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Recall of ObamaCare Supporters


The U.S. Citizens Association is attempting to do the impossible by petitioning to recall Senators who voted for Obamacare.   Although recalling those members of Congress who want to wreck the health care system might be desirable, it isn't authorized by the Constitution.
The best voters can do is to sign symbolic petitions that would authorize recall of Senators or Representatives if such a option were available. 

States have the authority to authorize the recall of state officials because state constitutions determine the method of removing those holding offices defined by state constitutions.  However, the U.S. Constitution defines the selection procedures and qualifications for elected federal officials along with  their terms of service and  the methods for removing them from office.        

Incidentally, the U.S. Citizens Association says its mission is "To educate the voters on critical issues driving governmental policy, and why capitalism and individual liberty are vital to a robust economy (and to educate on how failures of Statist policies have led us into the economic catastrophe we now face);..."

Voters may not have to recall members of Congress to get them to change their approach to health care.  A symbolic, or virtual,  recall would be easier to conduct and be more likely to succeed at demonstrating voter displeasure.  The same basic petition form could be used in all states because a symbolic recall wouldn't require adhering to procedures established by different state laws. 

Pelosi Thinks Those Who Attended Town Halls "Participated" In Creating Legislation While Conveniently Forgetting That Those Tens of Thousands Were AGAINST IT, as Evidenced By The 9/12/09 March on Washington Where 2,000,000 Rallied AGAINST Health Care "Reform."

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Obama Lied, Patients Died

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The health care revolution will not be televised despite what President Obama promised you two years ago.

Obama has broken his campaign promises to make the health care debate a transparent process after saying he would do so on at least eight ocassions during his 2008 White House run.

Instead, Obama prodded House and Senate Democrats to get him a final health care bill as soon as possible -- encouraging them on Tuesday night to go behind closed doors and skip the usual public negotiations between the two chambers in the interest of speed.


Good Riddance!

Yesterday, Chris Dodd said he would not be seeking a 6th term, ending a political career marred by massive campaign contributions from Wall Street, the Banking and Mortgage Industries.

Chris “Friend of Angelo” Dodd received several sweetheart mortgage deals while many in this country face losing their homes.

Since 1989, 36 of Dodd's top 50 donors have been Wall Street investment firms or insurance companies, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. They gave almost $5 million in donations over that period – about two-thirds of the amount he collected from his top 50 donors.

Among Dodd's Top 5 contributors over that span were collapsed financial firm Bear Stearns (third with $347,350) and troubled insurance giant AIG (fourth at $285,238).

Members of the Senate's powerful banking committee typically get lots of Wall Street cash. Even by those standards, however, Dodd, as committee chairman, beat them all. Only Sen. Charles Schumer (D) of New York, who obtained $4.4 million from Wall Street sources over that period, comes close.

Dodd faced heavy competition in his home state for re-election, and upon seeing he was losing to four Republican challengers, decided to not seek re-election.

A harbinger of things to come.

bennelsonSenator Ben Nelson, D-Neb., who has come under heavy criticism for his vote on health care reform, now seems to regret the whole thing ever happened. He's down 31 points in the polls against potential challengers for his senate seat and has been in serious damage control mode.

“I think it was a mistake to take health care on as opposed to continuing to spend the time on the economy,” he said.

Gee Ben, ya think?

Byron Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) (R) points at someone he recognizes as he boards an elevator with Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) (C) as they leave the senate floor in Washington August 6, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan ErnstDorgan said his decision was not related to the prospect of a tough election battle this year but because he felt it was time to pursue other interests after 30 years in Congress.

Dorgan's surprise announcement could change the political balance in the Senate, where the Democratic caucus's 60-vote majority is exactly enough to overcome any Republican filibuster, a legislative roadblock.

"(Dorgan's) seat is now really one of the Republicans' best opportunities to take a seat from the Democrats," Jennifer Duffy, senior editor of the Cook Political Report, said in a telephone interview. "Psychologically, it doesn't send a positive message to Dorgan's colleagues and the Democratic base."



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