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The Fight For Freedom Began in Massachusetts

The “Shot Heard ‘Round The World – April 19th, 1775

Here we are, just about 235 years after the War for this Nation’s birth and Independence began in Massachusetts, we are about to begin the battle anew.

Back then, the British Empire was still the strongest in the world and with few exceptions, other countries hardly gave us a chance.  Even here in the “colonies” many of our own ancestors and in fact our forefathers were at times bitterly divided on the subject of independence.

Yet, the revolution happened and America was born.  When you sit down and really think about it, our own Forefathers recognized tyranny when they saw it, and they revolted over far less than the tyranny that’s being inflicted on we the people today, by our own government no less!

As Americans we are born a free people.  We are not subjects or slaves, we do not need nor want others to decide matters of individual liberty for us.  The shackles of slavery that King George III put on our ancestors were thrown off that fateful day, April 19th 1775 when the opening shot in the war for America’s independence was fired.

In the rich history of America, no country has fought to defend its freedoms, or to help those who were oppressed to obtain theirs than we, the United States of America have.  This country has fought and defeated the tyranny of the Emperor of Japan in World War II after being attacked in Pearl Harbor, liberated our ally France from Hitler and the Nazi’s during World War II, and helped our homeland of England defend their island nation against the Nazi incursion.

This great country had the courage and conviction to stand pat against the Russians during the cold war until finally the Berlin Wall fell and the cold war was won. 

America has liberated tens of millions of people around the world in our relatively short 235 year history.  No other country can match the accomplishments of the United States of America and it makes me proud to be an American.

Likewise, no other country will be capable of laying claim to the biggest failure this world has ever seen if we do not turn back the tide of Socialism and the Socialists that infest our Government today.


We are on the precipice of turning this great experiment in Democracy – Government of the people, by the people, and for the people – into an elitist run tyranny in Washington D.C. where the consensus seems to be that we work for them, not they for us, and every facet of our lives is to be managed by a Federal Government.

Our ancestors and forefathers fought, bled and died for our freedom right here on American soil.  This battle wasn’t fought overseas in Normandy or Paris or the deserts of Africa, it was fought right here at home.  Our forefathers very blood is in this soil, and frankly speaking they declared their independence over a far less tyrannical government than we face today!

“Let’s face it, the greatest threat to America’s freedoms isn’t from Al-Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden.  Our greatest threat to freedom comes from Al-Democrat Party and Barack Hussein Obama!”

Today the battlefront is on the Internet, “Town Hall” meetings, in the lamestream media, our Churches and often within our own families as political ideologies are exposed and collide.

There are many saying that the battle to take back our country cannot be won.  It’s too late.  There’s more moochers than there are producers.   To those who say it’s too late, I say step out of the way and let the rest of us fight to keep our freedoms.  We have one last chance to keep our country this election, this is the opening shot in the new battlefront!

This revolution may not have guns, bullets, blood and death … at least this time … but it will have YouTube video’s documenting the Al-Democrat party’s thug tactics to steal another election and should they try and stop us from taking back this government via the ballot box again, I say let the true revolution begin!


Democrats Preparing To Steal Massachusetts Election?

Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews of MSNBC Want Democrats To “Cheat” To Win Election

I’m thinking “this just has to be against the law” but given the society we live in where Democrats can “cheat to win” who’s going to prosecute these two sock-monkeys for telling Democrats to steal the special election in Massachusetts this Tuesday?

Let’s start with MSNBC’s #1 assclown Ed Schultz who said yesterday, January 16th:

Schultz: (23:02) I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I’d try to vote 10 times.  I don’t know if they’d let me or not, but I’d try to.  Yeah, that’s right.  I’d cheat to keep these bastards out.  I would.  ‘Cause that’s exactly what they are!

Then there was none other than Chris “Obama makes my leg tingle!” Matthews who expressing his concern that there wasn’t enough votes in Massachusetts to buy, said:

“You know, in the old days you’d go back to the people you were sure are going to vote Democrat, you’d get them lunch and a car, you’d make sure they got to the polling place and in some cases you’d be buying people to get them.  But I hear, talking to somebody today, that there aren’t people up there in Massachusetts like that anymore.”

I’d like to believe that Schultz and Matthews are the minority in our liberal, lamestream media but the reality is more likely to be that Shultz and Matthews are simply stupid enough to say what the rest of their liberal lamestream co-whores in the media are truly thinking!

The special election in Massachusetts this Tuesday, if not a complete blow-out for Scott Brown is going to look alot like FloriDUH in 2000.

Let’s get ready to hit the streets and stop the Al-Democrats from stealing another election.


Did He Just Say “Al-Democrats?”

Yes I did.  At this point I don’t know who’s more of a danger to our country, Al-Qaeda or the Democrat Party.  Both want to inflict their own views on America no matter what, so I’ve taken to calling the Democrat Party the “Al-Democrats.”

Al-Qaeda, Al-Democrats ….. it’s pretty much the same thing at this point when you think about it isn’t it?

(Copyright, “Al-Democrats” 1/16/2010, NoBamaNation.  All rights reserved, permission granted for extensive re-use in the political lexicon of this country.  No royalties required.)

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clay barham said...

Natural rights are the gifts of our Creator, not government. It is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, describing individual freedom. It only exists in America and is under assault today. Free individuals are the only pebble-droppers; the nails sticking up that government people are afraid of tripping over and seek to hammer down. It also means individual self-interest is more important than are the interest of communities. Obama and modern Democrats are opposed to that, as they are united in their support of Rousseau and Marx, not Jefferson and Madison. Check for a new book, Save Pebble Droppers & Prosperity, soon to be on