Saturday, January 16, 2010

Democrats Can Still Pass “ObamaCare” If Coakley Loses

The Nuclear Option Has Been Known for Months

As we reported on this very blog several months ago, the Democrats have always had in their back pocket the “nuclear option” to pass ObamaCare even if they lost their supermajority in the U.S. Senate, which it certainly appears they’re on the precipice of doing this coming Tuesday.

Democrat James Clyburn on Air America Radio, October 29th 2009 described the Democrat Plan to pass health care even if they lacked a “super majority” or a single Republican Vote.   (Click link above to view.)

This bill is not dead yet, folks and we need to make sure that the pressure is kept on the Republican party to remain uniform in their opposition, and to pressure pro-life Democrats such as Bart Stupak from Michigan to stop them from voting for this obamanation.

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Obama Rolls The Dice in Massachusetts

Coakley’s Sinking Ship Causes Panic in White House

Yes, it is a referendum on the Obama Administration and Socialized Health Care. 

Yes this is a race of national importance.

Yes, Scott Brown is running for the People’s Seat!

I don’t know (or care …) who the idiots are that are advising Obama to campaign for Coakley this weekend but suffice it to say that I think that David Axelrod is giving Obama some pretty bad advice.  Let's look at the position Obama's putting himself in by injecting himself in the Massachusetts Senate Race:

  1. Damn'ed if he does.  Obama shows up in Massachusetts, campaigns for Coakley and she loses.  Coakley’s loss is blamed on an unpopular President who’s below 44% in “popularity.”
  2. Obama stays away from Massachusetts and Coakley loses.  Obama gets the blame for not helping Coakley, and the left wing extremist Democrats are upset.
  3. Obama stays away from Massachusetts and somehow Coakley wins.  It damages Obama’s credibility, giving the Blue Dog Democrats reason to think they don’t need Obama to win in 2010 and end up running against him and his agenda.
  4. Obama campaigns for Coakley and she wins.  No one cares because let’s face it, it's Massachusetts, a deep blue state and not an indicator for the rest of the country.
  5. Obama campaigns for Coakley, who ends up losing to Scott Brown by 5% of more which is seen as a major defeat for Obama personally, and “ObamaCare.”

I don’t see how anyone can tell me that Obama has anything to win here.  Who ever’s advising Obama on this one is about as incompetent of a political strategist as one can possibly get.  (I’ve been inside the beltway, that’s saying something!)

The fact that a Republican is even competitive in Massachusettsimage which hasn’t elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate in decades should tell you how much trouble Obama and the Democrats are truly in.  Yet, they insist on committing political suicide by passing “health care reform?”

When more than 74% of the country want Congress to focus on the Economy and only 12% say health care reform is more important, our only conclusion is that we have a woefully out of touch Congress and President who are about to get their asses handed to them in a national referendum on the President and Congress this Tuesday.

Pass the popcorn.

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