Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obama Uses Teleprompter For First Grade Class

Democrats Say Bush Was Dumb?

Check this out, Obama using a teleprompter to speak to a first grade class, sometimes you just can’t make this shit up:


It gets better, here’s another one:


Teleprompters and Secret Service clearly in plain view ready to pounce just in case one of these first-graders are Tea Party Patriots I suppose.  Gotta stop them from being free thinkers and self dependent when they’re young I suppose.


Anyone notice a teleprompter in this picture?

Remember what it is?

This is President George W. Bush, sans teleprompter on September 11th, 2001 being informed that the World Trade Center had just been attacked by terrorists using commercial passenger jets as missiles. 

Notice any teleprompters in this picture?  Of course not. 


Now here’s ODumbo walking into the classroom above.  The expression on his face beyond stupid, condescending to those in attendance for a speech to a grade school class – that requies him to use a TELEPROMPTER!

Who’s the real dummy in all these pictures?

The grade school children?

President George W. Bush?  Or the guy who can’t go anywhere or say anything without a teleprompter in front of him telling him the exact words to say?

Case closed on this one: Bush was waaaaaaaaay smarter than ODumbo.  We at least have Bush’s grades, ODumbo continues to refuse to release his college records.


The Day ObamaCare Died

Just to rub it in the Socialist Democrat Marxists faces ….

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