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Happy New Year – 2010

Our Predictions For The Coming Year


Wishing all our readers a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!

While our country is under attack from the extreme liberal left take heart my friends as there are only 364 days left until We The People end the tyranny of the Socialist / Marxist / Communist / Environmental Whacko Democrats in the United States Congress! 

In the abyss that is a deep economic recession with persistently high unemployment that seems to have no end and an Administration that seems to be completely clueless as to the problems this country faces, we should be encouraged that the new year brings with it a renewed sense of purpose that it is our time and our responsibility to right the ship of state that is the United States Government and restore it to the Constitutional limits as set forth by our Founding Fathers.

Yesterday I wrote of the “historic firsts” of 2009, otherwise known as Obama’s failures.  Today I present my predictions for the new year, some of which are not going to be good, and I want to assure those who read this blog that I do not make these predictions with any sense of ‘glee.’  Rather it is with a sense of sadness at what our country has become in the last year that I make them.  Here goes.

  • Obama’s “Popularity” Will Stabilize Around 25% which will cause race relations in this country to degrade even further than they are today.  The “post partisan” President has only begun to bitterly divide the country in 2009, we’ll see an escalation of redistributionist policies in 2010 which will pit the “haves” versus the “have nots” causing near street riots and protests.
  • ObamaCare Will Fail.  The House and Senate bills will not be reconcilable and there will be a revolt by the Blue Dog Democrats in the House who after having heard an earful from their constituencies during the Christmas break will vote against the final bill.  Several Democrats in the Senate will also balk at the reconciled version of the legislation, sending it to its final failure. 
  • Democrats Will Run Against Obama in an Attempt to Win Re-election.   By May/June of this year, Democrats will be openly running against Obama in order to win re-election after the ObamaCare fiasco and increasingly worsening economic conditions.
  • The Democrat Congress and Obama Will Try and Nationalize More Than 20,000,000 Illegal Immigrants.  This in an attempt to register them as Democrats and steal the 2010 elections.
  • Democrats Will Lose Their Supermajority In Congress.  Republicans will gain 5-7 seats in the Senate even though they’re defending more seats than the Democrats in this year’s elections.  As a result, Democrats will lose their 60 vote supermajority in the Senate.  In the House Democrats will lose 45-48 seats, but still maintain control of the House.  Harry Reid will lose his Senate seat, Nancy Pelosi will retain her House seat, but lose the Speaker’s position as “moderate” Democrats attempt to seize control of the party. 
  • Unemployment Will Remain at or Near 10% for 2010.  Continued monthly layoff’s of 475,000 on average will keep the unemployment rate in the double digits through the year, forcing Congress to extend unemployment benefits for a record third time in a row.  (Another Obama first.)
  • GDP Won’t Exceed 2.75% for All of 2010.  There’s simply no way it can with high unemployment, even with the “record productivity” by America’s workers.  With this lackluster “growth” there simply won’t be enough jobs produced to bring the unemployment rate down.
  • Federal Deficit Will Exceed $1.5 Trillion For 2010.  Despite Obama’s “pledge” to reduce the record deficits he’s set, Congress will continue to spend money like a bunch of drunken fools as they attempt to buy the 2010 elections with give-away programs and pork barrel spending as they try to “stimulate” the economy into growth.
  • Congress Will Expand The Debt Ceiling to $14 Trillion Dollars.   (See above as to why.)
  • Increased Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil.  The delayed, confusing response by the Obama Administration in the wake of the Fort Hood and NorthWest Airlines flight 253 terrorist attacks has emboldened Al-Qaeda to try additional attacks on U.S. soil. 
  • Iran Will Test a Nuclear Bomb.  Obama’s confusing policy on Iran will embolden Ahmedinejad and Iran will acquire enough yellowcake to produce and test a nuclear weapon.  The response from the United States and the Useless Nations (U.N.) will be a deafening silence. 
  • Some OPEC Countries Will Demand Payment for Oil in a Currency Other Than the American Dollar.  The continued devaluation of the dollar, caused by the U.S. Treasury printing more money and the Obama Administration incurring debt this country cannot pay back will cause the dollar to collapse versus the Euro, British Pound and a basket of other currencies causing OPEC to demand payment in a currency other than the dollar.  In addition to skyrocketing oil prices, other major commodities such as gold and food will also see major price increases.
  • The Return of the “Misery Index.”  Inflation or hyper-inflation due to the devalued dollar will make the “malaise days” of the Carter Administration look like a veritable picnic by comparison.
  • The United States Will Not Be Out of Iraq By June.  Increasing violence in Iraq and a de-stabilizing government as a result will force U.S. troops to remain in Iraq beyond June of this year.  Many will look back at Obama’s policy of announcing troop withdrawls as the cause of escalating violence.
  • General McChrystal Will Resign.  Troops will not arrive fast enough to stem the violence in Afghanistan as the United States continues to lose troops in the region.  Escalating violence in Pakistan will expand the scope of the war, the United States will not be prepared to fight on two fronts in the region.  McChrystal will resign either in disgust or be blamed for the failure by the Obama administration.

Two more predictions that I wanted to call out separately, primarily because they are not directly related to the Obama Administration.

First, Rush Limbaugh will return to the airwaves with a renewed sense of purpose and passion after suffering an apparent heart attack.  I’ll be the first to say that I stopped listening to Rush after George W. Bush was elected because I came to view him as nothing more than a rah-rah machine for the Bush Administration.  The election of Obama brought back the old Rush Limbaugh that I first listened to in 1989 and this “Rush” seems to have a renewed sense of purpose and passion.  There’s nothing like a life threatening scare to focus someone on their purpose, and I predict Rush will be back stronger and more forcefully than ever.  Thank Almighty God for that, this country sure needs his voice and contrary to whatever Mr. Limbaugh says, he is the de-facto leader of the Conservative movement in this country.

Second, the Tea Party movement will gain strength, organizing locally to get out the Conservative vote in 2010.  The media managed to ignore 2,000,000 people marching on Washington DC on September 12th, 2009 but they will not be able to ignore the election results in November which will be a direct result of those in the Tea Party movement.

Sarah PalinFinally, I’m sure you’ve noticed I didn’t say anything about Sarah Palin and that is not by coincidence.  She’s a “wild card” in 2010 and there’s really no telling what she’s going to do next.  Will she have influence on the 2010 elections?  Of that I have no doubt, but what remains unclear is what impact will she have?  Some have looked at NY-23 as a harbinger of the “Palin effect” in running RINO’s out of the Republican Party resulting in Democrats getting elected.  One race does not a strategy make and those who would write-off Sarah Palin as a Presidential Candidate do so at their own peril.  She speaks to real Americans in the heartland, that’s something the liberal leftist elites on the east and west coasts simply cannot comprehend

There they are, for better or worse my predictions for 2010.  Let me know how you think I did.  Agree?  Disagree? 

As we mark entering the third year of NoBamaNation, I’ll be personally interested in looking back a year from today to see how I did.

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