Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quote Of The Day



P.T. Barnum once said:

There’s a sucker born every minute …”

So how many of you Obama voters are left out there that believe the words that come out of this ass-clowns mouth?

By the looks of the latest polling data, it’s an ever shrinking number.

Rasmussen polling shows Obama at an ALL TIME HIGH dis-approval rating.


Read it and weep Obama-nuts.  Your boy is down to a paltry 23% approval rating, with 44% negatives.  That’s worse than the “dreaded Bush” and below even Jimmy Carter territory.

While Obama attacks the Banking industry of this country, allow me to educate you on just who really controls the flow of credit in this country.

It’s not Obozo.  Not Bernanke.  Not the Fed or Treasury.

It’s the BANKS.

And they’re about to teach Obama a lesson at your and my expense.

Here’s how it’s going to play out.

Obama attacks America’s banking system, painting them as the villians.

Banks in response, knowing that Obama wants to take them back to the 1930’s Depression era regulations and raise their taxes, start restricting credit to business’ large and small, as well as personal credit to save Capital which they’ll need.

That means you and I, along with countless businesses across the country can no longer get loans or lines of credit, further crashing the economy and driving up unemployment.

But wait, this gets better.

Those same banks will raise fees and implement new fees to cover the “taxes” they had to pay to the Federal Government because Obozo doesn’t understand how our economy works.  Economics 101 in your local high-school teaches that all costs of providing a good or service are ultimately paid by the end consumer (you and I.)  As the Federal Government throws our banking system back to the stone age and raises taxes on them, you and I will pay higher fees for the ‘privilidge’ of keeping our money in the bank.

You may be tempted to blame the Bank, but remember, it was Obama that drove their cost of doing business up and as you now know, all costs of providing a good or service to a consumer are passed onto the consumer in the form of higher prices (or fee’s.)

The net effect is that you and I get screwed both ways. First we cannot get a loan or extend our lines of credit to keep our businesses open, then we get hit by higher banking fees (which are really a tax increase passed through the banks, via Obama and the Federal Government.)

If you like high unemployment just wait.  10% is nothing compared to what’s coming under this ass-clown.

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