Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stop The Obama Agenda? YES WE DID!

After One Year in Office, Massachusetts & America Say “NO!” To Big Government, Spending, Health Care “Reform”

Today marks the end of Obama’s first year in office.

Yesterday’s LANDSLIDE election of Scott Brown, the first Republican Senator from Massachusetts in nearly 40 years is no doubt sending shock waves through the White House and the Democrat party.

Yet, before the election results were tallied and the race called for Brown, the Obama Administration was announcing they were “doubling down” on health care reform.  Obama is already pressuring Pelosi to have the House vote on the Senate bill in order to avoid the 60 vote “supermajority” while requiring only a simple majority – 51 in the Senate.

Does Obama really think that the rest of the Democrats are going to go over the cliff with him?  After all, the November mid term elections aren’t that far away, and now there’s even more impetus for the Blue Dog Democrats to turn against Obama.  There’s also Bart Stupak (D. MI) with 40+ Pro-Life Democrats that have already gone on record as saying they won’t vote for the Senate version of Health Care “Reform” because it contains public funded abortions.  That denies the Pelosi Proletariat the votes required to pass the bill in the House, which would prevent the 60 votes required to pass in the Senate, thus also ending passing the bill through “reconciliation.”

The facts of the Massachusetts Special Election are that the voters said:

  1. NO MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING!  That includes additional ‘stimulus’ spending, or printing money.
  2. NO GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF HEALTH CARE!  Massachusetts happens to know the financial impacts of government run health care, it’s bankrupted their state!
  3. NO MORE OBAMA AGENDA!  Massachusetts voters see that “change” was really good old fashioned bait and switch by Obama.

Obama has now lost in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts after campaigning for the Democrats in all three states.  Clearly he’s poison to everything he touches.  (Remember Copenhagen anyone?  He failed there twice.  Once for the Olympics, once for “climate change.”) 

History tells us that Massachusetts fired the “shot heard round the world” at the opening of the war for independence from King George III.  Yesterday marked the “first shot” in the new revolution against the Federal Government.

Thank you Massachusetts!

From those of us in Illinois, we’ve been inspired by your victory, and we’re taking the seat held by Obama back this November!


When Democrats Say Dumb Things …

The dumbest thing I heard all night was heard when flipping past Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC in which Howard Dean claimed the election would be a referendum on the Bush Administration.

No Howard, this was a referendum on Obama’s first year in office, and a judgement of his capacity to “govern” for the remainder of his first and only term. 

That judgement came in a landslide.

Can you hear us NOW?!

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