Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Obama First

Millions More Unemployed Longer Than Ever Before

Lost in last week’s headlines was the fact that the current recession, who’s recovery is hampered by threats of increased taxation, government regulation and excessive government spending on make-work jobs that cost more than $200k per job to create, is the fact that as of the end of December 2009, the United States of America has more unemployed people than any past recession since the Great Depression.

That officially makes this the Great Recession.

The Bureau of Labor & Statistics a department of the Federal Government reported just this past Friday that there are a record number of American’s on long-term unemployment benefits, and that it takes a record amount of time for those who lose their jobs to find new ones.

record unemployment2

Nearly 9,000,000 people have been out of work for over 15 weeks, another 6,130,000 have been out of work more than 27 weeks.  That’s 60% of all unemployed. 

Making matters worse, the average amount of time it takes someone who’s been displaced to find a new job (whether in their own field, outside their field, or part time) now takes a record 29 weeks.  That’s the highest in recorded history, or to put it bluntly, another history making Obama first.

Contrast to December of 2008 when the average time to find work was 10.5 weeks, and there were only 2,500,000 on unemployment for 27 weeks or longer.

Clearly Obama’s economic policies have worsened our economic climate, of that there can be no denial, no matter how much Obama tries blaming this extended recession on Bush.

Today there are approximately 17,500,000 Americans out of work once all those who’ve “given up” are also factored back in (that again from the Bureau of Labor & Statistics.)
There can also no longer be any doubt that the unemployment rate4rde04[7] has to go up from its current 10% mark due to the nearly 9,000,000 people who’ve been on unemployment for 15 weeks or longer.  The unemployment “bubble” is moving at a rapid pace from short to long term, which also means that those who will be chronically unemployed/under-employed will also grow.

Is it any wonder the Democrats are in trouble for the state of the economy?  Since taking over Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008, Government spending has grown at its fastest clip post World War II while unemployment has soared and our economy has tanked.  Seems America’s figuring out who’s really responsible for this mess.

Obama Popularity Continues Plummet

Picture says a thousand words.

Only 25% “strongly approve” of Obama, more than 42% strongly disapprove of Obama and his policies.  More than 60% say the country is headed in the wrong direction.
Read the rest at Rasmussen Reports

Want To Fix The Economy?

It’s Time To De-Stimulate

Larry Kudlow knows economics and knows precisely why the Obama Administration’s “economic policies” are further eroding our economy:
Check this out. On Friday, the day of the sub-par jobs release, President Obama comes out with a new green-jobs program that will cost taxpayers $2.3 billion. He predicts targeted tax credits for all of his faddish "energy savers" -- presumably determined by hoards of EPA bureaucrats -- will create 17,000 new jobs. This is out of a total workforce of 153 million.
And wait, it gets better. The average cost of these alleged new green jobs will be $135,000 per job. It's sorta like the $780 billion stimulus plan, half of which has supposedly saved 1 million jobs at roughly $200,000 per job.
And on the subject of energy-related jobs, the EPA is now going to penalize manufacturing America -- or what's left of it -- with tougher standards to reduce smog. Of course, smog has already fallen 25 percent in the last three decades. And the EPA's projected smog savings are so miniscule compared to the new costs for business that the National Association of Manufacturers, the petrochemical makers and others are screaming bloody murder.
Given the Obama “stimulus package” promised to keep unemployment under 8%, and the threat of increased taxes on small businesses and heavy government regulations on the financial services sector has kept lending to small businesses down exacerbating the credit crunch, you and I just know that there’s alot of pent up demand for housing, cars and ultimately new jobs that consumers and businesses have put “on hold” because they don’t know what this half-assed Government is going to do next.  Let’s face it, we’re all just waiting for the other shoe to drop!

I’m not an economics expert, I don’t play one on TV but I did have economics in Graduate School and considered switching to an Economics Major so here’s my thinking on the subject: Our economy has just about “bottomed out” from a hiring perspective.  That is to say, we’ve reached the minimum amount of workers it takes to keep the economy crawling along at the snails pace it is.  Companies large and small just aren’t going to hire anyone until there’s some sort of certainty as to how much (or preferably, how little) the Obama Administration is going to continue meddling in, and screwing up the economy.

Given the Democrats have super-majorities in the House, Senate and control the White House (as well as the media!) the only way to bring back economic certainty at this point is to throw the Democrats out of power.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for the Republicans (or “stupid” party as I call them of late..) but what other choice is there?  The Democrats have proven they’re a bunch of socialist/marxists they are with government “bailouts”, seizing GM and Chrysler, “Czars” and trying to seize control of our health care.  Most Republican voters (75% according to a recent Rasmussen poll) say their own elected leaders are “out of touch” with the party’s base.

A third-party would simply split the Moderate and Conservative votes in the Republican and Democrat parties keeping the extreme left-wing Democrats in power.  Frankly, this country just won’t survive another few years of that.  It’s time we the working voters of this country took charge and kicked the welfare rats and moochers of this country in the ass by voting all incumbents out of office!

GOOOHToday I announce my support for GOOH – Get Out Of Our House.   This is a nationwide movement sprung from the Tea Parties to Clean the House & Senate.  That’s right: Vote out every single incumbent, period.  Clearly neither party takes us seriously so it’s time to throw them all out.  No exceptions.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting GOOOH and taking back our Government.  It’s the best, fastest way I can think of in returning fiscal sanity to our Government.

Obama Fails “24” Test

Keep America Safe produced a new video in response to the Obama Administrations complete, total failure to act appropriately in the wake of the Christmas Day Terrorist Attack.
I would argue that not only did Obama fail the “24” test, he’s failed at everything else he’s touched since becoming President.

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