statistical dead-heat after Obama had previously led in the state by up to 14 points.

What's going on with the Obama campaign?

Consider Obama's latest stop in Green Bay Wisconsin today.  Less than 6,000 people showed up to cheer Obama in the Resch Center, next to Lambeau Field in Green Bay.  Just a week ago, John McCain and Sarah Palin packed the place to the rafters with many standing outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the GOP ticket.

Obama's descent in the polls can be directly attributed to two things.  The first is Sarah Palin.  Charismatic in her own right, she's not the empty suit that Obama is.  The public sees the difference between Obama and Palin, and they're choosing Palin.  Obama's biggest mistake of his campaign was to try and run against Palin instead of McCain.  Admittedly, John McCain isn't the most energetic & charismatic figure on the campaign trail.  Fact is, Palin over-shadows McCain. But in doing so, she way overshadows Obama as a result. 

Secondly, the American Public is now paying attention post Labor Day and is seeing Obama for the empty suit he is. The fact that Obama has been playing the race card as of late does nothing but turn off the very voters he needs the most: the angst filled, self-hating liberal elites he needs to win.  Obama has played out the "guilt card" and it's not working anymore.

Additionally, the more voters learn about Obama and his ties to corrupt politicians in Illinois and notably Chicago, the less they like him.  Obama is nothing more than the equivalent of a Chicago street punk, politically speaking.  

As I've written before on this blog, Obama is the byproduct of the corrupt Chicago political machine.  His service as a "junior" state legislator in the Illinois State Senate was unremarkable in Obama's lack of accomplishment.  His voting record matched that of State Senate Leader Emil Jones.  In other words, Obama never cast a vote on his own - he took his orders from the Democrat Machine.  Then there's the conviction of Obama fund-raiser Tony Rezko, who funnelled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Obama's campaigns over the last decade.  Obama's name was mentioned during Rezko's trial repeatedly, and a federal investigation in Illinois led by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald continues to probe the Obama-Rezko-Blagojevich relationship. 

Voters in this country have often joked that even the dead vote in Chicago.  Those of us who actually live here know the dead vote early and often. 

So why are Obama's crowds shrinking?  Perhaps this ad from the McCain/Palin camp explains why. 

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