Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State Of Obamunism

Economy Falling Apart, Obama Calls For End to “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

Talk about being out of touch with the pain that many American’s are going through in this, the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Hell, we may as well call it Depression II.

Obama will say anything to the American people, but don’t let yourselves be fooled.

When Obama says he will "freeze" spending during the State of the Union, he's "freezing" spending at 2009 levels which means we will continue to have massive social spending as far as the eye can see, as long as this bozo occupies the White House.

The total amount of money "frozen" amounts to less than one half of one percent of our NATIONAL DEBT over the next TWENTY YEARS.  Obama himself has added 4 TRILLION of that debt himself in his first year as President.

Freeze spending?  Not exactly.  Locked in Socialism and massive Federal Spending is more like it. 
Every time Obama says he’ll “freeze spending” he’s calling you and I stupid because he thinks we’ll fall for his ruse.  A real freeze in spending would be to roll back Congressional spending to pre 2007 levels, before the Democrats took over Congress and EXPLODED the Federal Deficit by 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS in 2009 and 1.7 TRILLION DOLLARS in 2010.
That would be a real freeze in spending.
Obama and the Democrats think you’re stupid by freezing the equivalent of 1 half of one percent of our National Debt over the next Twenty years.
Don’t fall for it, especially those of you who voted for this ass-clown in the first place.  You know what they say … fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

This is why Obama's new name is "LIAR LIAR!"

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