Monday, January 18, 2010

Brown +5 In Massachusetts Senate Race

White House Preparing Excuses For Coakley Loss

Real Clear Politics is quoting a Public Policy Polling survey from Sunday evening which shows Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown holding a 5 percentage point lead over Attorney General Martha Coakley ahead of tomorrow’s special election for Senate:

Some troubling signs for Democrats: one-in-five Obama voters now say they'll back the Republican nominee. Brown's supporters are also more enthusiastic about their vote, with 4-of-5 saying they're "very excited" about voting Tuesday, compared to only 3-of-5 of Coakley voters saying the same.

PPP also points out: "The likely electorate for Tuesday's election continues to express skepticism about the Democratic health care plan with 48% saying they're opposed to 40% who support it. President Obama's approval stands at 44/43."

Considering nearly 70% of American’s disapprove of the job this Congress is doing, and 60% say the country is heading in the “wrong direction” many see Coakley as the “de-facto” incumbent, which will not bode well for her at the ballot box tomorrow.

Then there’s the “Health Care Reform” package which more than 60% of all American’s oppose.  If you doubt what is at stake in tomorrow’s Massachusetts special election, we suggest you watch this video:


Democrats Changed Law in 1994 Removing Power of Governor to Appoint Successor

Fearing Kerry Victory in 2004, Democrats Stripped Governor Mitt Romney (R.) of Appointment Power

In a twist of irony that isn’t being reported in the lamestream media, Massachusetts Democrats have themselves to thank … or blame … for the situation they find themselves in today.

In 2004, Massachusetts Democrats in the State Legislature were so convinced that John Kerry was going to win the Presidency, that they worried about losing the Senate seat Kerry occupied to a Republican.

At that time, Mitt Romney (R.) was Governor of Massachusetts, and no where was it codified into state law that the sitting Governor must fill a vacated Senate seat with an appoint from the same party as a departing Senator.

Rather than risk Romney appointing a Republican Senator, the Massachusetts State Legislature passed a law – then over-rode Governor Romney – requiring special elections to fill vacant Senate Seats.

Once Ted Kennedy died, Massachusetts Democrats in their arrogance claimed “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” for the Democrat Party in perpetuity, believing Massachusetts voters were too stupid to vote anything other than Democrat.

Enter Scott Brown who’s now polling +5 the day before the special election to fill the people’s seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

The importance of this election cannot possibly be overstated, nor can the White House minimize a Coakley loss.  A Brown victory by 5 percentage points or higher will be as big a landslide as Obama’s 5 percentage point victory in November of 2008.  It will also mark a major turning point in American politics as the second “shot heard ‘round the world.”

As we witnessed Obama during the Presidential campaign, he promised transparency and bi-partisanship – until he got elected and relied on the Democrats super-majority to impose his tyrannical will on the country.

That stops tomorrow with a Brown victory in Massachusetts.



SEIU Members for Scott Brown

Pictures speak a thousand words, the video says more.

This Scott Brown supporter (and SEIU member) was not only forbidden to access the handicapped access ramp to enter the auditorium, he wasn’t the only SEIU member showing up in support of Scott Brown!

More SEIU members in support of Scott Brown

image image

image image

These aren’t one-off occurrences, scenes like this are being repeated all across Massachusetts.

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