Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Fastest Approval Rating Plummet Ever

Obama’s “approval” ratings have now fallen farther, faster than any of the past twelve Presidents.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: “Jimmy Carter must be the happiest man on the planet.  Finally someone’s come along that will be a worse President than even he was.”

That prediction was made here on this blog shortly after 53% of the voters in this country were duped into voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

Looking at the latest polls, either buyers remorse has set in, the “great awakening” has happened in our electorate – or both.


All the major polls (Rasmussen, Zogby, Gallup/CNN) have Obama’s approval rating below 45%.  Rasmussen has Obama at 42% approval overall.

Amazingly, those who “strongly approve” of Obama have fallen from over 40% to about 22% since January of this year.

What causing Obama’s rapid decent into oblivion?

Banking Industry Bailouts, GM/Chrysler Bailouts, the “Economic Stimulus” package followed up two days later by Congress’ self-appropriation of $410 billion dollars to dish out to their favorite constituencies, none of which has had the transparency that Obama promised during the campaign. (See: Why American’s are So Pissed, and Federal Judge Orders Obama Administration to Disclose Recipients of Taxpayer Bailouts, August 25th.)

Then there’s “Health Care Reform” which adds another $1.5 TRILLION dollars to the national debt according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget office.   Lest we forget, Obama also wants our War Hero’s and disabled vets to commit suicide by forgoing medical treatment to save money.  (See: Obama Administration: Depressed & Disabled Veterans Should “Consider” Forgoing Medical Care.)

There’s also high, post WW2 record unemployment and Obama rewarding his union friends with Federal Reserve Chair appointments which now means that the Unions in this country aren’t only blowing our taxpayer dollars (Chrysler, GM Bailouts) they can also GIVE themselves our money to continue bailing themselves out!

Most recently, Obama’s seeking to completely control the Internet and imperil free speech via “Emergency Power” to shut off the Internet in times of “national emergency” – which has not been defined.  (See: While We’ve All Been Distracted by Obama-Care, August 29th)

All this adds up to Obama’s record plummet in the polls further and faster than any of our previous 12 Presidents, including the Democrats most hated target, George W. Bush.

Maybe I was wrong that Jimmy Carter must be the happiest man on the planet.  Obama’s given Democrats a new target to hate: himself.  As he abandons the “public option” over the next few weeks watch for the progressives in his own party to turn on him first, followed by the lamestream liberal media. 

If you doubt the lamestream media is going to turn on Obama, just lisen to this clip from Air America on Saturday, August 22nd as Obama gets thrown under the liberal-progressive bus for making a deal with former congressman Billy Touzin of PHRMA to return a measly 2% of the cost of “Drugs for Seniors” to taxpayers via a backroom deal that the Obama administration brokered.  (This after Obama said during the campaign that he’d never negotiate “backroom deals” much less with Billy Touzin of PHRMA.)

It’s only a matter of time until the liberal-progressives in the Democrat Party and the media turns on Obama at this point.

Somewhere Jimmy Carter is surely smiling, secure in the knowledge that his Presidency is going to be replaced as the worst in the history of this great country by Obama. 

It’s only a matter of time now.

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