Thursday, January 21, 2010

Democrats: Raise Debt Limit ANOTHER $1.9T

Proof They Still Didn’t Get The Message After The Massachusetts Drubbing

Everything Obama and the Congressional Democrats touch turns to poison.

Since the Democrats took over congress in 2006, the economy has turned south, the housing market has crashed, unemployment has hit double-digits, the States have been going bankrupt, our Automobile industries received tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer bailouts, AIG, Lehman Brothers and hundreds of billions of banking industry bailouts all wasting valuable taxpayer dollars.

To make matters even worse the Senate Democrats proposed just yesterday – one day after getting their asses kicked in Massachusetts … to raise the debt limit another record $1.9 TRILLION dollars to just over $14.3 TRILLION DOLLARS.  Where was this in the Liberal Media?  Nowhere to be found.

After three high profile losses in a row (Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts) one would think the Democrats would’ve gotten the message to STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY, but clearly they did not. 

Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday put a crimp in the Democrats plans to ram “health care reform” down our throats and on that topic we need to remain vigilant to make sure that the monstrosity called “ObamaCare” never sees the light of day again.

It is time however to re-open the battle on a second front: force Congress to stop spending money we and our children simply do not have!

In just about three short months on April 15th on the steps of the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. on the Mall, patriots from around the country will join together in what should be the largest and most effective demonstration of citizen power.  We will take our message of restoring America’s liberties right to the doorsteps of those who were elected to serve we the people and force this Government’s spending to STOP.

We cannot say it enough that each and every one of our freedoms, liberties and very livelihood’s have been under direct assault by this Administration and Congress.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is we the people have had an impact in sending our own message back to Congress – STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY by tossing out one tax-and-spend liberal after another.

On April 15th as we gather on the steps of the Capital in Washington D.C. we will be sending a very strong message to this Congress that we the American People will defend our liberty at the ballot box come November 2010.

Please join us as we tell this Administration and this Congress that their abuse of the American People will be tolerated NO MORE! and that we are taking our country and our government back.


Our Message To Those Democrats Who Have Eyes That Refuse To See

With our apologies in advance to those of you who may visualize Nancy Pelosi or Bawney Fwank with their “Pants on the Ground”

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